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Vessels Wrecked at Sheboygan

NameBuiltLostDimensions {Feet}BurdenTypeDescription of EventAdditional Information
Phoenix184511/21/1847140.6 x 22.7 x 10.6unknownSteam PropellerBurned to her waterline and towed to the old North PierMansfield, History of the Great Lakes, I:652-653;
Heyl, Early American Steamers, I:249-251;
Buffalo Morning Express, 11/29/1847, 11/31/1847;
Sheboygan Herald, 6/5/1897, 6/12/1897, 3/12/1904.
E. G. Walcottpre-184611/22/1847unknownunknownSchoonerDriven ashore and broken up by gale force winds.Buffalo Morning Express, 11/21/1847;
Mansfield I:902
H. Merrillpre-184611/22/1847unknownunknownSchoonerBeached at Sheboygan in a gale 11/22/1847.
Owner Woodward drowned trying to get to the beach
(Buffalo Morning Express, n.d.)
Note that the ship was raised and rebuilt at Sheboygan in 1848
Buffalo Morning Express, 5/29/1848.
Gallinipper184607/07/1851unknown142SchoonerCapsized off Sheboygan 10 miles southeast by south of ManitowocMansfield I:662, 828;
H. G. Runge m/s 16-17.
Abiah184809/00/1854134 x 27.2 x 10.6353SchoonerStruck by squall and capsized
Towed to within 15 miles of Sheboygan
Became wrecked and abandoned
James Jetzer m/s.
Equator184205/23/1854unknown132SchoonerSeven miles south of Sheboygan on beach.James Jetzer m/s.
Fair Playunknown11/05/1855unknownunknownSchoonerCapsized north of Kirkland's north pier 
Brilliant185612/05/1857100 x 26.8 x 7.7182SchoonerWent ashore near Peterson's Pier seven miles south of Sheboygan 
Home184310/185884.8 x 23.8 x 7.4127SchoonerSank 13 miles northeast of Sheboygan
(May be 1854 scow schooner Home, 91 gross tons.)
H. G. Runge m/s 46-47;
Mansfield I:682, 837.
Big Z18441859112 x 20 x 8.6168SchoonerAshore five miles south of Sheboygan 
Gray Hound185309/19/1859130 x 28 x ll367BrigAshore opposite Clay Banks one mile south of Kirkland's PierMansfield I:683, 833;
H. G. Runge m/s 48-49.
Fashion18461860unknown282BrigIn commission in the 1870's 
Ocean Eagle185510/23/1862122 x 25 x 10281BrigStruck pier and went to pieces 
Fish Hawk185811/1865unknown35Schooner Mansfield 1:704, 825;
James Jetzer m/s.
Scudpre 18541865unknown32Scow Schooner James Jetzer m/s.
Magellan Cloudunknownl868unknownunknownSchoonerunknown 
Ruby1854186884.5 x 19.6 x 7.2118Schoonerunknown 
J. A. Johnson186709/23/187083 x 22 x 695Scow SchoonerSank about eight miles north of Sheboygan 
Nora186910/28/187064 x 17.2 x 5.889SchoonerCollision with Schooner Sweepstakes 16 miles southwest of SheboyganMansfield I:867;
James Jetzer m/s.
Adell186011/08/187048 x 12 x 4.719SchoonerSprung leak and sank in harborH. G. Runge m/s 88-89;
Mansfield I-788.
San Jacinto185608/00/1871unknown265SchoonerSunk in harbor
Raised and towed to Milwaukee
Edward Carus m/s;
H. G. Runge m/s 106 107;
Mansfield I:720, 884.
Union186709/17/187159 x 15 x 641SchoonerSunk 25 miles off Sheboygan
Vessel raised and recovered
Edward Carus m/s;
H. G. Runge m/s 106-107;
Mansfield I:895.
Levant185410/14/187192.1 x 22.5 x 7.7114SchoonerCapsized off SheboyganMansfield I:848;
H. G. Runge m/s 108-109;
Edward Carus m/s.
Wenona186311/07/1872unknown230BarkantineSeven miles south of Sheboygan in 14 feet of water
Vessel recovered
James Jetzer m/s.
Hampton184509/20/1873114.9 x 23.3 x 9.1173BrigantineSank eight miles off SheboyganDetroit Free Press 9/30/1873;
James Jetzer.
Melrose185210/05/1874unknown204SchoonerWent ashore at South Point 
W. F. Allen, Jr.185310/25/1875136 x 25.8 x 10.9244SchoonerAshore five miles south of Sheboygan 
John Wallace185304/06/1876unknown57Schoonerunknown 
Hattie Taylor187408/26/1880unknown84SchoonerSunk six miles south southeast of Sheboygan Piers 
Hannah Etty186408/26/1880unknown60SchoonerOn beach six miles south of Sheboygan 
Jenny1868188075 x 19 x 540Schoonerunknown 
Walter B. AIlen186604/17/1880136.8 x 26.2 x ll.l296SchoonerFoundered 10 miles northeast of SheboyganH. G. Runge m/s 144-145.
E. M. Portch186703/27/1882unknown305SchoonerSank south of the South Pier 
Nellie Church186710/03/188399.7 x 24 x 6.3123Scow SchoonerIn commission in 1899Vessel recovered
Mansfield I:741;
Edward Carus m/s;
Sheboygan Times, 10/6/1883, 10/13/1883.
Petrel184710/17/188379 x 15 x 5151SchoonerSank opposite Goodrich dockRecovered, abandoned, blown up with dynamite, and removed
Ahnapee186706/09/188471 x 213 x 6.3118Scow SchoonerSank 2 miles north of Sheboygan 
Advance185309/05/1885117.3 x 25.7 x 8.9179SchoonerSank nine miles south of SheboyganMansfield I:745, 789;
H. G. Runge m/s 168-169.
Floretta186709/18/1885134 x 26 x ll295SchoonerFoundered 15 miles north northeast of SheboyganMansfield I:745, 826;
H. G. Runge m/s 168-169.
S. Anderson187410/19/1885140.8 x 25.3 x 10282Schooner Edward Carus m/s (believed incorrect; suspect next listing instead)
S. G. Andrews(1856) 116 x 25 x 9197two-mast schooner"The schooner S. G. Andrews, ashore at Scott's Point (?), has become a total wreck and has been abandoned," from Port Huron (MI) Daily Times, 10/23/1885 
White Oak186710/19/1885111 x 24.8 x 9.5157SchoonerSunk 5 miles north. of Sheboygan 
Hercules185407/14/188680.5 x 22.7 x 6.590Scow SchoonerWent ashore at South Point and was stripped 
Belle Wallbridge185711/22/1886136.6 x 35.7 x 10.3270SchoonerStruck South Pier and hard ashoreRemoved by Government dredge in 1894.
Blue Belle186909/04/188783 x 25 x 7122Scow SchoonerHit South Pier and went ashoreRemoved by Government dredge in 1894.
Polynesia188510/23/1887204 x 37.2 x 15.6979BargeSunk 20 miles east of SheboyganMansfield I:750, 874;
H. G. Runge m/s 176-177;
Marquette Daily Mining Journal, 11/26/1887;
Port Huron Times, 10/26/1887
Lilly Amiot187311/27/188847.4 x 12.4 x 4.725Schooner Carus m/s;
James Jetzer m/s.
Norway18731889161.4 x 33.8 x 8.7393Barge James Jetzer m/s.
Mediterranean185909/20/1891123 x 25 x 10239BarkFoundered 25 miles off of SheboyganEdward Carus m/s;
H. G. Runge m/s 194-195;
Mansfield I.760 857.
Silver Cloud186907/07/189179.4 x 21.9 x 6.396SchoonerWent ashore north of Port Washington 
Lottie Cooper187604/09/1894131 x 27 x 9252SchoonerCapsized and landed on the beach just north of the North Pier 
Quickstep187405/13/1895unknownunknownSchoonerBeached in a storm at Sheboygan 5/13/1895,
released 6/4/1895 cf.
Detroit Free Press, 5/14/1895;
Port Huron Times, 6/5/1895.
C. Amsden18631897118.9 x 26 x 8.2184SchoonerAbandoned in river next to Garton Toy Company 
Wollin185404/29/189784 x 18 x 548SchoonerDriven ashore at North Point two miles north. of harbor entrance 
Minnehaha187711/07/189875 x 19.8 x 6.874SchoonerMissed piers and went on beach 
Silver Lake188905/18/189995 x 20 x 7.6111Scow SchoonerSunk six miles due east of Sheboygan Piers 
R. H. Becker 186705/07/1908108 x 23 x 7.3140Scow SchoonerBeached off Michigan Avenue, Sheboygan 
Grahman Brothers1874190981 x ? x 782SchoonerAbandoned east side of Sheboygan River at foot of Virginia Ave 
Conquest185306/1899110 x 21 x 8151SchoonerCapsized off of North Pier 
Commerce185711/16/1909141.5 x 31.8 x 10.8327BrigBurned one mile north of Sheboygan at North point 
Challenge185209/10/191085.3 x 22.5 x 6.5110SchoonerBeached 12 miles south of Sheboygan 
Lotus186707/04/1915136 x 28.6 x 12281SchoonerBurned and put on rocks at North Point 
Helvetia187309/10/1921204.5 x 35.6 x 13.8793SchoonerScuttled five miles north northeast of Sheboygan 
Our Son187509/26/1930182.1 x 35.1 x 13.9720SchoonerSank 20 miles northeast of Sheboygan 

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