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Sheboygan Daily Press
August 2, 1909

Separated More Than a Half Century
Former Sheboygan People
Reunited in Milwaukee After Fifty one Years - Pioneers of Sheboygan County

Reunited after fifty one years of separation, Mrs. Theresa Phelps, 73 years old, and her brother, Michael Scheiwenner, aged 51 years old, Peoria, IL are enjoying a visit in the home of Mrs. Phelps daughter, Mrs. FH Prosser, 462 Twenty-ninth avenue

Although during the fifty one years in which they did not see each other, they were never more than 400 hundred miles apart.

Mrs. Phelps is a widow and her brother buried his wife last August.

They came to this country from Londau, Bavaria, with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leonheart Schwiwenner, in 1851, and settled in Sheboygan.

In 1853 Miss Scheiwenner married Gerry Phelps and went to Janesville to live. She returned to her Sheboygan home for a visit in 1858 and there saw her brother for the last time until their reunion.

A month ago, Mrs. Prosser went to visit her husband in Pekin, IL and as that city happened to be a few miles from Peoria, she and her husband resolved to find the missing brother.

After two days' search, she did find him, at work at a railway crossing as flagman. He said that he had been in Peoria for many years. He had been in business but had given it up. First his children and the his wife had died and in these troubles he had forgotten to write.

He promised to visit his sister, and a week ago Friday, arrived. Their meeting was affecting and the first thing they did after greetings had been exchanged was to have their pictures taken.

Mr. Scheiwenner has promised to pay a visit to Milwaukee at least once a year hereafter.

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 3, 1909


Charles W. King, formerly manager of the Citizens Telephone Co., and wife are in the city for a visit.

Mrs. Robert Livingstone of Antigo, is visiting her mother, Mrs. William Harergoh

Miss Lucy Stenger is enjoying a week's vacation.

David E. Jones of the J & W Jung Co. has returned from a business trip to Chicago.

Miss Helen Hiltgen has returned from Fredonia where she has been visiting the past week.

Bert Dressler and Otto Hanson have gone to Gibbsville for a fishing trip.

Misses Helen Brunholtz and Lilliam (sic) Grechtel have gone to Waukegan for a visit.

Misses Theresa Puecher, Anna Loges, and Louise Holling spent Sunday at Elkhart Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. John Sell have returned from Chicago where they have been visiting for the past few days.

Mrs. Charles Grasses and children and Miss Emma Krapnick went to Milwaukee this morning to attend the Home Coming.

Miss Francis Breau us attending the Milwaukee Home Coming.

Theodore Saeger has gone to Twin Lakes for a weeks fishing trip.

Mr. and Mrs. M. Bodenstein have gone to Oshkosh with Mr. and Mrs. Roenitz of that city who were their guest. The trip was made in the Roenitz automobile.

George M. Groh went to Milwaukee this morning to attend the Homecoming.

P. N. van Handel is in Milwaukee on business.

Miss Minniline Riess is spending the day in Milwaukee

Miss Marie Kohler is in Milwaukee for the day.

Mrs. Peter Reiss went to Milwaukee this morning to spend the day.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hodgins of Toronto, Ontario, who were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Cuddy the past two weeks returned to their home this morning.

William Trier returned from Fond Du Lac last night after a short visit.

Mrs. E. Nease of Kankakee, IL visiting relatives in the city.

Miss Laura Schmidt is on her vacation in Manitowoc.

Miss Agnes Jummer who has been visiting her parents the past week returned to Milwaukee yesterday.

Miss Edna DeVoy spent Sunday in Oostburg.

Miss Ella Paul Spent Sunday in Port Washington.

Miss Elizabeth DeVoy of Milwaukee is visiting her parents in the city.

Edward Miehn returned from Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn last night after spending his weeks vacation there.

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Golden of Manitowoc are visiting relative in the city.

Charles Schwartz who has his place of business at the corner of Eighth and Indiana Ave will have an opening on Saturday evening. Mr. Schwartz is a new comer in the saloon business but has been resident of Sheboygan for a number of years. He invites all of his friends to be present and good music will be in attendance.

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 9, 1909

Paid for the window

Thomas Wolinda was arrested shortly before midnight Sunday charged with disorderly conduct at the saloon of Joseph Beiles, Michigan avenue. It seems that he created a disturbance and before the police arrived, he had demolished a window. He paid $5.75 the cost of the window, $3.00 for the sign that was demolished and $4.62 costs in Judge Giblins court this morning.

Charles Leibow charged with being drunk was fined this morning and being unable to pay his fine was given fifteen days in the county jail.

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 12, 1909

Has Lived Here Sixty-Six Years WM. Kroos Takes in Parade

Brought the First Green Peas to Sheboygan in 1943 (sic) Enjoys Good Health.

William Kroos Sr. hale and hearty at the age of 91 and as far as can be learned the earliest pioneer living in the he Sheboygan city or county witnesses the industrial parade this morning and was as much elated over the showing made by the various business institutions of Sheboygan as any of the parties who had floats in the procession.

Mr. Kroos came to Sheboygan in 1843, 66 years ago and is the oldest pioneer in the grain buying business in the state of Wisconsin.

In those days there was very little grain raised in Sheboygan county and very little clearing and a few acres scattered here and there, perhaps two or three each settler was considered quite a farm. During the first year of his residence here Mr. Kroos brought from Missouri a quantity of green peas the firs every seen in Sheboygan and to him falls the credit of founding what is known as one of the great industries of Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties, that of raising peas for canning and seed purpose.

Mr. and Mrs. Kroos reside on Erie street in this city and both are enjoying excellent health.

There is hardly a person in Sheboygan county that is not acquainted with the senior Mr. Kroos and he is held in high esteem in the community.

His many friend throughout the city and county hope that he may live to enjoy years of good health.

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 14, 1909

Murder or Accident - Which

Benjamin Werner Victim

Run Over by a St. Paul Train Near Adell - Last Seen Alive with Tramps

Benjamin Werner employed by Wm. Buhler near Adell was struck by the midnight train bound north near the Adell Canning Co, Thursday and instantly killed.

The first news of the shocking accident was learned Friday morning when Herman Hunneman made the gruesome discovery of a portion of a human arm on the crossing near the station in Plymouth. Later it was learned that it was part of the mangled body of Benjamin Werner, his remains being found near the plant of the Canning Co. at Adell.

Werner was 24 years of age and single. He was last seen alive Thursday when he joined some tramps who were in that vicinity. As to weather {sic} death was caused by accident or otherwise may never be known. It is possible that the tramps robbed him and then took this means of getting rid of him by throwing his body on the track.

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 20, 1909

Marriage License

Frank Blocki and Edna Bishop

John Mohelke and Anna Duchow

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 21, 1909

Voss Found Not Guilty

Nicholas Voss was found not guilty by Justice O.L. Wolters in his court Friday Morning. He was charged with assault and battery by Lena Stecker. Charles Voigt represented the State of Wisconsin and Theodore Benley the defendant.

Sheboygan Daily Press
August 25, 1909

Misses Lillie Wieman, Martha Bleck, Eleanor Kohl and Hattie Mueller have returned from a lake trip to the Soo.

Mrs. Julie Imig and daughter and Mrs. Gustav Witte went to Oshkosh this afternoon for a visit with friends.

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