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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Page 182 - From Marriages Vol. 2 St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Adell

Wording at the beginning of each entry date - in front of all releasing (letting go - giving up) by calling out face to face under the words of matrimony in front of me.

May 20, 1878, Jermiah Canvelt (Cantwell) son of John & Anna Canvelt (Cantwell nee Tracy)
born Hibernia, May 20, 18__ c. (1835)
Lutentiam Wilcox - daughter of Miles & Catherine Murphy
Born in New York State , 20 Oct. 1860
Witnesses ; Thomas J. McCabe & Emma Waters

July 1, 1879, Patrick Nugent, son of Thomas Nugent & Alexia Conly
Born in Sherman
Julia V. Convelt (Cantwell), daughter of John & Andra Dresy (Anna Tracy), born in Sherman.
Witnesses; Jacobi (James) Reilly , & James Doyle, Maria Anna Contvelt (Cantwell), Katherine Manning

June , 1881, Richard Donovan, son of Richard Donovan & Nora Donovan
Born in Cork co. Ireland
Rosa McKenna, daughter of Richard & Ann McKenna
Witnesses; James McKenna, Patrick Harkins, Anna Lamb, Catherine McGee

Nov 20, 1882, Henry Steven Mulvey
Lette Maria York
Witnesses; Maria Casey, Margaret Fitzgerald

Nov 7, 1882, Anthony Cassin
Mary Ann Reed
Witnesses; Philip & Theresa Hand

May 15, 1883, Matthew Hubert Sprangers
Mary Joan Lamb
Witnesses; Peter Sprangers, Thomas Lamb, Rose Anna Lamb, Mary Elizabeth La.. (didn't print)

Nov 28, 1883 - By special proclaimation, William Crowley, son of John & Hel..(didn't print)
Mahoney, from Grandville - Milw. Co.
Maria Elizabeth Dunn, daughter of Jacobi & Helen Martin Dunn
Witnesses; Michael P. Maker, Helen Dunn

Mar 2, 1885 - Engelbert Sochlanch, son of Peter & Caroline Schlaesih - 27 yrs.
Emma Maria Theresa Knight, daughter of Tannelis & Amanda Knight -- 26 yrs.
Witnesses; Peter Schol & Theresa Bell (dispensation)

April 14, 1885, (Russel) Dionysius Michael Byre (Byrne), son of Michael & Anna Digne (May not have printed all) Byrne
Anna Maria Nugent, daughter of Thomas & Alexia Conally Nugent
Witnesses; Charles Smith, Margaret Nugent


May 19, 1885 - Charles Kuester, son of Frederic & Caroline Foerestierer Kuester
Emma Waters, daughter of Dionysis Waters & Mary Murphy
Witnesses; Pierce Waters, Margaret Nugent

July 14, 1885 - Patrick Keenan, son of Patrick & Mary Kierus Keenan
Henora Harkins, daughter of Patrick & Margaret Donovan Harkins
Witnesses; William Delahunt, Michael Keenan, Margaret Harkins, Julia Shea (Didn't print all)

Nov. 25, 1885 - Jacobi (James) McKenna, son of Richard & Ann Lamb McKenna
Bridget Nugent, daughter of Thomas & Alexia Connolly Nugent
Witnessses; Franci Ogle, Margaret Nugent

Feb. 16, 1886 - Edward Hackett, son of Patrick & margaret Connoley Hackett
Maria O'Malia, daughter of Michael O'Malia & Anna Coyne O'Malia
Witnesses; Thomas Nugent, Julia Needham Selecta; William O'Hearn

Page 184

May 31, 1886 - Jerimia Hagerty, (St. Rose of Lima), son of Jerimia & Helen Collins Hagerty
Anna Joanna Hand, daughter of Peter & Maria Anna Lavey Hand
Witnesses; James Walsh, Maria O'Hara

June 1, 1886 - Thomas W. Fitzpatrick - St. Mary's - Cascade - son of Michael & Catherine Murphy Fitzpatrick
Elisabeth Helen Lyons, daughter of William & Bridget Carr Lyons
Witnesses; Patrick Gottifried Fitzpatrick, Margaret Lyons, & Bridget Fitzpatrick

Sept. 15, 1886 - Francis Ogle, son of Samuel & Esther Kennedy Ogle
Margaret Agnes Delevan, daughter of Patrick & Maria Abigale Long Delevan
Witnesses; George Ogle, Louis Ziegler, Maria Long, Esther Ogle

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