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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Page 201

Sept. 28, 1921 - Peter Heinen, son of Peter & Maria Sinnen Heinen
Rosa McKenna, daughter of Bernard & Katherine Dunn McKenna
Witness; Michael Sinnen, Maria McKenna

Feb. 28, 1922 - William Bruders, son of William & Johanna O'Malley Bruders
Elizabeth Krefta, daughter of August & Johanna Westowski Krefta
Witness; Maria ?, Susan Kohlmann
First married in civil ceremony in Brownsville, Texas 9/18/1918 During the war!

April 2, 1923 - Rev. J.T. DeLaGrange S.J. (Trinity Hospital Milw.)
Married Hilenan William Turner (N-C) & Alice Bruders daughter of William
& Johanna O'Malley Bruders - - were married in civil ceremony three yrs a(cut off)

Oct. 8, 1924 - John J. Skelton, son of Henry & Elizabeth Kiernan Skelton
Genevieve Sullivan, daughter of John & Maria Grogan Sullivan
Witness; Lester Sullivan, Louisa Skelton

Page 202

Jan 3, 1925 - William Hand, son of Phillip & Theresa Hagerty Hand
Ida Klein, (N-C) daughter of Louis Klein & Sarah Schulz
Witness; Michael Klein & Anna Hand

April 28, 1925 - Harold Merril (convert) son of Glen & Dorothy Evers Merril
Catherine Luella Lamb, daughter of James E. Lamb & Ellen Alcox Lamb
Witness; Bernard Lamb, Catherine L. Murphy

Aug. 2, 1926 - Bernard Lamb, son of James E. & Helen Alcox Lamb
Catherine Flynn, daughter of Martin & Rosa O'Reilly - in St. Mary's - Cascade
Witness; Edward Lamb, Margaret O'Reilly

Aug. 21, 1926 - Mabel Gertrude Zeigler, daughter of Louis & Maria Kenna Zeigler
Was married to Clement Freund in St. Thomas Church, Milw.

Page 203

June 9, 1927 - Harvey Jahn, son of Charles & Alvina Toepel Jahn
Regina Scanlon, daughter of John & Anna Bruders Scanlon
Witness; William DeYoung, Marion Scanlon

Aug. 2, 1927 - Joesph J. Wetor, son of Joesph & Susan Schmidt Wetor
Esther Agnes Long, daughter of William Long & Margaret Ogle
Witness; Adelbert W. Long, Audrey L. Schumaker

June 30, 1928 - Francis Leahy, son of Daniel & Julia Hurley Leahy
Anna Hand, daughter of Phillip & Theresa Hagerty Hand
Witness; George J. J. Kroff, Mary Hand

Nov. 7, 1928 - Henry Franzen, son of Gerhard & Frances Russart Franzen
Anna Becker, daughter of Andrae & Catherine Mueller Becker
Witness; Gerhard Franzen Jr., Rosa Becker

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