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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Page 196

Jan 12, 1910 - Louis J. Stoll, son of Henry & Barbara Scheck Stoll
Elisabeth Manning, daughter of James & Catherine Sheridan Manning
Witness; James Dunn, Esther Dunn

June 1, 1910 - John Lenkel, son of John & Katie French Lenkel
Anna Cassin, daughter of Anton & Maria Reed Cassin
Witness; Robert Lenkel, Ella Hand

Dec. 9, 1910 - Marriage mixed - Elvin Lubanstein, & Josephine Hamm
Witness; A.V. Mueller, Brigett Doyle-Delegatus Rev. M. Pregenzer S.R.

June 28, 1911 - Francis Schuessler, son of Michael & Elisabeth Lauer Schuessler
Regina Mulvey, daughter of Henry & Catherine Hernan Mulvey
Witness; Henry Schuessler, Irene Mulvey

Nov. 22, 1911 - Nicholas Greisch, son of John & Margaret Kies Greisch
Maria Bruders, daughter of Thomas Bruders & Julia Reilly
Witness; Esther Bruders, James Lavey

Page 197

April 16, 1912 - Patrick Lamb, son of Lawerence & Ella Masterson Lamb
Florence O'Connor, daughter of Thomas & Maria Gibbons O'Connor
Witness; Hugh Masterson, Lydia McDonald

June 26, 1912 - George Jackson, son of Horton & Nettie Jackson
Caroline Schmitz, daughter of Joesph & Clara Litzen Schmitz
Witness; Ralph Pieper, Louisa Schmitz

Sept. 17, 1912 - Jacobus (James) Mangan, son of Thomas & Catherine Hughes Mangan
Margarita Sullivan, daughter of John & Maria Grogan Sullivan
Witness; John Mangan, Maria Reilly, Edward Sullivan, Helen Hand

Nov. 6, 1912 - Charles Jonara, son of Dunato & Raffael Rusn Jonara
Maria Bruders, daughter of William Bruders & Johanna Amelia Bruders
Witness; Frank O'Lerery, Alexia Bruders

Nov. 26, 1912 - Albert Weiler, son of Therdin & Margaret Schills Weiler
Margaret Bruders, daughter of Thomas & Julia Reilly Bruders
Witness; John Weiler, Esther Bruders, James Bruders, Maria Weiler

Page 198

June 10, 1913 - Charles Finnegan, son of Andrew W. & Elisabeth Possen Finnegan
Rosa Donovan, daughter of Richard & Rosa McKenna Donovan
Witness; John Donovan, Maggie Finnegan, William Ogle, Maria Loftus

July 22, 1914 - William Hildebrand, son of John & Maria Grigan Sullivan
Katherine Popp, daughter of Michael Popp & Regina Milbauer Popp
Witness; George & Alena Popp

Sept 1, 1914 - Edward Sullivan, son of John & Maria Grigan Sullivan
Margaret Finnegan, daughter of Andrew & Elizabeth Possen Finnegan
Witness; George Sullivan, Genevieve Sullivan, George Grogan, Gertrude Finnegan

Page 199

Nov. 17, 1914 - David Donovan, son of Richard & Rosa McKenna Donovan
Regina Masterson, daugter of Jacobus M. & Anna McCaffery Masterson
Witness; Joesph Casey, Maria Donovan

April 15, 1915 - Otto Emley (N-C), son of Philip Emley & Elizabeth Weinbau___(cut off)
Elizabeth Kampmann, daughter of Peter & Maria Groenvelot Kampmann
Witness; Herbert Stack, Francis Walsh, Luke Kampmann, Cora Emley

June 15, 1915 - Elroy Broker, son of John & Caroline Brown Broker
Selina Scanlon, daughter of Timothy & Maria Skelton Scanlon
Witness; Francis Broker, Vera Seifert

June 29, 1915 - Palph Pieper, son of Louis & Katherine Schuntz Pieper
(the rest of the announcement is cut off)

Page 200

June 24, 1917 - John E. Reiter, son of Michael Reiter & Maria Wagner Reiter
Estella Julia Bruders, daughter of Thomas & Julia Reilly Bruders
Witness; James Bruders, William Ternes, Helen Reiter, Florence Bruders

Nov. 5, 1919 - Joel B. Chittenden (convert), son of Francis & Maria Armstr (cut off)
Ellen Hand, daughter of Phillip & Theresa Hagerty Hand
Witness; William Hand, Maria Hand

May 12, 1920 - William Dwyer, son of William & Catherine Gogahan Dwyer
Grace Bruders, daughter of William Bruders & Hanna O'Malley Bruders
Witness; Thomas Bruders, Maria Burke

Aug. 30, 1920 - Oswald Halboth, (lutheran), son of John & Cecelia Senel Halboth
Regina Ferguson, daughter of John & Julia Wallinski Ferguson
Witness; Harvey W. Steinerdink, Margaret Murray

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