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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Page 192

Nov. 15, 1898 - John Crosby (from church St. Michaels - Mitchell), son of Patrick & Mary Murphy Crosby
Caelia Lamm (Lamb), daughter of Thomas Lamm (Lamb) & Maria O'Connor
Witness; James Crosby & Otilia Lamm (Lamb)

June 13, 1899 - William F. Goldammer, son of William & Elisabeth Just Goldammer
Barbara Altenhofer, daughter of Nicholas Altenhoffer & Margaret (the rest of the announcement is cut off)

June 17, 1899 - John B. O'Reilly, son of Thomas & Maria Lawler O'Reilly
Agnes Lamm (Lamb), daughter of Thomas & Maria O'Connor Lamm (Lamb)
Witness; Miles Lamm (Lamb), Martha O'Reilly

April 4, 1901 - Francis Mulvey, son of Francis & Brigette Miley Mulvey
Anna Manning, daughter of Jacob & Catherine Sheridan Manning
Witness; Jacob Manning, Agnes Mulvey

Page 193

Oct 22, 1901 - John Peter Altenhofer, son of Nicholas & Margaret Mertes Altenhofer
Julia Ann Kenna, daughter of Oatrick & Margaret McCabe Kenna
Witness; Joesph Pokomay, Gertrude Kenna, Anna Altenhofer

May 6, 1902 - Celeatiuus Murphy, son of Patrick & Katherine Lyons Murphy
Dorothy Lamb, daughter of Lawerence Lamb & Helen Masterson
Witness; Robert Lamb, Maria Murphy

June 30, 1902 - John Kneifel, son of John & Catherine Meyer Kneifel
Julia McMullen, daughter of Alexander & Catherine Kenna McMullen
Witness; Alexander McMullen, Alice Masterson

Oct. 6, 1903 - George H. Beyer, son of William & Emma Heath Beyer
Maria sullivan, daughter of John & Maria Grogan Sullivan
Witness; Emma Sullivan, Edward Hand

Nov. 14, 1903 - John Scanlon, son of Timothy & Maria Skelton Scanlon
Anna E. Bruders, daughter of William & Hanna O'Mally Bruders
Witness; James Scanlon, Maria O'Reilly

Page 194

June 28, 1904 - William Benzinger, son of Joesph & Adeline Knus Benzinger
Juliana Millbauer, daughter of Lawerence Millbauer & Maria Fork (Rock)
Witness; Michael Milbauer, Maria Ludwig

April 26, 1905 - Charles Sell, son of Jeurgen Willgens Sell
Ida Jermain, daughter of George & Laura Simon Jermain
Witness; George Jermain, Maggie Groh

Nov.7, 1905 - Thomas Phelan, son of Richard & Delia Martin Phelan
Margaret McMullen, daughter of Alexander & Catherine Kennedy McMullen
Witness; Alexander McMullen, Maria Phelan

April 30, 1906 - Louis Hefling, son of Lenard & Catherine Sellars Hefling
Helen Maria McMullen, daughter of Alexander & Catherine Kennedy McMullen
Witness; Francis Hefling, Eta McMullen, Leo McMullen, Mable Willet

Oct. 17, 1906 - William Mangan, son of John & Anna Rooney Mangan
Anna Sullivan, daughter of John& Maria Grogan Sullivan
Witness; M. Hughes, Maggie Condon

Page 195

June 19, 1907 - Thomas Hand, son of patrick & Rosa Goodman Hand
Maria Anna Masterson, daughter of James & Anna McCaffrey
Witness; Charles Finnegan, Amanda Schacht

Sept. 13, 1909 - Miles Lamb, son of Thomas & Maria Connor Lamb
Frances Scanlon, daughter of Timothy & Maria Skelton Scanlon
Witness; Patrick Lamb, Agnes Scanlon

Sept. 22, 1909Bernard Weirman, son of Stearn & Elisabeth Keminx Weirman
Anna Theresa Donovan, daughter of Richard & Rosa McKenna Donovan
Witness; David & Mary Donovan, Walter & Anna Weirman

Oct 12, 1909 - Michael Dunn, son of John & Louisa Scherdan Dunn
Mathilda Lamb, daughter of Thomas & Maria Connor Lamb
Witness; Michael Dunn, Lucy Lamb

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