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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Page 185

June 13, 1887 - Edward Nugent, son of Thomas Nugent & Alexia Connely Nugent
Margaret Hand, daughter of Michael & Maria Reed Hand
Witnesses; Patrick Donovan, _______ Hagerty

May 2, 1888 - from Holy Name Sheb. John McKenna, son of John & Bridget Fitzpatrick McKenna
Ann O'Hara, daughter of Thomas & Margaret McCort O'Hara
Witnesses; Thomas & Maria O'Hara

Oct. 17,, 1888 - A. Oscar Ogle, son of William & Josephine Knott Ogle
Margaret Doyle, daughter of Gerhardt (Garett) & Bridget Kenna Doyle
Witness; William Ogle, Maria Doyle

Dec. 26, 1888 - William Stroub (Straub) (N-C) baptized son of John & Catherine Nickel Stroub
Maria Ward, daughter of Patrick & Margaret Ames Ward
Witness; A. Schultz, J.W. Braun, Fr. J. Ward, Rosa Ward, C. Messlitz, Minnie (cut off)
Barbara, & Katie O'Malley

Page 186

June 25, 1889 - Matthias Greisch, son of Nicholas & Angela (Gauges) Keies Greisch
Maria O'Hara, daughter of Thomas & Eelisabeth McCort
(the rest was cut off)

Sept. 3, 1889 - Aloiysis Ziegler, son of Aloysis Z. & Magdalena Klrumer Ziegler
Maria Elisabeth Kenna, daughter of Patrick & Margaret McCort (McCabe) Kenna
Witness; George Drewry, Margaret Kenna

Sept 28, 1889 - Christopher Kearnon, son of Christopher & Maria Mangen Kearnon
Maria Sullivan, widow of Patrick O'Neil, Town of Mitchell, daughter of Patrick & Maria Sullivan
Witness; M. Mangen, Lucy McNamarah

Nov. 26, 1889 - William Masterson, son of James & Anna McCaffrey Masterson
Margaret Louisa Harkins, daughter of Patrick & Margaret Donovan Harkins
Witness; Dennis Harkins, Josephine Donovan, Bella Masterson, Catherine Keenan

Page 187

Jan. 28, 1890 - William Lyons, son of William & Bridget Carr Lyons
Maria E. Lamb, daughter of Jacobi Lamb & Catherine McDonnell Lamb
Witness; Thomas Lyons, Alice E. Lamb

May 20, 1890 - Lawrence Hand, son of Patrick & Rosa Anne Goodman Hand
Maria Elisabeth Lamb, daughter of Michael & Sarah Needham Lamb
Witness; Thomas & Margaret Hand , William & Sarah Lamb

No Marriages in 1891

May 4, 1892 - Bernard McKenna, son of Richard & Anna Lamb McKenna
Catherine Dunn, daughter of John& Rose Ann Sheridan Dunn
Witness; George Lamb & Anna Manning

Page 188

Oct. 26, 1892 - Charles Fischer, son of William & ______, from Plymouth
Maria A. Doyle, daughter of Gerhard (Garett) Doyle & Briget Kenna
Witness; Gerhard (Garett) Doyle & Maria Fischer

April 25, 1893 - Anthony Calteaux, son of Michael & Anna Heinen Calteaux
Mary Obertin, daughter of Francis & Elisabeth Murphy Obertin
Witness; Peter Calteaux, Frank Murphy, Alice Murphy, Maggie Nugent

Oct. 4, 1893 - Michael Deeley, son of David & Hanora O'Grady Deeley
Margaret Kenna, daughter of Patrick & Margaret McCabe Kenna
Witness; Anna Kenna & John Donovan

Oct 11, 1893 - John Michael Ellenbecker, son of Michael & Maria Kitten Ellenbecker
Mary Isabel O'Hara, daughter of Jacobi & Isabel Hanon O'Hara
Witness; Henry O'Hara, Mary Ellenbecker

Page 189

Nov. 8, 1893 - Samuel Conroy, son of John & Catherine O'Toole Conroy
Maria Scanlon, daughter of Timothy & Maria Skelton Scanlon
Witnesss; George Conroy, Maria Skelton

Nov 21, 1893 - Dominic Dunn, age 30, son of John& Rose Sheridan Dunn
Lucy McElroy, daughter of John& Mary McDermott McElroy, age 29
Witness; John Dunn, Elenora McElroy

June 19, 1894 - John Gronefeldt, son of John (N-C) & Caroline Brauninger Gronefeldt
Mary Mulvey, daughter of Francis & Bridget Miley Mulvey
Witness; Francis Mulvey, Agnes Mulvey

Page 190

Oct. 23, 1894 - John Ed. Moinyhan, son of Patrick & Mary Lynch Moinyhan
Rosanna Lamm (Lamb), daughter of Thomas & Maria Conser (Connor) Lamm (Lamb)
Witness; George Lamm (Lamb), Ed Rodden, Maggie Lamm (Lamb), Anna Moinyhan

Jan. 4, 1895 - Henry Schaap, son of William & Johanna Bauman Schaap
Sarah Lamm (Lamb), daughter of Michael & Sarah Needham Lamm (Lamb)
Witness; John Foley, Ellis Lamm (Lamb)

Sept. 10, 1895 - Martin Schrantz, son of Martin & Elisabeth Streff Schrantz
Elisabeth Fox, daughter of Leonard & Margaret Schmidt Fox
Witness; Jacob Deputies, Nic Schoder, Josephine Schrantz, Margaret Scho (cut off)

Nov. 25, 1896 - David Chambers, son of Jacob & Hanna Donovan Chambers
Anna Dunne, daughter of Dominic & Margaret Harkins Dunne
Witness; Esther Dunne, J. Barry

Page 191

May 4, 1897 - Jacobum Mulvey, son of Francis & Brigedet Mulvey
Maria McKee (McGee), daughter of Thomas & Rosa Lamb McKee (McGee)
Witness; Peter McKee (McGee), Maria Masterson

Sept 14, 1897 - Francis Peter Lamm (Lamb), son of Michael & Sarah Needham Lamm (Lamb)
Anna Kenna, daughter of Patrick & Margaret McCabe Kenna
Witness; Peter McKee (McGee), John Allenhoffer, Julia Kenna, Nora Lamm (Lamb)

Oct 19, 1897 - James Phillip Reilly, son of Thomas & Martha Lawler Reilly
Margaret Lamm (Lamb), daughter of Thomas Lamm (Lamb) & Maria O'Connor Lamm (Lamb)
Witness; Otilia Lamm (Lamb), Catherine J. Murray, Clara Lamm (Lamb), Anna Donovan

Oct. 15, 1898 - Joesph Donovan, son of Phillip Donovan & Maria Kelley
Isabelle Masterson, daughter of Jacob Masterson & Anna McCaffery
Witness; Hugh Masterson, Julia Donovan

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