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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Page 224

Translated by Helen Morgan, Typed by Evelyn Archer
Deaths and burials from old book, Written in Latin, of St. Patrick's Parish

Helen Lamb, died 8-13-1879 Buried 8-15-1879
Daughter of Lawerence & Helen Masterson Lamb

Infant Maria Virginia Murphym Born 9-8-1879 Buried 9-10-1879
Daughter of Patrick & Katherine Murphy

Maria (Gaimes) (Grimes) Lamb died 12-16-1879 Buried 12-18-1879
Wife of Edward (between 80-90 yrs. Of age)

Michael McGee Died 12-16-1879 Buried 12-18-1879
Son of Thomas McGee & Rosa Lamb (about 20)

Rosa McGee died 12-27-1879 Buried 12-29-1879
Daughter of Thomas & Rosa Lamb McGee (about 21)

Pierce Murphy Died 3-11-1880 Buried 3-14-1880
Leaving Bridget Murphy (about 75)

Infant Helen Lamb Died 3-20-1880 Buried 3-14-1880
Daughter of Lawerence & Elen Lamb Masterson (should read Masterson Lamb)

Page 225

William J.D. Walwalz Buried April 6, 1880
Marie Linch-Suiliclum Manly (30)

Thomas McGee Died April 4, 1880 Buried April 6, 1880
Leaving wife Rosa Cashbee (80)

Infant McMullen 1880
Alexander & Katie McMullen

Maria Lamb Died July 16, 1880 Buried July 17, 1880
Daughter of Peter & Mary Ann Lamb

Rose Ann Dunn Died September 30th, 1880 Buried October 2, 1880
Wife of Joesph Dunn, born June 30, 1850

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