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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Records of Deaths at St. Patrick's (List written in by Raymond Schurek)

Archer, Raymond Edward9-30-198171 
Brooks, Robert Clarence7-13-198030 
Donovan, David9-21-197590 
Fee, Ann Catherine9-8-197575 
Hand, Margaret Jean4-1-6954Milwaukee
Hand, Marie Ann3-18-6995Sheboygan
Harbrecht, Joanborn Oct. 1976
died Nov. 1976
1 Mo. 
Hoffman, Lester1972  
Konrad, John Glen3-27-198222 
Lamb, Emma1-3-197389Sheboygan
Lamb, Francis I.8-31-197789Milwaukee
Long, Ester3-23-197981Sheboygan
McKenna, Leo8-28-197483 
McKenna, Marie R.4-13-197271Sheboygan
McMullen, Alexander7-19-19721 
McMullen, James10-30-197768 
Miller, Melvin P.6-4-197851 
Mondloch, Infant (male)6-19-1974 Parent: James & Bernadette
Novack, Gilbert6-6-198168Hingham
O'Hara, Ellen Isabelle82 
O'Hara, Hugh12-2-197082Sheboygan
Radetski, Andrew4-13-197288Sheboygan
Radetski, Catherine1977  
Schaefer, Bernice2-17-197153 
Shepard, Mabel E.6-25-197171Milwaukee
Skelton, Genievieve8-31-198082 
Skelton, John2-2-197182Sheboygan
Steinhage, George Anthony 49
Weinold, Jeffrey L.4-18-198220 
Wierman, Anna3-20-1981  

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