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St. Patrick's Parish Records

Baptisms at St. Patrick's Church, Page 45 Vol. 2

Mary Mulvey, born Jan. 27, baptized Feb 15, 1903
Parents; Jacob Mulvey & Maria McGee (Jacob is James)
Sponsers; Henry & Catarina Mulvey

Maria Dorothy Mulvey, born Feb. 12, baptized Feb. 15, 1903
Parents; Francis Mulvey & Anna Manning
Sponsers; Francis Mulvey (Len) & Cecelia Hackett
Note; Married George Ardts, St Mary's, Sheb. Falls 9/12/1946
(Wrong, she did not marry)

Veronica McKenna, born May 14, baptized May 24, 1903
Parents; Bryan McKenna & Catarina Dunn
Sponsers; Ann Donovan & Michael Dunn
Note; Married George Meyer, Holy Name Sheb. 9/7/1940 Attest;

Agnes Lavina Skelton, born June 9, baptized June 21, 1903
Parents; Henry Skelton & Elisabeth Kernen
Sponsers; Benedict Aigner & Cat. Weinreis

Charles John Bruders & Caecilia Evelyn Bruders born Nov. 24, baptized Dec. 5, 1903
Parents; Thomas Bruders & Julia Reilly
Sponsers; for John, Joesph Hand & Angela Reilly
Sponsers; for Caecilia, High & Maria Masterson
Note; Evelyn Bruders married Michael Flynn at Gesu church Milw. 10/20/1928
Cas. Bruders married Helen B. Cahill, Misericordia Hosp. Milw. 2/10/1929

Page 47 cont. {Note: Page 46 and the first part of 47 were not included}

Gilsin, Edward, born 7/4, baptized 7/8/1906
Parents; Nicholas Gilsin & Maria Sono?
Sponsers; Ed Nugent & Maria Burke

Lamb, Edward Charles, born 11/5/ baptized 11/11/1906
Parents; Jacob Lamb & Helen Alcock
Sponsers; John Donovan & Maria Lyons

Seifert, Michael Norman, born 4/24, baptized 5/5/1907
Parents; Anthony Seifert & Margareth Leiber
Sponsers; Michael Poppe & Helen Helminger

Mulvey, Clara Bryailiam (Bridelia) ?, born 12, baptized 16th of same month 1907
Parents; Francis Mulvey & Anna Manning
Sponsers; Jacob Manning & Agnes Mulvey

Scanlon, Mary Elisabeth, born 8/12, baptized 8/18/1907
Parents; John Scandlin & Anna Bruders
Sponsers; Hanna & Michael Bruders
Note; married Henry Schweind at St. Patricks 10/19/1931
Witness; George? & Alice Scanlon

Page 48

Hand, Maria Isabel, born 5/9, baptized 8/18/1908
Parents; Thomas Hand & Maria Masterson
Sponsers; Joesph Donovan & Rosa Hand
Note; married James McMullen 6/26/1935, St. Patricks

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