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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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St. Michaels's & St. Mary's Baptismal

Last NameGiven NameBornBaptName FatherName MotherName Spons 1Name Spons 2ChurchPriestResideMisc
AlcoxEdward Roy28 July 189913 Aug 1899Alvin AlcoxMary AlcoxFrancis MurphyEmma (Alcox) MurphySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
AmbelangAnthony2 May 189117 May 1891Maurice AmbelangLena ReinwandAnthony KilcoinLena TresterSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
AmbelangEdward Charles29 Dec 188717 Jan 1888Maurice Robert Wm. AmbelangMagdalena ReinwandCharles KrueschersMary ReinwandSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
AmbelangMaurice Frederick10 July 188625 July 1886Maurice AmbelangMagdalena ReinwandFrederick FranchildMagdalena TresterSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
AmbelangPhilip24 Sept 189312 Oct 1893Maurice AmbelangLena ReinwandPhilip DohertyElizabeth (Dooley) DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
BauerClara Amanda3 Feb 18835 May 1907Frederic BauerMary HoffmanGeorge LaveyAnna LaveySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
BeechlerLawrence William8 Sept 191019 Sept 1910Clarence BeechlerMary KlamerWilliam FischerAnna FischerSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
BowserAlice27 Oct 189418 Nov 1894Joseph BowserMary CliffordFrancis HeflingMary HeflingSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BowserCatherine25 June 188921 July 1889John BowserSarah DohertyLouis Hefling(?)Catherine O'BrienSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BowserCatherine Leonore16 Sept 18998 Oct 1899Joseph BowserMary CliffordWilliam O'MaliaNorah O'MaliaSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BowserJohanna29 Dec 190116 Feb 1902Joseph BowserMary CliffordMichael McBrideAnna McBrideSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Robert Cromwell, 18 Dec 1927,
St. Bernardine, Forest Park, Ill. - FS
BowserJohn Francis25 Dec 188728 Jan 1888Joseph Sylvester BowserMary Ann CliffordJames MurphyElizabeth MurraySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
BowserMagdalena Clara18 Sept 189710 Oct 1897Joseph BowserMary CliffordJohn CliffordNora O'MaliaSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BowserMary Elizabeth16 Feb 188710 April 1887John BowserSarah Elizabeth DoughertyThomas Henry FraneyMary Catherine HeflingSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
BowserMatthew WilliamAug 189123 Aug 1891Joseph BowserMary CliffordPhilip KingCharlotte BowserSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BrahamArthur Albert23 May 189621 June 1896Albert BrahamMary FischerHenry FischerHannah PhrangSt.Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
BroganCatherine Ruth29 Nov 18961 Mar 1897Martin BroganCatherine DevineThomas DevineLoretta BryanSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BrookeGeorge Francis2 Oct 188623 Oct 1886Alvin Lawrence BrookeMary Jane AlcoxAdam GatesCatherine GatesSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndonNote: Married Florence Cooney, 22 Dec. 1916 - FS
BrookeLawrence Walter8 June 18965 July 1896Alvin BrookeMary AlcoxStephen AlcoxElizabeth (Gaynor) AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
BrookeMary17 May 18925 June 1892Alvin BrookeMary AlcoxThomas GillAnn AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
BrookeStella16 Jan 18918 Feb 1891Alvin BrookeMary AlcoxGeorge AlcoxMary LynchSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
BuechlerLawrence William         See: Beechler, Lawrence William
BurkeAnna Mildred4 Jan 190710 Feb 1907Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellJames O'ConnellStella BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married 1st, Wm. Karl, 13 June 1936, Holy
Rosary, Milwaukee, WI. Married 2nd, Julius
Polaski, 19 Aug. 1944, St. Aloysius - FS
BurkeBridget Ellen30 May 189819 June 1898Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellJohn LindsayMargaret LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Died 13 Feb 1915 - FS
BurkeCatherine Irene28 June 19008 July 1900Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellWilliam BurkeMary (Franey) BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurkeFrances Gordelia26 May 190418 June 1904Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellBernard BurkeMary BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurkeJames Bernard8 Oct 18936 May 1894John BurkeMary ArimandBernard BurkeCatherine (Gates) GlassSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurkeJohn Edward19 June 190530 July 1905Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellJohn O'ConnellCatherine LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Viola Fox, St. Leo's, Milwaukee, WI.,
27 June 1929
BurkeJohn Raymond11 Jan 188713 Feb 1887John Francis BurkeMary Victoria ArimandChristopher ArimandJulia Catherine ArimandSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
BurkeJoseph Edward25 May 19009 June 1900Henry BurkeElla GahaganJohn BurkeCatherine GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurkeLaVerne Genevieve24 Apr 19099 May 1909Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellWm. LindsayMary O'ConnellSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellNOTE: Married 1st, ___ Stedman; Married 2nd
Raymond Rubanka, St. Agnes, Milwaukee, WI.,
25 Sept 1954 - FS
BurkeMargaret Velita22 May 190222 June 1902Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellGeorge LindsayCatherine LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurkeMary11 Jan 18943 Feb 1894Thomas BurkeMary ButlerFrancis BurkeCatherine ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurkeMary Agnes7 Jan 189428 Jan 1894Edward BurkeBridget O'ConnellJohn BurkeAgnes (O'Connell) LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Edwin Keuper at Plymouth, WI,
12 Dec 1917 - FS
BurkeMary Catherine31 Dec 189519 Jan 1896Henry BurkeElla GahaganThomas GahaganCatherine (Gahagan) DwyreSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married 1st, Leonard Zeigler; Married 2nd,
Theodore Stein, 30 Aug 1941; Married 3rd, John P.
Wagner, 29 Nov 1958, St. Dominic's, Sheboygan,
BurkeRobert2 May 189515 June 1895Thomas BurkeMary ButlerGeorge McGraneMargaret ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
BurnsMargaret191016 Jan 1910Daniel BurnsCatherine GillAnthony ReddingtonMargaret (Gill) ReddingtonSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
ButlerAnn Elizabeth18 Nov 190928 Nov 1909Thomas ButlerAlice McBrideBenjamin ButlerCatherine (Phelan) ButlerSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
ButlerBenjamin Francis10 Aug 190421 Aug 1904Benjamin ButlerCatherine PhalenFrancis MurrayMary BrownSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellTwin
ButlerBernard Michael10 Aug 190421 Aug 1904Benjamin ButlerCatherine PhalenRichard PhalenMargaret PhalenSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ButlerJoseph Leo16 Sept 19025 Oct 1902Benjamin ButlerCatherine PhalenEdw. ButlerMary PhalenSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Dorothy Burns, Roanoke, Indiana,
30 June 1928 - FS
ButlerMary Bridget21 July 1906Aug 1906Benjamin ButlerCatherine PhalenWilliam PhalenJosephine ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ButlerMary Monica9 June 190017 June 1900Benjamin ButlerCatherine PhalenRichard PhalenElla ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ButlerPhilip Michael1 Oct 191115 Oct 1911Thomas F. ButlerAlice McBride  St. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
CalandIda Frances23 Apr 189426 May 1907Francis CalandJo Prannam(?)Leo GillFrances GillSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
CalteHenry John28 June 18861 July 1886John CalteMargaret VixmerHenry CalteMagdalena Michaels John Casey  
CarolanLawrence Leo17 Dec 191214 Jan 1913George CarolanBridget SellarsHenry ManganMary BowmannSt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher  
CheaneyCharles Bennett17 Sept 188022 Oct 1906Joseph CheaneyHelen NoblesFrancis McNicholasBridget (McNicholas) KeyesSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke Convert
CliffordMary Frances15 Aug 189031 Aug 1890Stephen CliffordFrances O'HearnJohn LindsayMargaret O'BrienSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
CooneyCatherine Florence11 June 18922 July 1892Patrick CooneyEllen FlynnMichael KeyesCatherine FogartySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CooneyMartha Isabel21 Nov 188925 Nov 1889Patrick CooneyEllyn FlynnMartin FlynnMary Ann SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CorbettMildred Frances31 Mar 191121 Apr 1911John CorbettJessie ParrietHenry GahaganMary (Murphy) GahaganSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
CosgroveDorothy8 Aug 190316 Aug 1903John CosgroveFrances WalshBernard Joseph BurkeMary CarolanSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Officiate: Rev. L. P. Reilly
CosgroveEllen18 Nov 191126 Nov 1911John CosgroveFrances WalshAllen WalshGenevieve WalshSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Helen Eliz. Cosgrove, in religion, Sister
Mary John of Divine Love - pronounced her
solemn vows on 22 July 1954 in Adoration
Monastery, Franciscan Nuns of the Blessed
Sacrament, 4108 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 3, Ohio;
Mother Mary Agnes, Superior. Entered here
2 August 1954, Rev. L.F. Schmidt, Pastor
CosgroveJoseph 18 Mar 1909John CosgroveFrances Walsh   John H. Fisher Note: Married Hazel Delaney, 30 Nov 1940, Gesu,
Milwaukee, WI. - FS
CosgrovePatrick Henry8 Apr 190220 Apr 1902John CosgroveFrances WalshJames MulveyMary (McGee) MulveySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
CroghanGeorge Andrew12 Aug 189722 Aug 1897Andrew CroghanEsther O'HearnJames KennedyMargaret O'HearnSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Viola Buble, 4 Nov 1919, Holy Name
Church, Sheboygan, WI. - FS
CroghanMary Imogene7 Mar 190118 Mar 1901Andrew CroghanEsther O'HearnThomas FraneyFrances FraneySt.Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
CrosbyEdward Andrew13 June 190222 June 1902John CrosbyCelia LambWm. MurphyJohanna CrosbySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CrosbyEdward Foy13 July 190128 July 1901Jeremiah CrosbyAnn FoyMichael CrosbyElla SimoneySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CrosbyFrancis George17 June 190629 June 1906John CrosbyCelia LambJohn ReillyAgnes (Lamb) ReillySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Bernice Dolata, 20 Sept 1941, St.
Ambrose, Chicago, Ill. - FS
CrosbyGeorge Bernard24 Oct 18995 Nov 1899John CrosbyCelia LambJeremiah CrosbyAnna (Foy) CrosbySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CrosbyGertrude Agnes19 Apr 190826 Apr 1908John CrosbyCelia LambJames ReillyMargaret (Lamb) ReillySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Arthur Langemak at Cascade,
15 Feb 1930 (L.R.S.) - FS
CrosbyIsabelle Loretta14 Nov 189820 Nov 1898Jeremiah CrosbyAnna FoyDavid ScanlanIsabelle FoySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CrosbyJohn Hugh24 June 189711 July 1897Jeremiah CrosbyAnna FoyThomas ScannelMary ScannellSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Blanche Bowser, 14 Sept 1935,
Plymouth - FS
CrosbyLoretta Catherine30 Apr 19048 May 1904John CrosbyCelia LambMichael CrosbyMatilda LambSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CrosbyMary Stella26 Feb 189115 Mar 1891Jeremiah CrosbyAnn FoyBernard Joseph BurkeCatherine FoySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CrosbyThomas Henry6 May 189420 May 1894Jeremiah CrosbyAnna FoyJohn CrosbyElizabeth MurphySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
CumingsJoseph Edward24 May 19109 June 1910Edward CumingsMargaret FergusonJohn FergusonJulia (Wallitzky) FergusonSt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher  
DarlingRobert4 June 191014 June 1910Robert DarlingMargaret SullivanGeorge DarlingLillian DarlingSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
DeSchmidtElizabeth7 Mar 188818 Mar 1888John Francis DeSchmidtJohanna Euphemia DeSchmidtThomas Walter FitzpatrickElizabeth Elle Fitzpatrick John Casey  
DevineAgnes11 Dec 188912 Dec 1889John DevineCatherine O'ReilleyMartin DevineAnne DevineSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DevineAnna Martha2 May 189519 June 1895John DevineCatherine ReillyMartin DevineNora (Cosgrove) DevineSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L.P. Reilly, brother of
Catherine - FS
DevineGeorge Bernard17 Oct 19132 Nov 1913John DevineAnna FischerThomas AlcoxSarah (Gallagher) AlcoxSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Barbara Ehrenrich, 10 June 1936,
St. John's, Marshfield, WI. - FS
DevineLawrence Patrick12 Sept 189113 Sept 1891John DevineCatherine ReillyTerrence ReillyMartha ReillySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DevineMartin Francis4 Oct 189421 Nov 1894Martin DevineNora CosgroveJohn DevineCatherine (Reilly) DevineSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DevineMary6 Apr 189311 Apr 1893John DevineCatherine ReillyJohn HenryMargaret (Reilly) HenrySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Eugene McCarthy, 2 Feb 1946,
St. Peter's, Chicago, Ill. - FS
DevineStella Ruth11 Jan 189816 Jan 1898John DevineCatherine ReillyMichael ReillyMary (Martin) ReillySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DevineThomas James8 Oct 18869 Oct 1886John DevineMary Catherine ReillyMatthew GaynorMartha Lawler ReillySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
DietschClara Isabella10 Oct 188716 Oct 1887John DietschLaura Knott Alena SchultzSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
DohertyAgnes Margaret31 Jan 18961 Mar 1896Philip DohertyElizabeth DooleyMatthew DohertyJosephine DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Walter Butler, Gesu, Milwaukee,
WI., 16 June 1923 - FS
DohertyAmbrose25 Feb 188818 June 1889John DohertyMary Ann KilcoyneDennis DohertyMary A. VerdonSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Ambrose Doherty, baptized 27 June 1889,
married 24 Oct. 1916, St. Mary's, Cascade, Helen
Croghan, a Catholic born in Nebraska - Charles
Hoog, Pastor - FS
DohertyBernard Ross1 Sept 190524 Sept 1905Patrick DohertyCatherine CroghanHenry DohertyCatherine DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DohertyBridget Delia13 Feb 190726 May 1907Matthew DohertyBridget ReinertMichael HeenihanMabel HoySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Twin
DohertyCatherine Frances22 Feb 189325 Feb 1893John DohertyMary KilcoynePatrick DohertySusan DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Henry E. Skelton - FS
DohertyCatherine Virgilia(?)26 Jan 19073 Mar 1907Patrick DohertyCatherine CroghanAndrew CroghanEsther (O'Hearn) CroghanSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Ervin Grosskopf - FS
DohertyCecilia Agnes28 Dec 189530 Jan 1896John DohertyMary KilcoynePatrick DohertyCatherine (Croghan) DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
DohertyDennis Raymond2 Feb 189827 Feb 1898Patrick DohertyCatherine CroghanJohn DohertySusanna DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DohertyEdward Francis21 Mar 188726 May 1887Philip DoughertyElizabeth DooleyEdward J. KeyesCora Isabella DoughertySt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
DohertyEdward James21 May 191216 June 1912William DohertyHelen SchliefJoseph MorganRode MorganSt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
DohertyFrancis Reinert3 Jan 190414 Feb 1904Matthias DohertyBridget ReinertPatrick FitzpatrickJulia (McBride) FitzpatrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DohertyHelen Josephine3 Sept 19051 Jan 1906Matthew DohertyBridget ReinertLawrence HandSusanna DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DohertyHugh14 Feb 18968 Mar 1896James DohertyAnna RoodLeonard RoodCatherine SkeltonSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
DohertyInfant29 Sept 191029 Sept 1910W.(?) P. DohertyGull  St. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Died the same day
DohertyJames Patrick20 Mar 188722 Apr 1887John DoughertyMary KilcoynePhilip DoughertyElizabeth Ann DoughertySt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
DohertyJohn Henry15 Feb 18915 June 1891John DohertyMary KilcoyneJohn KellyAnn O'ReilleySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Mary Van Doren, 22 June 1927, at
Twin Falls, Idaho. - FS
DohertyJoseph Charles21 Mar 191130 Apr 1911Patrick DohertyCatherine CroghanJames DohertyCatherine KellySt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
DohertyLauretta Clare3 Aug 188823 Aug 1888James William DoughertyAnn Mary RoodWm. John KeyesMary O'HearnSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
DohertyMary Margaret29 Jan 189425 Jan 1894Philip DohertyElizabeth DooleyPatrick DooleyEllen MackSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
DohertyNorah Mary20 Dec 19021 Mar 1903Matthias DohertyBridget ReinertThomas MorganStella DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - FS
DohertyPatrick John7 Jan 189630 Jan 1896Patrick DohertyCatherine CroghanJohn DohertyMary (Kilcoyne) DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DohertyPhilip Matthias9 July 189821 Aug 1898John DohertyMary KilcoyneMatthew DohertyJosephine DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
DohertyThomas Verdon13 Feb 190726 May 1907Matthew DohertyBridget ReinertJohn DohertyLena SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke TWIN - Note: Married Lucille Meyer, 31 Dec. 1935,
Plymouth, WI - FS
DonohueCyril Patrick17 Mar 189711 Apr 1897Bartholomew DonohueAnna McBrideMichael McBrideAnna McBrideSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Entered Society of Jesus - FS
DonohueGeorge Peter23 Feb 18957 Apr 1895Bartholomew DonohueAnna McBrideJeremiah DonohueCatherine DonohueSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Cyrilla Thiel, 14 Oct. 1924, Gesu,
Milwaukee, WI - FS
DonohueLeo Philip13 Feb 19028 Mar 1902Bartholomew DonohueAnna McBrideCornelius McBrideAnna (Rogers) McBrideSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DonohueTimothy Francis6 Mar 190025 Mar 1900Bartholomew DonohueAnna McBrideTimothy DonohueMary DonohueSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DouglasEdward Matthew9 Mar 189531 Mar 1895Stephan DouglasElizabeth GaynorPatrick McBrideMary (Gaynor) McBrideSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DouglasEllen Frances13 Oct 190123 Oct 1901Stephan DouglasEliz. GaynorAdam GatesCatherine (Alcox) GatesSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DouglasFrancis20 May 189121 June 1891Francis DouglasMary LavelleMartin HeenihanAlice LavelleSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
DouglasMargaret Ruth28 Mar 190516 Apr 1905Stephen DouglasElizabeth GaynorEdward O'ConnellMargaret (Gaynor) O'ConnellSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DouglasMary Elizabeth13 May 190010 June 1900Stephen DouglasElizabeth GaynorBernard BurkeMary BurkeSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
DouglasMary Jane10 Dec 18896 Jan 1890Franklin DouglasMary LavelleStephen DouglasCatherine GaynorSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
DouglasTeresa7 July 18632 Oct 1886Lycurgus DouglasCatherine SullivanStephen A. DouglasMary ReynoldsSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
DouglasWilliam23 Sept 18582 Oct 1886Lycurgus DouglasCatherine SullivanJohn Francis DouglasMary Jane DouglasSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
DraperLaura31 Jan 185612 Apr 1893Jason DraperAbigail HardyNick ShefnerMargaret ShefnerSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
DwyreCatherine Veronica6 Apr 188812 Apr 1888Thomas DwyreMary O'BrienJames ReddingtonCatherine Murphy John Casey TWIN
DwyreFlorence Bridget13 June 188726 June 1887Patrick Edward DwyreCatherine GilboyJohn GibbonsMary Ann GibbonsSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
DwyreJoseph1 Oct 189625 Oct 1896William DwyreCatherine GahaganWilliam DwyreCatherine DwyreSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DwyreJoseph Edward16 Aug 189026 Aug 1890Thomas DwyreMary O'BrienThomas FitzgibbonsMary Ellen GibbonsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DwyreLeo George23 Jan 18935 Feb 1893Thomas DwyreMary O'BrienGeorge McGrainCatherine ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DwyreMargaret Agnes6 Apr 188812 Apr 1888Thomas DwyreMary O'BrienPatrick JordanMary Reddington John Casey TWIN
DwyreMary22 Nov 189030 Nov 1890Willaim DwyreCatherine GahaganJohn BroganMary BroganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
DwyreThomas (Earl)3 Sept 189317 Sept 1893William DwyreCatherine GahaganHenry BurkeMary ThranowSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married at Random Lake, WI, Grace
Bruders, 12 May 1920 - FS
EckerMaurice13 Sept 19025 Oct 1902Maurice EckerAmelia HinzPhilip KaiserAnna KaiserSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
FaileyJames21 Oct 188626 Oct 1886Eugene FaleyEllen JordanPatrick JordanMary DwyerSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
FairbrotherEllen Isabelle12 Feb 186827 Feb 1886David FairbrotherMary Elizabeth SquiresJohn William SullivanMary Ann Sullivan John Casey  
FergusonEdward25 Oct 190411 Dec 1904John FergusonJulia WallitzkyHenry BurkeEllen (Gahagan) BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Elnora Law, 15 Oct 1927, St. Mary's
Rectory, Cascade, WI - FS
FergusonFrederic20 June 189820 July 1898John FergusonJulia WallitzkyJohn DowlingMary (Malloy) DowlingSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FergusonJohn Joseph24 Feb 18979 Mar 1897John FergusonJulia WallitzkyPhelim HughesAlice MurraySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellTWIN
FergusonJulia Florence24 Feb 18979 Mar 1897John FergusonJulia WallitzkyAndrew CroghanAlice HeenihanSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellTWIN
FergusonMargaret Anne24 Mar 188829 Mar 1888John FergusonJulia WallitzkyEdward RoddenMargaret MurraySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
FergusonMary Ann? Mar 189315 Apr 1893John FergusonJulia WallitzkyFred WallitzkyMargaret (Cleary) WallitzkySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FergusonRegina Stella5 Aug 189525 Aug 1895John FergusonJulia WallitzkyFrancis HughesAgnes MurraySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FinneganCharles Joseph20 Aug 189818 Dec 1898Joseph FinneganMary PeckAdalbert OgleEsther OgleSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
FinneganGertrude14 Feb 18973 Mar 1897Andrew FinneganElizabeth Pa(r)sonGeorge FinneganSarah AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
FischerEdward John4 Mar 18876 May 1906Frederick FischerCecilia SniderFrancis WalsCatherine WalsSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
FischerEvelyn Mary25 May 191115 June 1911Edward FischerRose WalsPatrick LaveyMary ConwaySt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Peter Koene of Sheboygan Falls,
WI, at St. Mary's, Cascade, WI., 29 May 1950 - FS
FischerJohn William16 Feb 190724 Feb 1907Edward FischerRose WalsWm. WalsMartha WalsSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Evelyn Smith, 27 Jan 1945, St. Clare,
North Lake, WI - FS
FischerRobert Edward24 July 19089 Aug 1908Edward FischerRose WalsRobert WalsAnna LaveySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Margaret Prisland at St. Cyril &
Methodius, Sheboygan, WI - FS
FitzpatrickCatherine13 Apr 188717 Apr 1887Thomas Walter FitzpatrickElizabeth Ellen LyonsPatrick FitzpatrickCatherine Fitzpatrick John Casey  
FitzpatrickEllen Margaret23 Sept 18922 Oct 1892Patrick FitzpatrickJulia McBrideMichael McBrideAnna McBrideSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FitzpatrickFrancis Thomas9 June 190518 June 1905Patrick FitzpatrickJulia McBridePatrick McBrideEllen McBrideSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Margaret Hildebrand, 5 Oct 1935,
St. Mary's, Sheboygan Falls, WI - FS
FitzpatrickJames9 Apr 189923 Apr 1899Patrick FitzpatrickJulia McBrideThomas FitzpatrickElizabeth (Lyons) FitzpatrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FitzpatrickJohn Michael7 Sept 190115 Sept 1901Patrick FitzpatrickJulia McBrideJohn FlynnMary FlynnSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FitzpatrickMargaret Esther14 Oct 189529 Oct 1895Patrick FitzpatrickJulia McBrideJohn CliffordNora McBrideSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FitzpatrickMary Margaret27 July 188915 Aug 1889Thomas FitzpatrickElizabeth LyonsJames FitzpatrickBridget Fitzpatrick Bernard J. Burke  
FitzpatrickNora Mary1 Oct 18935 Oct 1893Patrick FitzpatrickJulia McBrideJohn McBrideBridget FitzpatrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FitzpatrickThomas Isadore15 May 188810 May 1888Thos. Walter FitzpatrickElizabeth Ellen LyonsPatrick MurphyCatherine Murphy John Casey  
FlaniganBernardine Magdalena29 Mar 19077 Apr 1907James FlaniganMary KaiserBernard Joseph BurkeMargaret FlaniganSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Note: Married Otto Schlytter, 5 Nov 1927 at
Cascade - FS
FloodMary Lillah6 Nov 190512 Nov 1905Michael FloodLaura GilboyMathias FloodAmelia (Flood) FitzgeraldSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FloodMichael17 Feb 190921 Feb 1909Michael H. FloodLaura GilboyRobert GilboyMary GilboySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
FlynnBridget Catherine18 Dec 188715 Feb 1888Luke FlynnMary McBridePatrick Philip McBrideAnna TonerSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
FlynnEvelyn Margaret4 Oct 190818 Oct 1908Edward FlynnElla PiperLawrence ReillyMargaret (Flynn) ReillySt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
FlynnFlorence27 Aug 189211 Sept 1892Martin FlynnRose ReillyLawrence ReillyMargaret MurraySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FlynnLuke26 June 189718 July 1897Martin FlynnRose ReillyJames ReillyMargaret FlynnSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Note: Married Mary (Piper) Gahagan, 16 July 1969,
St. John's, Plymouth, WI - FS
FlynnMargaret22 Sept 189427 Sept 1894Martin FlynnRose ReillyEdward O'HearnMary (Kennedy) O'HearnSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
FlynnMary Agnes18 Mar 191010 Apr 1910Edward FlynnEllen PiperMichael FlynnMary FlynnSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
FlynnMary Catherine26 May 189911 June 1899Martin FlynnRose ReillyPat CooneyEllen (Flynn) CooneySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Note: Married Bernard Lamb, 2 Aug 1926 - FS
FlynnPhilip Michael4 Jan 190214 Jan 1902Martin FlynnRose ReillyMichael DooleyHannah TonerSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
FoleyJohanna (Jane) Mary14 Feb 189415 Mar 1894Thomas FoleyAllice CliffordWm. FoleyJohanna CliffordSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
FordCharles Palmer21 Sept 188724 Mar 1907Salmer FordMary PalmerEdward DohertyMary KilcoyneSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonConvert - Note: Married Bridget Elizabeth (Bidella)
Lindsay, 6 Apr 1910
FordJohn7 July 18993 Sept 1899John FordFrances TracyBernard BurkeMary PiperSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
FordMary Iris1 Apr 191114 Apr 1911Charles FordBidella LindsayJames ReillySarah (Lindsay) ReillySt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Joseph Feher
FrieberthauserTillie18 May 188913 Oct 1907John FrieberthauserEmelia ZippWilliam Hahn(Laura) HahnSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
GahaganDaniel Joseph28 May 189212 June 1892Thomas GahaganMary SlatteryMichael SlatteryMargaret (Slattery) MichaelsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GahaganElizabeth Mary2 Mar 189425 Mar 1894Thomas GahaganMary SlatteryJohn SlatteryMary (Michaels) SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GahaganFrancis Alvin28 Jan 189816 Feb 1898Thomas GahaganMary SlatteryMartin FlynnMary BrookeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GahaganFrancis John28 ??? 191010 Apr 1910George GahaganJulia GoslineJohn GahaganCatherine GahaganSt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher  
GahaganGeorge Marvin5 Aug 19136 Sept 1913George GahaganJulia GoslinCarl GahaganWinnie GahaganSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
GahaganHenry Francis2 Oct 191115 Oct 1911Henry Gahagan Jr.Mary MurphyHenry GahaganElizabeth (Slattery) GahaganSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellGrandparents were sponsors - FS
GahaganHenry Francis12 Dec 191312 Dec 1913Henry GahaganMary Murphy  St. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
GahaganLeo Joseph10 Dec 191229 Dec 1912Henry GahaganMary GahaganJohn MurphyElizabeth MurphySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
GahaganMargaret Frances19 Aug 188925 Aug 1889Henry GahaganElizabeth SlatteryThomas GahaganEllen GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GahaganMary Loretta18 Sept 18879 Oct 1887Thomas GahaganMary Anna SlatteryPatrick CooneyElizabeth SlatterySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
GahaganMary Lorraine2 Dec 191314 Dec 1913Luke GahaganTheresa HandJoseph GahaganAgnes HandSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
GahaganRegina25 Dec 189028 Dec 1890Henry GahaganElizabeth SlatteryJohn MichaelsMadeleine MichaelsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GaynorMary Ann22 Mar 189810 Apr 1898John GaynorHannah O'ConnellMichael GaynorCatherine O'ConnellSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GaynorMichael Edward6 July 190622 July 1906Michael GaynorBridget ManleyLeo McNicholasMargaret ManleySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GaynorWilliam John16 Dec 189931 Dec 1899John GaynorHannah O'ConnellDaniel O'ConnellCatherine GillSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GerityEdward19 Apr 19057 May 1905Edward GerityEmma NaughtonJohn BroganMary (McNicholas) BroganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married 1st, Codelia Burke; Married 2nd,
Inez Stenson, St. John's Cathedral, Milwaukee,
WI., 14 June 1947 - FS
GerityFrances Loraine13 Jan 190117 Feb 1901Edward GerityEmma NaughtonThomas NaughtonCatherine NaughtonSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Isadore Richtig, Gesu, Milwaukee,
WI, 29 Nov 1922 - FS
GerityMary Vera5 June 19061 July 1906Edward GerityEmma NaughtonJohn ManganMaria (Naughton) ManganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GersmehlMargaret Mildred14 June 19056 Aug 1905Louis GersmehlMary SeilJoseph SeilMargaret SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
GersmehlWilbur Nicholas13 Aug 19086 Sept 1908Louis GersmehlMary SeilNicholas SeilLena SeilSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
GibbonsAnna18 June 189020 July 1890Thomas GibbonsAnna FlynnMichael FlynnElizabeth FlynnSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GibbonsEdward Clarence2 June 189825 June 1898Thomas GibbonsAnna FlynnAnthony GibbonsMary CooneySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GibbonsJoseph Leo11 Sept 189225 Sept 1892Thomas GibbonsAnna FlynnLuke FlynnHannah TonerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GibbonsLoretta Collette15 Jan 190125 Jan 1901Thomas GibbonsAnn FlynnThomas GahaganMary (Slattery) GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married James Cahill, 24 Nov 1926 at
Mitchell - FS
GibbonsMargaret Agnes19 Aug 188826 Aug 1888Thomas Henry GibbonsAnn FlynnLuke FlynnAnna McBrideSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
GibbonsMary Clara25 Apr 189610 May 1896Thomas GibbonsAnn FlynnCornelius McBrideAnna (Rogers) McBrideSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GibbonsThomas Martin16 Oct 188623 Oct 1886Thomas GibbonsAnn FlynnLuke FlynnHannah TonerSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchellNote: Married Rose Mary Merkle, 25 Aug 1917
- FS
GiffinStuart James12 Feb 18865 Jan 1886Walter Weed GiffenEmma FraneyJohn NaughtonLaura Frances Franey John Casey  
GilboyBernard Howard27 June 18992 July 1899Edward GilboyNora KingBernard BurkeCatherine GilboySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
GilboyCatherine Agnes28 May 188925 June 1889William GilboyCatherine O'MaliaWilliam O'MaliaNorah(?) O'MaliaSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
GilboyCatherine Leonore16 Oct 190231 Oct 1902Edward GilboyNora KingAlexander GilboyCatherine KingSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
GilboyGeorge Emmet5 Feb 188811 Mar 1888Wm. GilboyCatherine O'MaliaThomas FoleyAnna HowleySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyOsceola 
GilboyJames Jerome8 Sept 190623 Sept 1906Edward GilboyNora KingJames GilboyAnna GilboySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
GilboyMary25 Aug 189120 Sept 1891William GilboyCatherine O'MaliaWilliam GilboyAnna Gilboy (sic)St. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
GilboyMary Harriet3 Oct 190522 Oct 1905Robert GilboyMary GahaganPatrick SlatteryFrances (Egan) SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GilboyRobert Henry9 May 190725 May 1907Robert GilboyMary GahaganGeorge GilboyRegina GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married 10 Aug 1932 to Florence Leske,
Holy Assumption, West Allis, WI - FS
GillJoseph Lloyd9 Dec 190122 Dec 1901John GillCatherine ButlerEdward ButlerAgnes GillSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GillLeo Bernard13 Sept 18896 Oct 1889Thomas GillAnna AlcoxMichael McBrideJulia GillSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GillMargaret Grace11 June 189919 June 1899John GillCatherine ButlerJames GillJosephine ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GillMary Agatha5 Sept 190321 Sept 1903James GillMary MurrayGeorge GillFrances GillSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly
GillRose Ella23 June 190410 July 1904John GillCatherine ButlerThos. ButlerCatherine (Gill) WilliamsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Francis Danzer, St. Mary's,
Longview, Washington, 22 Oct 1926
GillThomas Francis25 Jan 190511 Feb 1905James GillMary MurrayJohn MurrayMary MurraySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
GogginsFrances Irene3 Feb 18959 Mar 1895Charles GogginsCatherine O'MaliaRichard DonovanElla (O'Malia) DonovanSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
GollAnna Sylvia8 Sept 18998 Oct 1899Samuel GollAnna StemperWm. HahnMary HahnSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
GollCharles18 Aug 18755 Oct 1897Frederick GollMatilda SnofferNicholas SeilTeresa SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
GollFrancis18 Sept 190218 Oct 1902Samuel GollAnna StemperJoseph SeilMargaret SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
GollMargaret Evelyn4 July 191024 July 1910Charles GollRebecca StemperJames DohertyHannah McBrideSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
GollSamuel16 Sept 18774 Oct 1898Frederic GollMatilda SnofferNicholas ShefnerElizabeth ShefnerSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
GoodspeedFrancis Joseph11 Mar 188716 May 1887Francis GoodspeedJane MaloneyJames FitzpatrickMary Rose Maloney John Casey  
HaagLilly21 Apr 189018 Apr 1909Alfred HaagEmma PetersPhilip ReillyTheresa HandSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Convert
HahnAlice2 Apr 189026 Feb 1893William HahnElizabeth DraperPeter SeilMargaret SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
HahnLeonard16 Sept 188726 Feb 1893William HahnElizabeth DraperJoseph SeilMary SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert - Note: Leonard is Joseph Bernard - FS
HahnMary Elizabeth5 Apr 188226 Feb 1893Wiliam HahnElizabeth DraperEdward O'HearnMary O'HearnSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
HahnMonica24 Nov 189226 Feb 1893William HahnElizabeth DraperNicholas SeilCaroline SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
HahnWilliam17 Oct 188426 Feb 1893William HahnElizabeth DraperPatrick FitzpatrickJulia FitzpatrickSt.Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
HanahanMichael Hoy18 May 19129 June 1912Michael HanahanMabel HoyJohn ReillyMary E. O'ReillySt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
HandAgnes Clara27 Jan 18891 Feb 1889Matthew HandBridget GroganJohn Glennon(?)Catherine HandSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndonNote: Joined the Order of the Dominican Sisters at
Sinsinawa, 13 Aug 1915 - FS
HandEdward Peter7 July 188717 Aug 1887Michael Henry HandMary Christiana LynchPeter HandMary Ann HandSt. Mary'sJohn CaseySherman 
HandTeresa Mechtilde30 Jan 18876 Feb 1887Matthew HandBridget GroganPeter HandMargaret HandSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
HanonBernard Harvey26 Apr 190116 May 1901John HanlonMargaret RiceEdward SlatteryMary GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
HanlonLeo Felix16 Apr 189618 May 1896John HanlonMargaret RiceMichael HanlonElizabeth RiceSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
HanlonMary Margaret4 May 18997 June 1899John HanlonMargaret RiceJames HanlonAnna RiceSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
HanrahanDavid Bennit3 Aug 18981 Oct 1898Thomas HanrahanElla WardenMichael HanrahanCath. HeckerSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
HanrahanEstella Nina7 July 19001 Sept 1900Thomas HanrahanEllena WardenJohn FlynnCelia MurraySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
HanrahanMargaret Mary10 Mar 189619 Apr 1896Patrick HanrahanElla LynchGeorge AlcoxMary (Lynch) AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
HanrahanWilliam3 June 18976 July 1897Thomas HanrahanElla WardenJoseph O'ConnellFlorence O'ConnellSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
HayesAlfred James26 Jan 188631 July 1887Dionysius (Dennis) HayesAlvina SkeltonLeo Christopher SkeltonMargaret Ellen SkeltonSt. Mary'sJohn CaseySherman 
HayesJohn Joseph2 Sept 18898 Sept 1889John HayesMary HenryPeter MorganAnn ShevlinSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
HeckerMargaret Viola15 Nov 19002 Dec 1900Michael HeckerAmelia HintzJoseph SeilMargaret SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
HeckerNicholas Simon23 Oct 18861 Nov 1886Joseph HeckerMary Siegeldrum (?)Nicholas SeilMary KaiserSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyScott 
HeenihanCatherine4 Feb 188812 Feb 1888Martin HeenihanAlice LavellePatrick LavelleAnna LavelleSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
HeflingCatherine22 Oct 190815 Nov 1908Louis HeflingMary McMullenThomas PhalenMargaret (McMullen) PhalenSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
HeflingGerald Francis8 Oct 191023 Oct 1910Louis HeflingHelen McMullenFrancis HeflingAgnes McMullenSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
HeflingJohn Louis24 Feb 190710 Mar 1907Louis HeflingMary McMullenPaul McMullenEsther McMullenSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Francis Elsberg, 3 Aug 1946,
Sheboygan Falls, WI - FS
HeratyHelen22 Dec 190922 Dec 1909Daniel HeratyCatherine GillAnthony ReddingtonMargaret (Gill) ReddingtonSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellNote: Married Claude Thelan, 6 Sept 1941, St.
Michael's; Married Frederick Radtke, 22 Dec 1954,
St. Mary's - FS
HeratyJames Francis12 Mar 188727 Mar 1887Thomas Francis HeraghtyMary Ann ScannellJames ConnellAlice ScannellSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
HeratyMary Catherine Lucille13 Dec 189222 Jan 1893Thomas HeratyMary ScanlanDaniel O'ConnellCatherine LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
HeratyMary Ann Mildred17 July 190431 July 1904Daniel HeratyCatherine GillThomas HeratyMary (Scanlan) HeratySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Harold Reilly at St. Michael's,
24 Aug 1940 - FS
HeratyRobert1 May 189011 June 1890Thomas HeratyMary ScanlanMartin GallagherBridget O'ConnellSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
HintzEdward Norbert Alvin14 Apr 191114 May 1911John HintzElizabeth GeisMichael GeisAmelia GeisSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
HintzEdward Roland13 May 191315 June 1913John HintzElizabeth GeisJames ReillyCatherine GeisSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
HogueAron James1 Feb 190926 June 1909Henry HogueSarah StemperJohn H. FisherElizabeth FlynnSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
HogueBarbara Valicia12 June 190526 June 1909Henry HogueSarah StemperPatrick FitzpatrickAnn Gull (Goll?)St. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
HogueIdonia Henrietta5 May 190326 June 1909Henry HogueSarah StemperMichael HeckerBridget FlynnSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
HolzschuhCatherine15 Jan 188617 Mar 1907Herman HolzschuhMary EimermannFrancis WalsCatherine WalsSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert - Note: Married 25 May 1949, St. Mary's,
Rhinelander, WI to Thomas Graboski - FS
HughesCatherine Caecilia26 Feb 19102 Apr 1910Manley HughesMargaret CondonWilliam HughesHannah Hughes John H. Fisher  
HughesClara Manly7 Jan 18998 Oct 1899Dr. James G. HughesBlanche BennitJohn HughesHannah HughesSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
HughesJoseph Gilbert16 Jan 189017 Mar 1901James HughesBlanche BennitDavid HughesHannah HughesSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
HughesMartin Daniel2 Apr 189721 Apr 1897James HughesBridget O'ConnellDaniel O'ConnellMary ManganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
HughesMary Jane28 Apr 189512 May 1895John HughesBridget ConnorsMichael ConnorsJulia ConnorsSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
HughesMary Margaret2 Apr 189721 Apr 1897James HughesBridget O'ConnellJames O'ConnellMargaret O'ConnellSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellTWIN
HughesMary Margaret25 Dec 19125 Jan 1913Manley HughesMargaret CondonAndrew O'ConnellCassie (Hughes) O'ConnellSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
HughesMaurice Philip27 Aug 191110 Sept 1911Manley HughesMargaret CondonEdward HughesCath. L. RietzSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellNote: Married Elizabeth Ninnemann
HughesPhelim John5 Dec 189527 Dec 1895James HughesBridget O'ConnellPhelim HughesJulia HughesSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
KablitzMartha Margaret8 July 188521 May 1904Conrad KablitzBertha KrauseFrancis WalsCatherine WalsSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
KaiserAlice Caroline13 Apr 188725 May 1887Joseph Sylvester KaiserMary Ann KoelnerOwen (Eugene) McBrideAlice McBrideSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyScottNote: Married Pac (?) Flannagan, 20 June 1917
- FS
KaiserCharles Edward17 July 18925 Aug 1892William KaiserMelissa RoodEdward O'HearnMargaret KaiserSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
KaiserEngelbert Peter20 Feb 188922 Mar 1889Joseph Sylvester KaiserMary Ann KoelnerPeter SeilAnna SeilSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyScott 
KaiserEsther Veronica12 Dec 189812 Dec 1898Joseph KaiserMary KellnerPatrick LeahyAgnes KaiserSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
KaiserGenevieve Melissa27 Jan 188925 Feb 1889Wm. KaiserMelissa RoodJames Wm. DoughertyAnn Mary DoughertySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyScott 
KaiserLeo Michael11 Aug 19011 Sept 1901Philip KaiserAnna VolzMichael HeckerAnna KaiserSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
KaiserLoretta Catherine27 July 190421 Aug 1904Philip KaiserAnna VolzNicholas VolzCatherine VolzSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
KaiserMary20 June 189119 July 1891Joseph KaiserMary KellnerJames McGarveyNora McBrideSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
KaiserMary Elizabeth10 Mar 188729 Mar 1887Wm. KaiserMelissa RoodThos. GillAnn AlcoxSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyScott 
KaiserPatrick Henry25 Sept 189310 Oct 1893William KaiserMelissa RoodPatrick LeahyMary LeahySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
KetterAndrew24 Apr 18955 May 1895John KetterLena KossAndrew Grohar(?)Anna LongSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
KetterJohn Edward27 Jan 189718 Apr 1897Hillard KetterHattie GalliganJohn Joseph KetterMary KiernanSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
KetterWilliam Henry8 Aug 189518 Apr 1897Hillard KetterHattie GalliganThomas LongAlice KaiserSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
KeyesCatherine13 Mar 18913 Apr 1891James KeyesBridget McNicholasMichael KeyesCatherine FogartySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesCatherine Blanche14 Apr 189420 May 1894William KeyesElla MurrayMichael KeyesCatherine (Fogarty) KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesEdmond19 Mar 19033 May 1903Maurice KeyesLena ConradPatrick DooleyElizabeth KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly
KeyesEdward Joseph3 July 18983 Sept 1898Edward KeyesCatherine MulkearnsJames KeyesMary DavisSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesElizabeth Irene21 Aug 18924 Sept 1892William KeyesElla MurrayWilliam ScanlanElizabeth (Murray) ScanlanSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesFlorence Ellen10 Sept 18967 Oct 1896William KeyesElla MurrayMaurice RoodAlice RoodSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesFrancis Edward22 Apr 190017 June 1900Edward KeyesCatherine MulkearnJames DohertyMary CarolanSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesFrancis Emmons22 May 18917 June 1891William KeyesElla MurrayMartin HughesMary HeflingSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesFrancis Maurice19 Feb 189517 Mar 1895James KeyesBridget McNicholasMaurice KeyesElizabeth KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesGrace24 June 189529 July 1895William KeyesElla MurrayThomas MurrayMary MurraySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesHelen24 June 19074 Aug 1907Maurice KeyesLena ConradEdward KeyesCatherine (Mulkearns) KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesHenry Thomas18 Apr 189716 May 1897James KeyesBridget McNicholasJames GodfreyCatherine (McNicholas) Godfrey Bernard J. Burke  
KeyesLeroy James29 May 188710 June 1887James KeyesBridget Ellen McNicholasChristopher McNally Jr.Catherine McNallySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
KeyesMargaret Catherine18 Aug 189617 Sept 1896Edward KeyesCatherine MulkearnsPhilip DohertyMargaret CaufieldSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KeyesRobert Michael11 Feb 188924 Feb 1889James John KeyesBridget Ellen McNicholasJames Edward BroganMary Agnes BroganSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
KiernanAlice Mary29 July 190026 Aug 1900Thomas KiernanAnna RedmondLeonard SkeltonCatherine SkeltonSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Don Morse, 18 Nov 1931 - FS
KilcoyneElizabeth Mary15 Feb 189321 Mar 1893Michael KilcoyneElizabeth MurrayBernard BurkeMary BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeOsceola 
KilcoyneHannah Frances2 Feb 189221 Feb 1892Anthony KilcoyneBridget GarietyThomas AlcoxSarah AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
KilcoyneLauretta Margaret10 May 189611 June 1896Anthony KilcoyneBridget GerityMartin O'BrienHannah O'Brien Bernard J. Burke  
KilcoyneMichael18 Dec 18891 Jan 1890Michael KilcoyneElizabeth MurraySimon GillenCatherine GillenSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
KingCatherine Mabel18 Dec 18981 Jan 1899Philip KingCharlotte BowserJoseph BowserMary (Clifford) BowserSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Joseph Corbett, 12 June 1918;
Joe baptized 1891, son of John Corbett & Mary
Hurtgen, Sacred Heart, Dundee, WI - FS
KingGeorge Clyde29 June 190213 July 1902Philip KingCharlotte BowserLouis HeflingMary LyonsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
KingMagdalene Charlotte25 Oct 189615 Nov 1896Philip KingCharlotte BowserFrancis HeflingMary HeflingSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
KingPhilip Harold31 Jan 189517 Mar 1895Philip KingCharlotte BowserMartin BlackmoreElizabeth FraneySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
KlackenbushMary Irene9 Mar 191316 Mar 1913Francis KlackenbushAlice SommersJohn SmithRegina HerringSt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Elmer Thompson, St. Boniface,
Milwaukee, WI, 24 Oct 1942 - FS
KlamerCharles Henry25 Feb 190724 Mar 1907Clarence KlamerMary KlamerRobert KeyesHarriet KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
KlamerJohn Howard24 Feb 190512 Mar 1905Clarence KlamerMarie KlamerJohn LetterCatherine LetterSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
KoelnerGeorge Andrew17 Feb 188719 Feb 1887Andrew KoelnerPhilomena MeyerJoseph MeyerTeresa Berzer John Casey  
LaveyJames Patrick19 May 191214 July 1912John LaveyClara BauerGeorge PhalenMary DarlingSt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherLyndon 
LaveyJohn Francis23 Nov 191325 Dec 1913John P. LaveyClara BauerWilliam WalsAnna (Lavey) WalsSt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherLyndonNote: Married Clara Harbrecht, 6 June 1939,
St. Patrick's, Adell, WI; Married 2nd, Dorothy
Engel, 3 May 1975, Dotyville, WI - FS
LaveyMary Elizabeth9 Dec 190821 Feb 1909John LaveyClara BauerJames LaveyMary ConwaySt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherLyndonNote: Married Clarence Schilling, St. Veronica's,
Milwaukee, WI - FS
LawrenceAndrew19 Sept 19135 Oct 1913Andrew Lawrence(Wife not known)James O'ConnellFlorence StackSt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Iris Evelyn Dalton, St. Elizabeth
Ann Seton, 2 July 1982, Crofton, MD - FS
LaycockAbraham Earl5 May 188729 June 1895Abe LaycockElizabeth KaiserMaurice AmbelangHannah DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
LaycockMary Stella10 Aug 18958 Sept 1895Abraham LaycockElizabeth KaiserWilliam KaiserMelissa (Rood) KaiserSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
LindsayAnn Loretta21 June 188726 June 1887George William LindsayMary Agnes O'ConnellEdward BurkeBridget Ellen O'ConnellSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
LindsayBernard Arno(?)2 Aug 189722 Aug 1897George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellJohn ManlyMary ManlySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
LindsayBridget Elizabeth2 Oct 188913 Oct 1889George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellEdward O'ConnellMargaret GaynorSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: I have another sheet with different birth
date also from FS; Bridget Elizabeth (Bidella)
Born: 17 Sept. 1889; Bapt. 2 Oct. 1889; No
sponsors or pastor listed - KR
LindsayCatherine6 Dec 188125 Dec 1881George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellJames ConnellAnn Connell John CaseyMitchellNote: I have another sheet from FS with the
Church listed as St. Michael's - KR
LindsayCatherine Ann12 Apr 188315 Apr 1883John LindsayMargaret LindsayHenry BurkeSarah GaheghanSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
LindsayFrances1 Aug 18885 Aug 1888George LindsayMary Agnes O'ConnellJohn HeraghtyCatherine O'ConnellSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchellTWIN - Note: I have another sheet with different
sponsors per FS also: Sponsors: J. Gaynor & Min
Murray - KR
LindsayGeorge Edward3 Jan 18866 Jan 1886George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellJohn LindsayMargaret Lindsay John CaseyMitchellTWIN - Note: I have another sheet from FS with
the Church listed as St. Michael's - KR
LindsayGeorge Henry3 July 187511 July 1875John LindsayMargaret O'BrienMaurice O'BrienJulia O'BrienSt. Michael'sDennis TierneyMitchell 
LindsayIsabella1 Aug 18885 Aug 1888George LindsayMary Agnes O'ConnellJohn GaynorMary MurraySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchellTWIN - Note: I have another sheet with different
sponsors per FS also: Sponsors: John Heraty &
Kate Connell - KR Note: Name is listed as Isabel
not Isabella
LindsayJohn Henry3 Jan 18866 Jan 1886George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellJohn E. O'ConnellMary O'Connell John CaseyMitchellTWIN - Note: I have another sheet from FS that
lists the Church as St. Michael's - KR
LindsayJohn James16 Apr 18811 May 1881John LindsayMargaret O'BrienEdward ConnellCatherine O'BrienSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
LindsayJulia Florence8 July 188511 July 1885John Alexander LindsayMargaret O'BrienPatrick O'BrienMary O'BrienSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchellTWIN
LindsayMary14 Nov 188028 Nov 1880George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellJoseph BowserMary Heraghty John CaseyMitchellNote: I have another sheet from FS which lists the
church as St. Michael's - KR
LindsayMary Ellen22 Nov 18737 Dec 1873John LindsayMargaret LindsayGeorge LindsayEllen O'BrienSt. Michael'sE. J. GossMitchell 
LindsayPatrick Maurice6 Feb 188812 Feb 1888John LindsayMargaret O'BrienAndrew McDonnellMary Ellen FlanniganSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
LindsayRobert Floyd8 July 188511 July 1885John Alexander LindsayMargaret O'BrienOwen LavelleMary HeflingSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchellTWIN
LindsaySarah Agnes8 May 188418 May 1884George LindsayAgnes O'Connell   John CaseyMitchellNote: I have another sheet from FS with the
Church listed as St. Michael's - KR
LindsayThomas Francis23 July 18775 Aug 1877John LindsayMargaret LindsayWilliam ConnellAgnes ConnellSt. Michael'sDennis TierneyMitchell 
LindsayWilliam28 Mar 189119 Apr 1891George LindsayAgnes O'ConnellGeorge LindsayCatherine O'ConnellSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
LindsayWilliam Edward17 Jan 18792 Feb 1879John LindsayMargaret O'BrienCharles GeoheganCatherine GeoheganSt. Michael'sDennis TierneyMitchell 
LongAdalbert William5 June 190314 June 1903William LongMargaret OgleWm. OgleMary HowesSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Officiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly Note: Married Gladys
Kelly, 20 May 1939
LongAgnes Teresa26 Apr 188914 May 1889James LongAlice ReillyThomas ReillyMary (Maloney) Molne Bernard J. Burke  
LongEsther17 Apr 18977 May 1897Thomas LongAnn CooneyThomas CooneyCatherine CooneySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeSherman 
LongEsther Agnes21 July 190128 July 1901Wm. LongMargaret OgleLeonard RoodMary OgleSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Note: Married Joe J. Wetor, 2 Aug 1927 - FS
LongFrancis John1 Jan 18967 Jan 1896Thomas LongAnna CooneyMaurice SkeltonAnna CaufieldSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeSherman 
LongJames Edward5 Jan 189322 Jan 1893James LongAlice ReillyWilliam LongMary LongSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
LongLouella Theresa26 Apr 189011 May 1890Thomas LongLoretta OgleWilliam LongMary LongSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
LongMary Ann27 Oct 189418 Nov 1894Thomas LongAnna CooneyJohn LongBridget CooneySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeSherman 
LongMary Florence21 Feb 189912 Mar 1899James LongAlice ReillyGeorge AlcoxMary (Lynch) AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
LotusAmanda Barbara5 Jan 19131 Feb 1913John LotusAnna FilgerJames RooneyBarbara FilgerSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Carl Rossman, St. John's, Grand
Rapids, MI - FS
LynchMary Catherine25 May 189710 June 1897John LynchAgnes MurphyGeorge AlcoxMary AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
LyonsCatherine Mary4 Oct 189724 Oct 1897Jeremiah LyonsAnna LambertJohn BurkeMary (Arimond) BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
LyonsEugenia Theresa21 May 19008 July 1900Jeremiah LyonsAnna LambertJohn DowlingEugenia MerjaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Eugene Schultz, 21 Oct 1948,
St. Catherine's, Milwaukee, WI - FS
McDonnellCharles Ambrose3 Feb 18875 Mar 1887Andrew McDonnellMary Ellen FlaniganWm. Thomas GillAnn Elizabeth McBrideSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyScott 
McDonnellEugenia Veronica27 Aug 189321 Sept 1893Andrew McDonnellMary FlaniganJohn SullivanMary (Grogan) SullivanSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
McDonnellFlorence4 May 189011 June 1890Andrew McDonnellMary FlaniganEdward HackettMary O'MaliaSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
McGeeCatherine Magdalena6 Aug 190029 Aug 1900James McGeeBridget O'MaliaBernard BurkeMary HacketSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
McGeeJames Henry1 Dec 189815 Jan 1899James McGeeBridget O'MaliaThomas AlcoxSarah (Gallagher) AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
McGovernThomas10 Oct 189026 Oct 1890Owen McGovernMary ReillyWilliam KellyElizabeth ReilleySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
MachleithAlbert John Henry20 Apr 190310 May 1903Albert A. Machleith, M.D.Mary GabrielFrancis Gabriel (Deacon)Mary E. BurkeSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Officiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - FS
MachleithLeona Mary Theresa22 Dec 18997 Feb 1900Albert H. MachleithMary GabrielskyDaniel CliffordMary CliffordSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
McLaughlinCharles Everit14 Mar 190510 June 1905Dennis McLaughlinMary AndersonJames McLaughlinEllan McLaughlinSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
McLaughlinEdward Joseph2 Apr 190511 June 1905John McLaughlinMary LeahyMichael LeahyHannah LeahySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Note: Married Eliz. McDormate, 7 Oct 1943, Our
Lady of Perpetual Help, Kansas City, MO - FS
McLaughlinElizabeth4 Sept 18888 Feb 1890Daniel McLaughlinNettie BrookeJeremiah McLaughlinElizabeth KellySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
McLaughlinHenry Alvin14 June 188627 June 1886Francis McLaughlinNettie Johanna BrookeThomas Henry AlcoxMary Ann LavelleSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
ManganJames8 Oct 189019 Oct 1890Thomas ManganCatherine HughesJohn ManganJulia HughesSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManganJohn Thomas13 Mar 189617 Apr 1896Thomas ManganCatherine HughesHenry ManganAnn ManganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManganMartin Bernard29 July 189815 Aug 1898Thomas ManganCatherine HughesBernard BurkeMary BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManganSimon Howard29 July 190019 Aug 1900John ManganMaria NaughtonTimothy MurphyAgnes (Naughton) MurphySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManganTheresa16 Feb 190011 Mar 1900Thomas ManganCatherine HughesJohn RooneyMargaret ManganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManleyMary Lucile26 Sept 18989 Oct 1898John ManleyMary LindsayGeorge LindsayAgnes LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManleyThomas John4 May 189526 May 1895John ManleyMary LindsayJohn LindsayMargaret LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
ManlyMargaret Florence5 Sept 190320 Sept 1903John ManlyMary LindsayEdward LindsayCatherine LindsaySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - FS
MichaelsBernard Joseph27 June 18992 July 1899John MichaelsMargaret SlatteryMichael SlatteryGertrude GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellTWIN
MichaelsJohn12 Nov 189122 Nov 1891John MichaelsMargaret SlatteryJohn SlatteryMagdalena MichaelsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MichaelsMartha Anna27 June 18992 July 1899John MichaelsMargaret SlatteryPatrick SlatteryAnna GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellTWIN
MichaelsMary Margaret12 July 189323 July 1893John MichaelsMargaret SlatteryEdward SlatteryMary MichaelsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MichaelsWilliam Francis23 Sept 189610 Oct 1896John MichaelsMargaret SlatteryNicholas MichaelsMary GahaganSt. MichaelsBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MulveyBirgitta27 Sept 190817 Oct 1908James MulveyMary McGeeWm. TromblayFrances MileySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherScottNote: Married, 22 Apr 1935, Theodore Lorenz,
St. Rose, Sheboygan CO., WI - FS
MulveyFrances Mildred20 Sept 19049 Oct 1904James MulveyMary McGeeNicholas PeschFrances (Glass) PeschSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
MurphyAlice Frances23 Sept 190630 Sept 1906Francis MurphyEmma AlcoxThomas GilboyMartha MurphySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Orcen David Wolfert, 24 June 1931,
St. Mary's, Cascade, WI (L.R.S.) - FS
MurphyBernard Joseph16 Nov 188923 Mar 1890Peter MurphyJulia O'BrienBernard Joseph BurkeJulia McBrideSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurphyEvelyn Mary? Dec 1913(Not Given)George MurphyDelia ScottMr. John O'HaraMrs. John O'HaraSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
MurphyFrancis Jerome23 Oct 191030 Oct 1910William MurphyEve Loretta LongThomas LongCharlotte LongSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Mabel Corbett, St. Ann, Milwaukee,
WI, 4 Mar 1944 - FS
MurphyFrancis Peter10 Jan 190826 Jan 1908Francis MurphyEmma AlcoxHenry John Burns, M.D.Mary E. BurkeSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurphyGeorge Edward8 May 188811 Mar 1888Peter MurphyJulia O'BrienJohn LindsayMary Ellen LindsaySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurphyJohn19 July 189330 July 1893Peter MurphyJulia O'BrienBartholomew DonohueElla O'BrienSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurphyJoseph James24 July 190031 July 1900Francis MurphyEmma AlcoxJohn AlcoxMary (Alcox) SerierSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurphyMargaret Loretta2 Jan 191417 Jan 1914William Joseph MurphyEva Loretta LongAlbert W. MintonMary E. MintonSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Married Robert Corbett, 10 May 1941,
St. Agnes, Milwaukee, WI - FS
MurphyMarie12 May 1912      John H. Fisher Note: Marie Murphy married Louis Eugene,
St. Robert's, Milwaukee, WI, Oct. 1936 - FS
(Baptism Testimony of Martha O'Reilly Murphy)
MurphyMary Catherine11 Nov 189524 Nov 1895Francis MurphyEmma AlcoxPatrick MurphyCatherine AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurphyMaurice6 Oct 189625 Oct 1896Peter MurphyJulia O'BrienJohn CliffordElla CliffordSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurphyPatrick29 Aug 190510 Sept 1905Francis MurphyEmma AlcoxJames LambElla (Alcox) LambSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Lorraine F. Witte, 15 Oct 1938,
St. Joseph.'s, Fond du Lac, WI - FS
MurphyRobert Leo4 Aug 188721 Aug 1887John MurphyJuliana DonohueJeremiah CrosbyAnna ButlerSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurrayAgnes24 June 18724 Aug 1872Peter MurrayRose McKinseyMichael MurrayAnn MurraySt. Michael'sE. J. GossOsceola 
MurrayBenjamin Joseph12 Feb 18986 Mar 1898John MurraySarah ButlerBenjamin ButlerMargaret GilboySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Mary Karoses, 19 June 1929,
St. Michael's, Mitchell, WI -FS
MurrayCollette (?) Rose1 Jan 189414 Jan 1894John MurrayMary ReillyMartin FlynnRose (Reilly) FlynnSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurrayDaniel31 July 186122 Sept 1861Peter MurrayRose McCanPeter MorenCatherine MurraySt. Michael'sP. F. PettitOsceola 
MurrayEdward16 May 186617 June 1866Peter MurrayRoseann McKensyMichael CollinsMary FlaniganSt. Michael'sHugh McMahonOsceola 
MurrayElizabeth Ellen29 Dec 190218 Jan 1903John MurraySarah ButlerJohn GillCatherine (Butler) GillSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly Note: Married 1st,
Joseph Nesel, St. Michael's, Milwaukee, WI,
12 Jan 1926; Married 2nd, Alonzo Dolyns,
St. Michael's, Mitchell, WI, 5 May 1976 - FS
MurrayFrancis Michael6 Sept 18595 Dec 1859Peter MurrayRose (K)enziePatrick BarrettMary BarrettFather FussederSt. Michael'sOsceola 
MurrayFrancis Nicholas17 June 188627 June 1886John Francis MurraySarah ButlerMichael ButlerEllen Johanna MurraySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurrayJames Bernard26 Aug 18889 Sept 1888John MurrayMary ReillyThomas Edward PhalenErta Mary ReillySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurrayJohn4 Jan 189217 Jan 1892John MurraySarah ButlerThomas ButlerMargaret ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurrayMargaret Ann7 Nov 189524 Nov 1895John MurraySarah ButlerWilliam GilboyJosephine ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurrayMichael Joseph10 Sept 188619 Sept 1886John MurrayMary ReillyLawrence ReillyMargaret ReillySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurrayMichael Leo Joseph18 Mar 188931 Mar 1889Michael MurraySarah LindsayEdward BurkeMary Ellen LindsaySt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurrayPeter26 Mar 187012 June 1870Peter MurrayRose McKenseyJohn MurrayMary Heraty John TiernanOsceola 
MurrayRegina1 May 18928 May 1892John MurrayMary ReillyDavid HughesElla HughesSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
MurrayRose Ellen27 Oct 1868 Peter MurrayRose McKinseyJohn ConnellAnn MurraySt. Michael'sJohn TiernanOsceola 
MurrayThomas Leroy10 Dec 188718 Dec 1887John Francis MurraySarah ButlerMichael MurrayEllen Mary ButlerSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
MurrayWilliam Joseph13 Nov 188923 Mar 1890John Francis MurraySarah ButlerMichael GilboyElizabeth MurraySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
NewmanEllen Margaret28 Mar 191128 May 1911John P. NewmanClara MandaGeorge B. LaveyLillian PhelanSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
NinnemannElizabeth Alberta26 Sept 190621 Oct 1906Robert NinnemannGertrude GahaganHenry GahaganElizabeth GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Walter O. Lade at West Bend, WI,
10 Sept 1924 - FS
NinnemannJoseph Ervin4 May 190521 May 1905Robert NinnemannGertrude GahaganHenry GahaganMargaret GahaganSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
NinnemannWilliam Everett2 July 191128 July 1911Robert NinnemannGertrude GahaganWm. DwyerCatherine (Gahagan) DwyerSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
O'ConnellBernard Thomas25 Jan 190710 Feb 1907John O'ConnellMary ReddingtonJames ReddingtonCatherine O'ConnellSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Catherine Deegan, Gesu,
Milwaukee, WI, 31 Jan 1942 - FS
O'ConnellFrances Catherine2 May 190824 May 1908Andrew O'ConnellCatherine HughesGeorge StackJane HughesSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
O'ConnellMargaret Mary20 Dec 191112 Jan 1912Andrew O'ConnellCatherine HughesManley HughesMargaret (Condon) HughesSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherScottNote: Married Orton Wals, St. John's, Plymouth,
WI, 25 Nov 1943 - FS
O'ConnorFlorence14 Oct 188927 Oct 1889Thos. O'ConnorMary GibbonsMichael KeyesElizabeth KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
OgleEuphemia Margaret17 June 19026 July 1902Oscar OgleMargaret DoyleGeorge OgleEliz. (Mandle) OgleSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
OgleGeorge Frederic9 Sept 190115 Sept 1901George OgleElizabeth MandleWilliam LongMargaret LongSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
OgleHelen Theresa6 Sept 189627 Sept 1896Oscar OgleMargaret OgleBernard BurkeTheresa HandSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
OgleSamuel Eugene19 Sept 189318 Oct 1893George OgleElizabeth MandleFrancis OgleMargaret OgleSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Dorothy D. Jens, St. Mary's, Hustin,
30 Aug 1958 - FS
OgleWilliam Earl25 Mar 18982 Apr 1898Oscar OgleMargaret DoyleThomas LongLoretta LongSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
OgleWilliam Thomas1 Dec 189112 Jan 1892George OgleElizabeth MandleSamuel OgleEsther KennedySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
O'MaliaBridget Emma2 June 188618 June 1886John O'MaliaBridget Emma CliffordWm. KaiserMelissa (Rood) KaiserSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyOsceola 
O'NeilEllen28 May 18902 June 1890Cornelius O'NeilTheresa DouglasDaniel O'NeilCatherine O'NeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonTWIN
O'NeilMary28 May 18902 June 1890Cornelius O'NeilTheresa DouglasFrancis DouglasCatherine DouglasSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonTWIN
O'ReillyAmbrose Thomas19 Sept 189825 Sept 1898James ReillyMargaret LambJohn ReillyMatilda LambSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
O'ReillyEdward Murray12 Aug 18862 Sept 1886Thomas ReillyAgnes Emelia MurrayPeter MurrayJohanna Murray John Casey  
O'ReillyEugene Lawrence8 Nov 190319 Nov 1903James ReillyMargaret LambMatthew SprangerMary (Alcox) SprangerSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly
O'ReillyFrancis25 Feb 19031 Mar 1903Lawrence ReillyMargaret FlynnLawrence ReillyMary ReillySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - FS
O'ReillyFrancis Edward25 June 19001 July 1900John O'ReillyAgnes LambJames ReillyMargaret (Lamb) ReillySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
O'ReillyGeorge Leo6 Nov 190310 Nov 1903John ReillyAgnes LambJames MurrayClara LambSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - FS
O'ReillyHugh James12 Jan 190113 Jan 1901James ReillyMargaret LambJohn CrosbyCelia (Lamb) CrosbySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
O'ReillyJohn11 Feb 189318 Feb 1893John ReillyCatherine GroganJohn ReillyMartha ReillySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScottNote: Married Elizabeth Gahagan, 30 Oct 1917 - FS
O'ReillyJohn Jeremiah16 May 190429 May 1904Lawrence ReillyMargaret FlynnJohn FlynnMary FlynnSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
O'ReillyJohn Thomas21 May 190225 June 1902John ReillyAgnes LambMathew SprangersMary (Lamb) SprangersSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
O'ReillyLawrence Patrick27 Jan 190826 Feb 1908Lawrence ReillyMargaret FlynnPatrick MurphyMartha (Reilly) MurphySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
O'ReillyMargaret Ann19 Sept 188626 Sept 1886John ReillyCatherine GroganBernard GroganAnn GroganSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyScott 
O'ReillyMargaret Mary23 Feb 190611 Mar 1906Lawrence ReillyMargaret FlynnEdward StrongFlorence FlynnSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Bernard Michaels at St. Mary's,
21 June 1927 - FS
O'ReillyMichael Maurice5 Jan 190924 Jan 1909Lawrence O'Reilly
(of Parnell)
Mary FlynnMichael O'ReillyMary (Martin) O'ReillySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
O'ReillyPhilip7 Oct 188810 Nov 1888John ReillyCatherine Mary GroganMichael ReillyMary Jane (Martin) ReillySt. Mary'sJohn CaseyScottNote: Married 23 Sept 1914, Mary Michaels - FS
O'ReillyRose Ellen3 Mar 191020 Mar 1910Lawrence ReillyMargaret FlynnJohn O'ReillyAgnes (Lamb) O'ReillySt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
O'ReillyStella Agnes24 Feb 188830 Mar 1888Michael ReillyMary Jane MartinMichael Lawler ReillyEmma Anna PhalenSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
OwensAngus Michael11 Aug 191111 Sept 1911Angus OwenMartha ElliotThomas EliotMary EliotSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
PayneEvelyn17 Aug 188912 Oct 1907Clark PayneCarrie GriggsWm. SkeltonRose CalveySt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
PeckMary Josephine25 Aug 187718 Dec 1898Joseph PeckAmelia McIntyreSamuel OgleMary BurkeSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonConvert
PenschbacherGeorge26 Mar 189917 Feb 1901Henry PenschbacherMary SeilWm. KaiserMelissa (Rood) KaiserSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
PenschbacherMary11 Aug 18951 Sept 1895Henry PenschbacherMary SeilPeter SeilMargaret SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
PetermannLeona Ann16 Dec 188612 June 1887Emil PetermannClara KellhorrHenry JordanEllen O'HearnSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
PhalenRaymond Richard4 Sept 191314 Sept 1913Benjamin PhalenCatherine PhalenRaymond HubertyMary BurkeSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
PierceEternam15 July 188324 Apr 1898Luice(?) PierceMary GastenStephen DouglasEliz. (Gaynor) DouglasSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
PiperBernard Edward23 Jan 190816 Feb 1908Daniel PiperEmma CooneyMartin FlynnRose (Reilly) FlynnSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeGreenbushNote: Married 22 July 1932, Frances Hildebrand,
Sheboygan Falls, WI - FS
PiperCatherine Ruth9 Nov 189616 Nov 1896Charles PiperMary RoddenMichael KeyesCatherine (Fogarty) KeyesSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
PiperCharles Edward28 Dec 190210 Mar 1903Charles PiperMary RoddenPatrick DohertyCatherine (Croghan) DohertySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - Note: Married Mae
Reindl, 23 Apr 1930, St. Boniface, Manitowoc, WI
PiperElla8 Jan 188626 Jan 1907George PiperIda BeckwithJohn FlynnBridget FlynnSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Convert
PiperFrancis Daniel15 Sept 19025 Oct 1902Daniel PiperEmma CooneyPatrick CooneyEllen CooneySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeGreenbush 
PiperGeorge Francis13 Sept 189611 Oct 1896John PiperMargaret CaufieldEdward O'HearnMary (Kennedy) O'HearnSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
PiperGordan9 Sept 191018 Sept 1910Charles PiperMary RoddenJeremiah CrosbyAnn (Foy) CrosbySt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
PiperMary Agnes3 Apr 190125 Apr 1901Daniel PiperEmma CooneyGeorge AlcoxMary (Lynch) AlcoxSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
PiperMary Anna10 Dec 18988 Jan 1899John PiperMargaret CaufieldThos. CaufieldAnna CaufieldSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Luke Flynn, 16 July 1969,
Plymouth, WI - FS
PiperPatrick Gerald25 May 190511 June 1905Daniel PiperEmma CooneyJames PrindivilleMary (Dwyer) PrindivilleSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeGreenbushNote: Married Ella M. Lavey at Cascade,
2 Sept 1931 (L.R.S.) - FS
ReilleyMargaret Elizabeth12 Apr 18886 May 1888James ReilleyMary Ann NorrisThomas BurkeMary Elizabeth KaneSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchellNote: Married Guy Lane, 1917, Holy Rosary,
Milwaukee, WI - FS -(Reilly)
ReillyBernard Harold24 July 191120 Aug 1911Lawrence E. ReillyLilly HaagBernard ReillyBridget HandSt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherMitchellNote: Married Mildred Heraty, 24 Aug 1940,
St. Mary's, Cascade, WI - FS
ReillyLeo Thomas2 May 191015 May 1910Lawrence ReillyLilly HaagJohn O'ReillyMargaret SullivanSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
ReillyMary Alice2 July 188618 July 1886James ReillyMary Ann NorrisMichael Lawrence NorrisDelia Ann PhelinSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
ReinertBridget13 July 187014 June 1902Francis ReinertDelena ForbesPatrick GetrickDella GetrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
RiceJohn23 Feb 18926 Mar 1892Michael RiceBridget HenryJohn HenryMargaret ReillySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Margaret Fitzgerald, 21 Dec 1951
at St. Leo's, Milwaukee, WI - FS
RiceWilliam10 Dec 189422 Dec 1894Michael RiceBridget HenryOwen MorganMary (White) MorganSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
RogersAlice1 May 18921 May 1892Dr. B.C. RogersAlice HenryJoseph RiceRose Ann HenrySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
RoodCharles4 May 189011 June 1890John RoodMary O'ConnorJames O'ConnorEmma KellySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
RoodMary Frances6 Apr 188824 Apr 1888John Leonard RoodMary O'ConnorF. O'BrienMary O'BrienSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
RoodMichael Eugene20 June 18983 July 1898John RoodMary O'ConnorJohn KinneyIsabelle KinneySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
RoodRose Estella5 Aug 188629 Aug 1886John RoodRose Mary O'ConnorJames O'ConnorCora (?) DoughertySt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
RooneyCatherine Margaret13 June 19112 July 1911John RooneyMargaret StokesJohn BowserAgnes RooneySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellTWIN - Note: Married John Sprangers,
17 Sept 1938, St. John's, Plymouth, WI - FS
RooneyHugh Anthony13 June 19112 July 1911John RooneyMargaret StokesHugh RooneyEmma HughesSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellTWIN - Note: Married Yola Borelli, St. John's,
Plymouth, WI, 17 May 1941 - FS
RooneyJames Alois21 June 190911 July 1909John RooneyMargaret StokesHugh RooneyAgnes RooneySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchellNote: Married Frances Prinozic, Kohler, WI,
14 Oct 1941 - FS
SchaekelGeorge Bernard1 Apr 18981 May 1898Otto SchaekelMary GetrickPatrick GetrickAdelia GetrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
SchaekelOtto Lorane21 Dec 18997 Jan 1900Otto SchaekelMary GetrickPatrick GetrickAnna GetrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke  
SchlenterBernice Evelyn19 Jan 19111 Feb 1911Otto SchlenterMargaret LongThomas LongMargaret LongSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher Note: Bernice Evelyn Schlenter, born: 11 Feb. 1913;
Baptized: _____; Sponsors: Mr. & Mrs. James
Doherty - Record from Courthouse, 24 Aug 1939,
Bernice married William J. Echrenrod, St. Peter &
Paul, Milwaukee, WI, 4 Sept 1939 - FS
SchlenterOtto8 Feb 188517 May 1914Ernest SchlenterMary GlassJoseph LongLoretta LongSt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherLyndon 
SchuhClarence Henry30 Oct 19055 Nov 1905Joseph SchuhCatherine JansenHenry JansenCatherine SchuhSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
SchultzAllen Joseph31 Jan 188924 Feb 1889Charles SchultzMartha Allena KnottHenry Oscar OgleMargaret Rufina (Doyle) OgleSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
SchultzCharles Wilbur19 Jan 191228 Jan 1912Leo SchultzClara SchlenterOtto SchlenterMabel SchultzSt. Mary'sJohn H. FisherCascadeNote: Married Adeline Schneider, St. Leo's,
Milwaukee, WI, 14 Sept 1946 - FS
SchultzFrancis Irwin2 Feb 188720 Feb 1887John Charles SchultzEllen KnottWilliam Samuel OgleAurelia HooteSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyLyndon 
SchultzGertrude5 Apr 189126 Apr 1891John SchultzAlice KnottWilliam LongSarah MaloneySt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
SchultzMary6 Oct 18961 Nov 1896John SchultzAlice KnottWilliam McLaughlinMary GetrickSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
SeilAnna Leona20 May 189812 June 1898Joseph SeilMargaret KaiserJohn SeilMary KaiserSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
SeilBernard27 June 189415 July 1894Peter SeilMargaret KelnerNicholas ShefnerCatherine SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
SeilElizabeth Ellen12 Aug 18898 Sept 1889Peter SeilMargaret KellnerNicholas ShefnerMary SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
SeilHenry Joseph17 Mar 19021 Apr 1902Joseph SeilMargaret KaiserNicholas ShefnerMary KaiserSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeScott 
SeilLavina Grace18 Apr 191012 June 1910William SeilFeber SeilenJohn SeilLena SeilSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
SeilMary Magdalene11 Sept 188726 Sept 1887John SeilCaroline AdlowJoseph SeilMary Ann SeilSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyScottNote: On Oct. 21, 1916, in the parish house, Mary
Magdalena Seil, born 26 Sept 1887, baptized at
St. Mary's, married Ormsby Ruger, non-Catholic;
Sponsors: Bernard Seil & Ruth Piper - FS
SeilMatthias25 Dec 188730 Dec 1887Nicholas SeilTheresa AdlowMatthias FeddmeyerCatherine (Seil) FeddmeyerSt. Mary'sJohn CaseyScottNote: Married Viola Reichert, St. Mary's, Cascade,
WI, 24 Aug 1926 - FS
SkeltonCatherine Elizabeth6 Aug 190421 Aug 1904Henry SkeltonAnna McGraneThos. McGraneMary SkeltonSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married John H. Feilen, 24 Aug 1935,
St. Bride's, Chicago, ILL - FS
SkeltonElizabeth Mabel8 May 18943 June 1894John SkeltonElizabeth RoodJohn DohertyAnna RedmondSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SkeltonFrancis Edward28 July 190830 Aug 1908Joseph SkeltonEva PayneHenry SkeltonAnna (McGrane) SkeltonSt. Michael'sJohn h. FisherMitchell 
SkeltonHenry Horace23 Nov 18871 Apr 1888William SkeltonAlice HaslemChristopher SkeltonMary Ann ManganSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
SkeltonJames William26 July 191322 Aug 1913Leonard SkeltonAlice MurrayJames MurrayRegina MurraySt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher  
SkeltonMargaret Elizabeth12 July 191031 July 1910Charles SkeltonCatherine SmithRobert SkeltonMary SmithSt. Michael'sJohn H. Fisher Married: Joseph Richter, Holy Name, Sheboygan,
WI, 18 June 1930 (LRS) - FS
SkeltonRobert Peter15 Dec 190630 Dec 1906Henry SkeltonAnna McGraneCharles SkeltonAlice McGraneSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SkeltonSylvester George18 Dec 191311 Jan 1914Henry SkeltonAnna McGraneJohn McGraneMary McGraneSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
SkeltonThomas Francis8 Mar 19085 Apr 1908Leonard SkeltonAlice MurrayRobert SkeltonEliz. (Rood) SkeltonSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
SkeltonWillard15 May 191229 May 1912Joseph SkeltonEva PayneDan CalveyRose (Skelton) CalveySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
SlatteryCatherine Rose16 Apr 19033 May 1903Michael SlatteryMargaret ButlerMichael ButlerRose (Sullivan) ButlerSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly Note: Married Francis
Piper - FS
SlatteryDaniel Joseph18 Sept 190629 Sept 1906Edward SlatteryLaura WoodcockPatrick SlatteryMargaret (Slattery) MichaelsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Ethel Cain, 6 June 1929, St. Anne's
Church, St. Anne, WI - FS
SlatteryEdmund Michael27 Aug 19051 Sept 1905Edward SlatteryLaura WoodcockMichael SlatteryEmma SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SlatteryFrances Eileen23 Oct 190512 Nov 1905Michael SlatteryMargaret ButlerEdward SlatteryLaura (Woodcock) SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Harold O. Larson of Winton, MN
at St. Columbanus, Newark, N.J., 24 Aug 1937 - FS
SlatteryGeorge Daniel17 Oct 189929 Oct 1899John SlatteryMary MichaelsDaniel SlatteryMary MichaelsSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SlatteryLoretta2 Mar 19046 Mar 1904Edward SlatteryLaura WoodcockDaniel SlatteryEmma SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SlatteryMargaret Dolores23 Oct 191119 Nov 1911Michael SlatteryMargaret ButlerPatrick SlatteryFrances (Egan) SlatterySt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
SlatteryMichael Francis8 Sept 190722 Sept 1907Michael SlatteryMargaret ButlerMatthew FloodJosephine (Butler) FloodSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SlatteryRose Mary7 July 190424 July 1904Michael SlatteryMargaret ButlerJohn SlatteryMary (Michaels) SlatterySt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchellNote: Married Leo Long of Sherman, 19 Apr 1927
- FS
SmithAgnes31 Oct 189030 Nov 1890Michael SmithMargaret CareyEdward KeyesCatherine KeyesSt. Michael'sBernard J. BurkeMitchell 
SmithCatherine17 Oct 18879 Dec 1887Michael SmithMargaret CareyWm. O'BrienElizabeth KeyesSt. Michael'sJohn CaseyMitchell 
SmithDaniel18 Mar 19127 Apr 1912Henry SmithMary FoleyJohn SmithMary SmithSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
SmithHarold Joseph22 Dec 18878 Jan 1888Charles Christopher SmithDelia CaufieldPatrick GetrickMary Adelia Getrick John Casey  
SmithMargaret Mary25 Mar 19101 May 1910Henry SmithMary FoleyCharles SkeltonAgnes SmithSt. Michael'sJohn H. FisherMitchell 
SmithRaymond Francis3 Oct 188624 Oct 1886Charles SmithDelia Bridget CaufieldMarice O'BrienFrances Jordan John Casey  
SullivanJohn James19 Sept 189429 Sept 1894John SullivanMary GroganBernard BurkeMary SullivanSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
SwanIsabelle Margaret25 Aug 19034 Sept 1904Ulysses S. SwanMargaret O'HearnAndrew CroghanEsther (O'Hearn) CroghanSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonOfficiating: Rev. L. P. Reilly - FS
SwanMary Isabelle26 July 190111 Aug 1901Ulysses S. SwanMargaret O'HearnEdward O'HearnMary (Kennedy) O'HearnSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndonNote: Married Chester McMullen, 23 Nov 1944
- FS
SwannEllen Esther15 June 190719 June 1907Ulysses S. SwannMargaret O'HearnCharles B. DohertyElla CroghanSt. Mary'sBernard J. BurkeLyndon 
SwannRobert Edward31 Aug 19116 Sept 1911Ulysses SwannMargaret O'HearnGeorge CroghanFrances MaloySt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
Trimeina(?)Elizabeth17 Dec 187716 June 1897Wm. Trimeinia(?)Seila(?) Trimeinia(?)Bernard BurkeMary BurkeSt. Michael'sBernard J. Burke  
WalsFrancis William27 Aug 19053 Sept 1905John WalsMartha KablitzWm. WalsMargaret SeilSt. Mary'sBernard J. Burke Note: Married, St. Mary's, 1930, Audrey Darling
- FS
WilliamClara Mary31 Mar 191128 May 1911Frederic WilliamEmma GaffronRobert GaffronClara GaffronSt. Mary'sJohn H. Fisher  
WilliamsJames(No Birth Date Given)13 Feb 1889John WilliamsBirgitta (Bridget) (N)ahoneJohn Joseph GillJulia Florence Gill John Casey (Adult)
WingentRose25 Aug 188812 May 1889Charles WingentTeresa LehmanThomas ConnollyElizabeth McNeill John Casey Note: In Church of St. Catherine, in loco Vocato,
South Grove. - FS

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