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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - April 7, 1936

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

Other Pioneer Personalities

Jacob Hilpertshauser; dark hair and beard; slender build; fairly tall; prominent building contractor; devoted to family.

Father Michael Haider; builder of Holy Name Church; tall; dark hair; shaven face; friendly with everyone; beloved by all his parishioners.

Charles Hanf; maker of and dealer in boots and shoes; dark hair and moustache; medium height and girth; interested in civic affairs; good husband.

Theodore Huette; proprietor Wisconsin House (present location of Bodenstein Bros.' store); medium height and inclined to stoutness; dark hair and full beard; not given to much talking; good family man.

Jacob Imig; maker of and dealer in boots and shoes; medium height and slender, dark hair and moustache; good at arguing; devoted to family.

William Holle; dealer in toys and notions; medium stature and weight; light hair and beard; well schooled; interesting family life.

John Heyer; slim, medium height; dark hair and moustache; violin teacher and member of first Sheboygan orchestra; devoted to family.

Theodore Zschetzsche; medium height; inclined to stoutness; dark hair and beard; temperamental; engaged in leather tannery business.

Joseph Hoffmann; owner and operator of bakery; medium height; dark hair and beard; devoted to his business and family.

Christian Heyer; tanner in company with Theodore Zschetzsche; dark hair and beard; well built; companionable; devoted to family.

Henry E. Huebner; cabinet-maker; medium height and girth; dark hair and beard; companionable; good family.

Henry Imig; medium height; dark hair; devoted to family; engaged in clothing business.

Charles Imig; medium height; slender; dark hair and moustache; not very talkative; good family man; in clothing business with his brother, Henry.

Adam Imig; jeweler; apprentice of Kasper Pfister; slight built, dark hair and moustache; sociable. He was a brother of Jacob, Henry and Charles Imig.

Jacob Jung; manufacturer of wagons; medium height; well-conditioned; good Lutheran; fair dealer; good family man.

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