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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - March 9, 1936

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

Doctor Panzer's Passing

When Doctor Hugo Panzer passed away in February in Indianapolis, Indiana, the men and women of his generation who had know him so well were deeply grieved. Altho he had lived in the Indiana metropolis that major part of his life, his attachment for Sheboygan; his native city, was so great that he came here quite every year to renew old friendships and to revisit the scenes of his early life.

Doctor Panzer was born in Sheboygan the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Panzer, and it did one good to listen to him when he spoke of olden times in this city, for he has a remarkably good memory, and he could recall incidents of his early life here with great vividness.

He and ye editor were schoolmates, and the latter well remembers when they together studied the intricacies of the German grammar. Late in the Seventies, and before he took up the study of medicine, he was a teacher of gymnastics in the local Turner Hall, and it was a source of real pleasure to observe the grace of his physical bearing. In the summer of 1886 ye editor met Doctor Panzer in the classic environment of Munich, in Germany, where we resorted to the Hofbrauhaus for the wonderful beer obtainable there. The Glyptotek and the Pinakotek were also among the places we visited, where portraiture and plastic art reigned supreme.

Doctor Panzer was one of the leading physicians in Indianapolis, where for many years he conducted a private hospital, and has an interest in a leading drug store. His friendliness won for him favor of all persons who came in contact with him. His funeral was attended by men and women in all stations of life, attesting his popularity as a physician and as a promoter of goodfellowship.

Gradually even the second generation of Sheboygan's pioneer families passes on into the unknown and the present chronicler may be next in line to join those pioneers and pioneer sons who, like Doctor Panzer, have gone before.

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