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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - March 9, 1936

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

Other Pioneer Personalities

Charles Bach, barber; slender, dark hair and moustache, good-natured, friendly, sympathetic, well-mannered; member first Sheboygan orchestra with drums, fife, etc.

Harrison Barrett, superintendent S & F Railroad; stout, dark beard, well-mannered, good-natured, lived at the Warren house.

Joseph Bast, for a number of years city assessor; small of stature, brown hair and full beard; good-natured and well-mannered.

Franz Blocki, member Vollrath, Blocki & Co.; slender built, dark hair and moustache; amiable; devoted to family.

Robert W. Blow, pastor Grace Episcopal Church; stature below average; dark hair, smooth-shaven; friendly with everyone. His memory is revered to this day.

George Bodenstein, clothier; medium stature; very dark beard and hair; moderately sociable.

John Burk, carpenter; dark hair and beard; sterling character; self-educated; diligent workman and conscientious.

Matthew Carr, typical Irishman; with a hard brogue and some "divil"; engaged in harbor repair work; dark-haired and beardless.

Ernst Clarenbach, many years register of deeds; dark hair and beard; medium height and weight; devoted to family.

Fred Degenkolbe, butcher and dealer in meats; below average height and bulk; reddish hair and beard; good at argument.

Louis A. Descombes, dealer in china, glass and queensware; born in France; medium height and girth; well-read; devoted to family.

Nicholas Deville, tavernkeeper; light-complected; well-versed in politics; friendly.

Gerhard Dieckmann, dealer in groceries, etc.; dark hair and beard; portly of bearing; well-educated; devoted to family.

L. T. Diestelhorst, harnessmaker; light-complected; of average height and girth; ready of speech.

John Dunker, German and drawing teacher of Sheboygan High School; tall and muscular; severe disciplinarian; very "blond" disposition as well as hair and moustache.

Michael Eiles, master baker; medium height, generous girth; dark hair and beard; good at argument, with modest education.

George End, dealer in dry goods and groceries; of medium stature and light build; dark complexion; devoted to family.

Henry Engelking, dealer in groceries, provisions, flour and feed; light complexion; gave close attention to his business and to his family.

Chapman Fairweather, general freight agent, Sheboygan and Fond du Lac Railroad, medium height and inclined to stoutness; light hair and beard; well-read and good companion.

John Feldhusen, custom tailor; dark hair and beard; well informed; dependable; devoted husband.

Carl Fielding, pipemaker; below average height; dark hair and beard; his small pipes were very popular with the boys of Sheboygan.

Charles Fleischer, master baker; dark hair and beard; well-read; devoted to family and business.

Henry Foeste, owner Globe Foundry; below average height and not inclined to stoutness; self-educated; and better listener then speaker; builder of Hotel Foeste.

Christian Frick, dealer in groceries, crockery, toys, etc.; light hair and beard; well-read; good family man.

Edward Gaertner, owner Empire Tannery; light complexion; friendly; melancholy end of life.

H. A. Gaylord, principal Sheboygan Union School; dark hair and whiskers; feared by the boys as disciplinarian; good entertainer.

William Gottsacker, maker of boots and shoes; dark-complected, full beard; self-educated; good family man.

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