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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - January 11, 1936

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

Other Pioneer Personalities

Herewith ye editor continues his personal recollections of pioneers of Sheboygan, which will later be supplemented with those pioneer residents of Sheboygan County. (By the way, in last month's Pioneer reminiscence Bille Williams' name was spelled with a superfluous I in the baptismal name. Mr. Williams was always pleased to see it spelled Bille, not Billie.)

Alexander Lupinski was short in stature and inclined to stoutness, had blond hair and beard and was very courteous, particularly with the ladies. He had been in the mercantile business for many years and lived well into the nineties.

Hermann Buchheim, many years partner with Alexander Lupinski in the grocery business, was very light-haired, of spare build, and for many years owned and operated the grocery on the southeast side of the alley between Center and Pennsylvania avenue on North Eighth street. In later years the premises were occupied as a music store by his son, Herman Jr., the store now being operated by the Kruse Music company. Mr. Buchheim was a man devoted to business and his family, courteous in manner, and enjoyed the confidence of the firm's customers.

Adolph Hoeckner was of medium height and quite stout, had brown hair, and was of a sanguine disposition. He conducted a lumber yard on the site of the present Van der Vaart theater and the Eagles Hall.

H. A. Gaylord was for a number of years principal of the Union school, had brown hair and a full beard, and was particularly respected by the youngsters who went contrary to his requests for good behavior.

Frank Geele, Sr., was a pioneer hardware dealer; was a man of quiet disposition, and was well read. He was mayor of Sheboygan for some years, in which capacity his son, Frank Geele, Jr. served later for a number of years.

Theodore Lucas was bookkeeper for Konrad Schreier, brewer; was a dapper bachelor, popular with the ladies, who were attracted by his courteous deportment and urbanity. He was tall and meager, in contrast with the other brewery bookkeeper. His dark hair and beard were his main asset.

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