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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - September 10, 1934

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

Passing Of George W. Spratt

George W. Spratt, nonagenarian veteran of the Civil war, will be missed at future meetings of the Sheboygan county members of the G.A.R., his recent passing having left them no speaker of ability to entertain them with vivid recollections of military service in the Union lines, for he was a man who possessed a very retentive memory, and his ability to give it expression always inspired his listeners with well rewarded anticipation.

Mr. Spratt had lived in Sheboygan many years, and here he operated a woodworking industry, having retired to live in Sheboygan Falls in later years. He was born in England but came to this country while still in his infancy, in time to allow him to join the Union ranks in the Civil war as one of the younger members.

Mr. Spratt had ready a command of language, so that whenever he arose in a meeting to speak he commanded the attention of all, and the good humor which he so often expressed was contagious. Whenever George Spratt spoke in public he was sure to leave his audience in good humor.

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