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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - May 31, 1933

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

67th Pioneers Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Corbett of Greenbush the 27th inst. observed the sixty-seventh anniversary of their wedding, their happy matrimonial experience having started away back in 1866, after the close of the Civil war, in which Mr. Corbett took active part to preserve our Union, and Mr. Corbett is one of the few members of the Grand Army of the Republic remaining today to be honored by their descendents. He is now in his 91st and Mrs. Corbett in her 86th year, both still carrying on cheerfully and hopefully as ever in their lovely Greenbush environment. Blessed are our pioneers of the Corbett type!

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