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The Pioneer, a monthly supplement to the Sheboygan Press

Sheboygan Press - May 22, 1926

Sheboygan Pioneer Monthly Supplement

Making Room

The Grim Reaper never pauses in making room for new generations. He long ago "cleaned up" the original generation of our pioneers, he's been very busy doing the same to the second and is already swinging his scythe here and there among those of the third generation.

Among the latest of the second generation to be garnered were Herman Schreier and Lizette Stamm-Cook, the former having been born in Washington county but coming to Sheboygan county with his parents when he was still a baby, but the latter was born right here in Sheboygan, in the lighthouse which then stood on North Point, where her father was its official keeper, but which many years later was removed to Lighthouse Court to be converted into a double flat building, making room at Lighthouse Point for Dr. Wm. H. Guenther's present modern home.

Cassius E. Hillyer, who passed away Thursday of last week, while born and reared in Ohio, was for many years Sheboygan agent for the Northwestern railway, and in that capacity he developed a larger circle of friends than most men are privileged to enjoy. His death was editorially commented upon as follows in the Sheboygan Press:

"With the passing of C. E. Hillyer, retired agent of the North Western, one of the pioneer railroad men of the country closed his career. Mr. Hillyer became identified with the Chicago & North-Western in 1881, and when he retired from active service on September 30, 1924, he had the longest record of all agents than in service on this division. Mr. Hillyer was named agent for Sheboygan on August 28, 1909, and served until the last day of September, 1924, when failing health forced him to retire. A man of great activity, he felt that he would take a short rest, and then visit various portions of the country in his well-earned vacation, but his health did not improve, and eventually he suffered a stroke, and then a second one which rendered him almost helpless. He had a wonderful vitality and fought with grim determination, but it was of no avail, and the end came peacefully this morning.

"Officials, employees and patrons of the North-Western will all regret to learn of the passing of "Cash" Hillyer. He was a jovial fellow who liked to hear a good story and could reciprocate. He was the kind of a man whom everyone liked, and so his passing will be mourned here and in other places where he had served the North-Western faithfully for so many years."

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