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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Wisconsin State Pensioners 1812 - 1865
List of Pensioners on the roll January 1, 1883 Volume 4 by the Government Printing Office

Name of PetitionerPost-Office Add.Cause for
Which Petitioned
Date of
Original Allowance
No. of
Abbott, MartinSheboygan Fallswound index finger
right hand
$ 2.00  
Abel, ElizabethPlymouthMother$ 8.00  
Abers, ElizabethCascadeMother$ 8.00July, 1879 
Abers, Silas M.Cascadeloss toes both feet$18.00  
Andrews, Olivet D.Plymouthch. diar.$ 4.00July, 1882 
Arndt, HenryMoselwound left foot$ 8.00  
Austin, AdelineSheboygan FallsMother$ 8.00  
Ballard, Benj.Hinghamdis. of lungs & heart$ 8.00June, 1882 
Beck, Fred'kGlebeulahwound left leg & both thighs$ 8.00  
Boggs, AlbertElkhartinjury to abdomen$ 4.00 1,844
Bohn, PeterSheboygan Fallswound left leg$ 2.00June, 1882 
Borchert, Wm.Plymouthloss left arm$24.00July, 186314,514
Bottom, JnoSheboyganwound right thigh$ 4.00July, 1881 
Bradley, Asa H.CascadeMinor$10.00December, 1880 
Brainard, Benj.Sheboygan Fallsch. diarr.$ 4.00February, 1882 
Brown, DonaldSheboyganwound left hand$ 6.00August, 186548,570
Brownell, JanettePlymouthWidow$ 8.00  
Bruns, MargaretSheboyganWidow$ 8.00  
Burk, ChristianSheboyganch. rheu.$ 4.00  
Burroughs, Susan J.SheboyganWidow$ 8.00  
Caldwell, GarrettWaldodis. of lungs$18.00  
Call, HannahSheboyganDept. Mother$ 8.00June, 1869130,482
Cannon, JnoRathbunwound of head$14.00  
Chapel, SallyGibbsvilleWidow 1812$ 8.00  
Chaplin, AddisonSheboygan Fallsch. diarr.$ 4.00July, 1881 
Cheney, Jno. J.Sheboygan Fallsinjury to abdomen$ 4.00 78,136
Clarke, AlmonSheboyganch. diarr.$17.00May, 1880 
Clarke, Ransom B.WaldoFather$ 8.00July, 1880 
Cleveland, Eliza E.WaldoWidow$10.00April, 1879 
Cole, NathanSheboyganwound right arm$18.00  
Corbet, Chas A.GreenbushLoss right leg$24.00  
Cottrell, PeterGreenbushwound left leg$ 6.00  
Cowan, Eliza A.SheboyganMother$ 8.00  
Craig, Freeman, Jr.Sheboygan Fallswound of head
aff. eyes
Craig, Jno B.Sheboygan Fallsinflamation of eyes$ 2.00  
Croghan, CatherineCascadeWidow$12.00  
Darling, James M.Waldoinjury to abdomen$ 4.00April, 1881 
Davidson, PollyPlymouthWidow$ 8.00  
Decker, HenryDacadaFather$ 8.00  
Delaney, FrancisGreenbushwound left forearm$ 4.00June, 1882 
Demaster, MatthewCedar Grovewound right side of chest$ 6.00  
DeSmith, CorneliusCedar GroveWound right forearm$ 6.00  
Detsch, MariaSheboyganMother$ 8.00  
Dietz, CarolineAdellMother$ 8.00  
Dittes, JacobSheboygan Fallsch. diarr.$ 6.00August, 1882 
Douglass, LycurgusWaldoch. diarr. dis. of lungs$12.00  
Drayers, WasselienaGibbsvilleMother$ 8.00June, 1882 
Dunn, DuncanHinghamRheumatism$ 6.00June, 1882 
Engelhardt, CarlSheboyganwound upper & lower thirds
of right thigh
$ 4.00June, 1882 
Fedler, ChristianHoward's Grovewound left hip$ 2.00June, 1882 
Florey, ElizabethWinooskiWidow$ 8.00  
Fluet, IgnaceSheboyganwound left forearm$ 5.00  
Fosterling, ChristianSheboyganwound left humerus$ 2.66-2/3  
Garsmal, AugustAdellinflam. of eyes$ 3.00  
Gebel, RosineSheboyganMother$ 8.00  
Gibson, DollyGreenbushMother$ 8.00  
Grasse, Chas.Sheboyganwound left leg$ 2.00  
Graves, Elizabeth C.CascadeWidow$10.00  
Grooms, Van RenslerCascadewound right thigh$ 6.00  
Hamilton, Chas. M.Greenbushinjury left hip & spine$17.00  
Hanford, CatharineSheboygan FallsMother$ 8.00  
Harris, GideonJohnsonvilledis. eyes$ 4.00May, 1882208,396
Heinen, GradesOostburgwound through ribs$ 4.00  
Heise, AugustBeechwoodch. diar.$10.00  
Heite, HenrySheboygan Fallswound left hand$ 4.00  
Hellenbolt, Wm. J.Cascadescrofula$24.00  
Herbig, HenrySheboyganwound left leg$ 8.00  
Herwig, ConradSheboyganwound right arm$12.00  
Hosford, CatharineGreenbushWidow 1812$ 8.00February, 1879 
Humphrey, AmherstSheboygan Fallswound of neck$ 4.00December, 1882 
Hunter, Jonathan M.Sheboygan Fallswound back, neck & left leg$ 6.00  
Huyck, Wm. (insane)
Giddings Harvard, Guardian
Sheboygan FallsEpilepsy & insanity$50.00  
Jones, Geo. B.Hinghamch. diar.$ 4.00June, 1881 
Kappler, LouisSheboyganinjury left leg$ 6.00  
Kelley, Geo. T.Sheboygan Fallswound left arm$ 8.00  
Kelley, MarySheboygan FallsMother$ 8.00  
Kickland, TheodroePlymouthwound of chest
lost middle finger right hand
$ 6.00  
Kittell, Jno. H.Sheboygan Fallsch. diarr.$ 8.00October, 1880 
Kleinor, ChristianFranklinch. dysentery & dis. of Abdominal vis.$ 8.00  
Knowles, CatharineGreenbushWidow$ 8.00  
Knowles, LydiaGibbsvilleWidow 1812$ 8.00May, 1880 
Kobel, JacobPlymouthch. diarr.$ 4.00July, 1880 
Koelmer, FerdinandFranklindis. of eyes$ 8.00April, 1879 
Konmers, SusannaCedar GroveWidow$ 8.00  
Konrat, Heinrich P.Beechwoodwound left foot$ 2.00October, 1880 
Krause, DorotheaSheboyganMother$ 8.00April, 1881 
Kuehling, Fred'kSheboyganch. rheu.$ 4.00September, 1882 
Lamphear, ElishaPlymouthInjury to Forehead$ 4.00August, 1880 
Lang, AnnaSee Anna Preder    
Liberty, OstranderWaldoinjury left knee$ 8.00April, 1871117,803
Liebenstein, PhilipScottwound left forearm$16.00  
Linden, NicholasSheboyganFather$ 8.00March, 1881 
Littlefield, EmelineSheboygan FallsMother$ 8.00  
Ludwig, HenriettaMoselMother$ 8.00  
Lyman, BetseySheboygan FallsMother$ 8.00  
Lynch, CatherineSheboyganWidow$ 8.00  
Lynn, HarrietAdellMother$ 8.00January, 1882 
Martch, PeterCascadewound both thighs$12.00  
McElroy, Chas.Adellloss right leg$18.00  
Medinger, PeterDacadawound right breast$ 4.00March, 1881 
Metzger, MichaelGlenbeulahwound right breast$14.00  
Miller, Jarvis B.Plymouthwound right wrist$10.00  
Miller, Mary A.GreenbushWidow$ 8.00  
Miller, PeterRandom Lakewound 3 times
left hand
$ 2.00  
Muller, JohnElkhartwound right shoulder$ 4.00June, 1882 
Naether, Johanna R.PlymouthMother$ 8.00  
Needham, JeremiahSheboygan FallsFather$ 8.00  
Nelson, MarySheboyganWidow$ 8.00December, 1864 
Nicholas, RebeccaCascadeWidow 1812$ 8.00April, 1879 
Nytes, Jacob P.Sheboyganwound right forearm
left thigh
O'Neil, Mary AmeliaSheboygan FallsWidow$20.00  
Obrink, Bern H.OostburgInjury to abdomen$ 8.00  
Oexla, FreakEdwardsdis. of abdominal viscera$ 4.00  
Olin, AugustAdawound of back$ 6.00  
Peck, Charles E.Cascadeloss of forefinger$ 2.75  
Peck, PermeliaCascadeWidow 1812$ 8.00August, 1879 
Phelan, JohnSheboygan Fallswound left thigh$ 4.00December, 1880 
Pierce, Louisa S.PlymouthWidow$ 8.00  
Plumb, BelindaHinghamMother$ 8.00  
Pond, Mary W.ScottWidow$ 8.00  
Preder, Anna
(Now Lang)
WinooskiMother$ 8.00  
Preussler, AnnaPlymouthWidow$ 8.00  
Puhlmann, OttoPlymouthWound left arm$ 7.50  
Rausch, Fred'kSheboyganwound left hip$ 8.00  
Raw, MichaelHoward's Groveinflamation right knee$ 2.00  
Reed, Wim. W.Sheboygananchylosis right elbow
joint from wound
Reineck, HenryRhinewound right arm$ 2.66-2/3  
Riley, WesleyRathbunwound right side, neck & chest$ 6.00  
Rindell, GilbertPlymouthwound right arm$ 6.00 53,204
Roberts, ShadrackSheboygan FallsSurvivor 1812$ 8.00July, 1878 
Robinson, Anna M.WaldoWidow$ 8.00  
Root, Marcia A.GlenbeulahWidow$ 8.00  
Rossell, Wm. H.Sheboyganwound right thigh$ 2.00  
Samson, AmahdaSheboyganWidow$10.00  
Schneider, MichaelPlymouthloss right thigh$24.00  
Schous, BarbaraDacadaMother$ 8.00  
Shadboldt, Helen M.WaldoWidow$ 8.00  
Shaver, NormanAdellwound right arm$ 2.00  
Shaw, MelizaWaldoWidow 1812$ 8.00May, 1879 
Sheldon, Henry H.Greenbushwound of thorax$12.00  
Sisson, James F.HinghamRheumatism$ 4.00October, 1880178,366
Smith, Simeon L.Cascadedis. of heart$ 8.00February, 1879 
Sonffronn, PeterSheboyganch. diarr.$ 4.00July, 1879161,299
Specman, Anna Wil'aSheboyganWidow$ 8.00  
Stagg, ElizabethPlymouthMother$ 8.00  
Stannard, ZeviahGreenbushWidow$20.00  
Steinhaus, Fred'kMoselloss right leg$18.00  
Steinke, Wm.Cascadeloss left arm$24.00  
Stewart, Joel L.Sheboygan Fallsch. diarr.$ 4.00January, 1883 
Stoddard, LucyGreenbushMother$ 8.00  
Stone, LucindaWinooskiWidow 1812$ 8.00March, 1879 
Straub, ElizabethWaldoWidow$ 8.00  
Sweeting, Theodore J.Plymouthwound left thigh$ 4.00June, 1881 
Sym, JamesSheboygan Fallsscurvey res. dis.
right leg
Tepaske, ElizabethOostburgWidow$ 8.00  
Thimmig, Edw.SheboyganScurvey & Results$ 8.00February, 1880 
Van Wink, Arent J.Cedar Grovewound right leg$ 6.00  
Vanderhoof, EleanorPlymouthMother$ 8.00  
Voskuil, ChristianOostburgwound left leg$ 8.00  
Voss, JnoHoward's GroveMinor$10.00  
Wade, BetseyGreenbushWidow 1812$ 8.00February, 1879 
Wagner, MichaelMoselwound left thigh$ 4.00  
Warburton, George T.GreenbushGun Shot wound right shoulder
Chr. rheumatism
$ 8.00 143,399
Warden, AnnSheboyganMother$ 8.00  
Warner, Wm.Sheboyganwound left side (lance)$12.00  
Westland, Sally M.WinooskiWidow$ 8.00October, 1878 
Williams, EmilySheboyganWidow$ 8.00  
Williams, Jno. PeterSheboyganFather$ 8.00February, 1880 
Wilson, HannahSheboygan FallsWidow$ 8.00  
Witney, Norman G.Cascadewound left foot$ 6.00  
Witzel, Fred'kPlymouthwound right thigh,
varicous vein
$ 6.00February, 1881 
Wolfsen, LudwigSheboyganwound left thigh$18.00  
Wood, Horace E.Sheboygan Fallsch. diarr., dis.
heart & kidney
Worbes, Johanna L.PlymouthMother$ 8.00  
Zeck, Jos. A.Edwardsch. diar. & rheu.$ 8.00December, 1881 
Zufelt, HoraceHinghamdiar. & c.$ 4.00  
Zufelt, SallyCedar GroveMother$ 8.00November, 1880 

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