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This article was contributed by Jerry Head

Sheboygan Press - Wednesday - August 4, 1937 - p.1
(With photo of Fred)

Boy, Aged 4, Enjoys Pipe And Cigars - {Fred Stauber}

Pipe, cigar, or cigarette - strong or mild - it is all the same to Fred Stauber, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stauber who live a few miles from Sheboygan on Highway 32.

When husky little Fred is recipient of a dime or nickel, and he has access to a store, its smoking tobacco, usually Eight Brothers, and corn cob pipe all of his own, providing his funds reach that far. Candy doesn't count with Fred when he is out of tobacco.

It is two years ago this July 4th that Fred, then only two-years-old, got his chubby little hands on his grandfather's pipe. He sucked on it and liked it. Next he wanted tobacco. As a joke, and to please the little fellow, the pipe was filled with tobacco. This wasn't enough, however, and the pipe had to be lighted. That was the start, and every chance that "Buttsie" got he lighted up.

Smokes With Dad

Unless he is with his father he does not smoke. Living on a farm and with hay around the barn and other children playing it is too dangerous. But on Saturdays, when daddy is home from work, then Fred smokes pipe full for pipe full right along with Dad.

He doesn't inhale, but "Buttsie" can puff with the best of them. He likes his pipe perhaps best, but is not adverse to having a good strong cigar or a cigarette.

And he's a healthy, strong, and active little fellow, and he takes his smoking seriously, puffing along without a word for the reporter, or for that matter, anyone. Smoking the pipe down to the heel he hands it to Dad. The reporter offers him a cigarette and he lights up. Flicking ashes like a veteran he smokes it right down to the butt. So, if you ever meet "Buttsie", don't insult him by offering him candy.

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