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This article was contributed by Kay Reitberger

Sheboygan Press - December 27, 1912

Assaulted By Three Unknown

Theo. Seeger, Clerk in Bodenstein's Store Fares Badly at Hands of Three Who Assault Him While on Way to His Home on South Side - - Police Have Little in Way of Clue - - Woman May Have Prevented Murder

Theodore SEEGER, employed in the [???] of BODENSTEIN Brothers as a {??]man was set upon by three persons about 6:30 last evening at the HIRSCH bakery between Eighth and [???] streets, on Kentucky avenue, and severely injured, being struck several times over the head with a [???] or a club and after he was down he was kicked about the body, and lower limbs giving ample evidence of a severe beating administered.

SEEGER is said to have received a [???] sometime ago from a certain [???] and the supposition is that the p[???] committing the assault last evening, were engaged to do him in. Mrs. VOLLBRECHT who was visiting her sister, Mrs. Christ WINCHER, happened to come out of the house as the assault was in progress [???] to the men to stop. One of the parties turned to her and answered, "What the h--l is it of your business," and then the three started down the street. Mrs. VOLBRECHT and [???] hurried to the scene and the injured man was removed to the home nearby where his injuries were dressed temporarily, and a physician summoned. His head and body were covered with bruises, and several cuts gave evidence of the fact that some sharp instrument was used.

Mr. SEEGER, who resides at 1330 South Twelfth street was on his way home at the time of the assault and had just reached a point opposite the alley, near the HIRSCH bakery when he was set upon. Several blows on the head forced him to his knees and then blows were rained upon his head, a large gash being inflicted and a blow on the nose rendering him unconscious. While he was lying face downward on the walk, he was kicked about the back, and these injuries are of the most painful nature. It was dark at that point and Mr. SEEGER failed to recognize any of his assailants. When the first blow was struck, SEEGER partially turned but received a blow on his nose which stunned him. As he turned he observed that the party striking him from the front, wore a short grey overcoat and a dark hat.

It is believed that the motive for the assault was revenge rather then robbery as nothing was taken from his person, and no effort was made to search him while he was down.

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