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This article was contributed by Kay Reitberger

Sheboygan Press - October 20, 1913

Toward Heaven Went Jack

An accident which might have proved fatal occurred on the Plymouth race track yesterday noon when the Excelsior twin motorcycle with side car attachment owned and operated by Jack MOERDL turned turtle going at the rate of forty miles per hour throwing the occupants, Mr. MOERDL and Stephen MILLER twelve feet in the air. Both escaped with but a few bruises and cuts.

Mr. MILLER, employed at the WALD Cycle company, was tuning up the motor as Mr. MOERDL intended to enter the side car in the afternoon. The muffler was taken off the machine and the two riders started off for a trial trip around the track. Everything seemed O.K. and they were hitting a forty mile clip when suddenly as they were making the north turn the axle broke from the side car resulting with the above described gymnastics. Both the riders were thrown with great force but on striking the ground bounded to their feet in almost as quick time. You can't keep good motorcyclers down or quiet very long or the sound of their machines hushed many seconds when business is in evidence. The strain on the wheel was too great in making the turn and caused the unforseen accident.

The sporting representative of the Press was nearby and witnessed the accident together with other members of the motorcycle club who were watching the dare devils as they flew and hooted in defiance of time and musical harmony.

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