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This article was contributed by Kay Reitberger

Sheboygan Press July 20, 1918

Lease Dispute Is Cause Of Wrangle In Parnell Saloon

As a result of a mixup of leases, Chief of Police Ed. O'CONNELL of Plymouth was called out to Parnell Thursday where he served papers on Mrs. Henry MANGAN to vacate the premises of the MANGAN saloon property.

According to the story, Mrs. Henry MANGAN had been granted a lease to the property by John MANGAN. A Fond du Lac party also held a lease to the same property given by Mr. and Mrs. John MANGAN.

When chief O'CONNELL attempted to serve the papers on Mrs. MANGAN, he was refused admittance and had to force his way in. The papers were served, however.

The final disposition of the case is in question.

Sheboygan Press July 27, 1918

Woman Brings Suit For $2,000; Claims Attack On Property

Mrs. H. J. MANGAN, of Dundee, has brought suit in circuit court against Marshal E. M. O'CONNELL, of Plymouth, James F. REILLY, of Parnell and Bert R. CULVER, of Fond du Lac, for damages in the sum of $2,000. The action is based upon the alleged acts of the defendants in attempting to forcibly take possession of the West Side Hotel at Parnell on July 17, 1918, which Mrs. MANGAN was said to have rented from the owner, John F. MANGAN, of Milwaukee. The plaintiff alleges that the defendants unlawfully broke the doors and forced an entrance to the premises and tried to compel her to move out, by threats, violence, etc. H. J. ROONEY, of Plymouth, is attorney for Mrs. MANGAN.

Mrs. August SAUERESSIG, of Plymouth, has brought suit for a divorce from her husband, Louis SAUERESSIG, through her attorney, H. J. ROONEY, of Plymouth. The grounds are cruel and inhuman treatment.

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