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This article was contributed by Kay Reitberger

Sheboygan Press - April 27, 1911

Worked Same Old Game

The robbery at 1414 Walnut street, Milwaukee yesterday of the cash register in the grocery store of Caspar BEISHL, calls to mind a similar robbery in this city something over a year ago when a sum of money was taken from the store of MARSHALL & BAARTS, shoe dealers at 415 North Eighth street.

While the proprietor of the Milwaukee store was down in the basement showing a stranger some boxes, his pal came in and rifled the cash register. A daughter discovered the stranger in the act and attempted to hold him until officers arrived. The Milwaukee Journal gives the following account of the robbery:

It had just begun to rain when the robbery occurred, and there were not many people on the street. The men ran down an alley and escaped.

"That man over in the store is acting mighty queer," said Miss BEISHL's mother, as she looked out of the front window of their home, across the street from the store. "I just saw your father go down [to the] cellar with a man, and now there is another man in the store."

"He's going back of the counter," exclaimed Miss BEISHL, and she ran to the front door and flew down the steps.

"Just as I ran into the store he was back of the counter and had the cash drawer open," Miss BEISHL told police afterwards. "I ran back and grabbed him and called for father, whom I could hear talking down in the cellar. The man tried to get away from me and I held on to him and tried to throw him to the floor, so I could keep him till father came and helped me."

"He fought and kicked, but I held on. I couldn't reach anything to hit him with, so I just scratched and bit him till he finally got one arm loose and struck me in the face. I staggered back, and he got away. Just then the other man came up from below, with father close behind him. He pretended he was going to catch the man with the red sweater, but I know that he just took father down there to get him out so his partner could get in, and rob us."

Caspar BEISHL said that the man who came into the store to buy empty boxes was very particular about them, and led the old gentleman all over the cellar, examining every box minutely.

The robbery in this city was conducted along the same lines. First a stranger came in and made a trifling purchase locating the place where the money was kept. After he was gone out another stranger came in and wanted to pick out some boxes. While Mr. MARSHALL was in the basement showing boxes, it is presumed that the other party entered and secured the money. No clue was ever discovered as to their whereabouts.

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