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This article was contributed by Kay Reitberger

Sheboygan Press - April 29, 1929

Howards Grove Business Men

State Bank Of Howards Grove

The State Bank of Howards Grove was organized on January 27, 1913, in which year the building now occupied by the institution was erected. The present officers, all of whom have served since the bank opened for the transaction of business, are as follows:

President - August H. WITTE
Vice-president - Louis W. DREIER
Cashier - John O. BOELDT

This bank enjoys the rare distinction of having the greatest amount of deposits of any bank located in an inland village or town in the United States. The aggregate deposits of the bank this year, in round numbers, amount to $1,100,000.

Knuth & Kuester Co.

The KNUTH & KUESTER company of Howards Grove is successor to a business started by Herman KNUTH in August, 1919. Because of the increase in the volume of business, four years after he started the garage, Mr. KNUTH found it necessary to take in a partner to assist in properly carrying on the sales and service departments of the garage Norbert H. KUESTER, in March, 1923, was taken in as a partner and on January 1, of this year, a company was incorporated under the name of KNUTH & KUESTER Co.

In addition to handling the Willys-Overland lines of Whippet fours and sixes, and Willys-Knight automobiles, the company deals in radio sets and radio equipment. A complete line of parts is kept in stock which, with the excellent service station, provides every want of motor car owners in that section of the county. Five men are employed at the garage.

The officers of the company are as follows:

President - Herman KNUTH
Vice-president - Lillian KUESTER
Secretary-treasurer - Norbert H. KUESTER

Gesch Garage

Kurt G. GESCH, distributor in that section of the county for the Chevrolet automobile, has been in business at Howards Grove since 1920, having taken over the first garage established in that village in 1914 by Fred BORN(?)

Prior to coming to Howards Grove, Mr. GESCH resided in Milwaukee where for a number of years he was employed as electrician and automobile repair man.

The garage is located at the junction of the Franklin and Green Bay roads, easily accessible to motor car owners traveling over that section of the county.

In addition to selling Chevrolet automobiles, Mr. GESCH maintains a high class service station, supervising all repair work himself to guarantee satisfaction to patrons. He carries a complete stock of parts and accessories and he does all kind of electric work, including the wiring of homes for electric lighting.

Walter H. Ahrens

One of the latest additions to the business men of Howards Grove is Walter H. AHRENS, furniture dealer and undertaker, who established a store there about one and one-half years ago.

About six months ago he formed a partnership with his brother, Louis, and built a funeral home on Michigan avenue between N. Eleventh and N. Twelfth streets in the city of Sheboygan. This partnership was dissolved about two months ago and Walter now is sole owner.

Johannes' Place

August A. JOHANNES, proprietor of JOHANNES' Place at Howards Grove, started in business there on October 24, 1925, taking over one of the oldest hostelries in Sheboygan county, for many years known as the Washington House.

This hotel was established about seventy-five years ago by E. W. SCHLICHTING, known as the "Busch Koenig" who established a reputation for serving high class chicken dinners.

In addition to serving regular meals and lunches at all hours, Mr. JOHANNES operates a milk depot which was established in February, 1927.

Triangle Garage

The Triangle Garage at Howards Grove was started about a year ago by L. KARSTEDT, in the building originally erected and occupied as a blacksmith shop by Louis FREYBERG.

Mr. KARSTEDT is distributor in that section of the county for the Oldsmobile for which he has created a growing demand. In addition to selling automobiles, he maintains an excellent service station and deals in a complete line of auto parts and accessories.

P. J. Bersch

P. J. BERSCH conducts a place at Howards Grove under the slogan, "Where you get service." He occupies the building on the north side of the street opposite the State Bank, for many years an old landmark in the village. Besides dealing in soft drinks, cigars and tobacco, Mr. BERSCH serves appetizing lunches at popular prices.

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