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This article was contributed by Kay R.

Sheboygan Press - October 11, 1918

{There is a photo of the Friese Family in their uniforms}

Historic Picture Tells Of Father, Mother And Son All Enlisting In Civil War

In the accompanying picture from left to right are Mrs. Fredericka Friese, George Frederick Friese and August Frederick Friese, a son of the two former, who came from Erfurt, Germany, in 1852 following the political disturbances in which Carl Schurz figured, and all three of whom enlisted in the 32nd regiment at the outbreak of the Civil war and served until the close of the war.

It is of special interest in Sheboygan, as it is a reproduction from an old picture taken at the close of their service and before leaving camp, and which is now in the possession of Mrs. Anna C. Friese of North Hermitage avenue, widow of the young man shown in the picture and father of A. H. Friese of this city.

On coming to this country from Germany in 1852 they first settled in Indianapolis and enlisted there. When the call of Lincoln came this family decided to enlist and Mrs. Frederika Friese entered the service and served all during the war, serving as cook in camp and later on in the capacity of nurse, for in those days that wonderful organization known as the Red Cross was unknown.

After the war the family lived in Peoria, Ill., for several years but later moved to Chicago. There are six children in the family, sons and daughters of August Frederick shown in the picture. A. H. Friese, printer and publisher, 710 Center avenue, Sheboygan; George F. Friese, 3716 Paulina Street, Chicago, treasurer of the Thomas J. Hay Automobile Co.; Oscar E. Friese, 3015 School Street, Chicago, printer at Rand-McNally's; Max Friese, 1955 Summerdale Avenue, Chicago with Chicago Telephone Co.; Richard B. Friese, 3822 N. Leavitt Street, Chicago; Mrs. Paulina Hoffman, 1936 Grace Street, Chicago.

That the same spirit which dominated the lives of the family that answered the call of President Lincoln still lives, is best evidenced by the fact that three grandsons, sons of A. H. Friese of this city, are active in the service at the present time: Corporal Walter J. Friese, who enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps May 6, 1917, overseas since December 1917, and who was wounded and slightly gassed but is back at the front again; Private Arthur G. Friese, National Army, Camp Dodge, Des Moines, Iowa, and Victor A. Friese, Sheboygan, Wis., training in Wisconsin State Guards.

Three other grandsons, who will become available for service as soon as qualified, are Edwin and Otto Friese, sons of Oscar E. Friese of Chicago. This is a wonderful war record, and the children and grandchildren have cause for taking exceptional pride in their ancestors who were that of the Carl Schurz type and offered their lives in defense of Liberty in the time of the Civil war. This picture is cherished highly by the family, and its historical value is evidenced by the fact that here in Wisconsin and Illinois the Historical societies have delved deep and varified (sic) all the facts and included it in the state records.

{Under the picture is the following caption: Reading From Left To Right - Mrs. Fredericka Friese, George Frederick Friese, grandparents of A. H. Friese, this city. August Frederick Friese, father of A. H. Friese. He was born in Erfurt, Germany, 1843. The family left Germany in 1852 about April 20th and arrived in America about September 15th with Carl Schurz and Franz Seigel. The trio enlisted in the civil war with the 32nd at Indianapolis in 1861.}

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