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This article was contributed by: Debi Daniel

Milwaukee Journal June 27, 1948

"Rolled Cigars for 70 Years"

"Plymouth Man Started at 11, Can Still Whip Up 100 a Day"

{Journal Special Correspondence}

Plymouth, Wis. - That nothing can beat a good hand made cigar is the calculated opinion of T.F. Volk, 82 who has been making them since he was 11. He apprenticed at the virtuous wage of 50 cents a week. Now he can still turn out 100 stogies in the six hours he works each day. Thirteen years ago he rolled his last-he said. He stayed in retirement for three weeks before the shortage of skilled cigar makers force him back in the business. In 1886 "T.V." bought out the business and equipment of the smoke roller to whom he apprenticed. Within a years time he had paid off his debts and another one for $800 worth of tobacco. Six years later the Plymouth Cigar C. was form with T.V. serving as part owner, secretary and treasurer. He also was the chief cigar maker. The business sold in 1935 to Fred Longrie, but the old hand is still rolling out the 10 and 15 centers. Putting a cigar together may sound easy, but doing it is another thing. The novice notices the need for several extra hands and fingers and the lack of need of three or four thumbs he seems to have sprouted. Cigar making hasn't kept T.V. from community life. He served as city clerk for nine years, city treasurer for four years and police justice for 28 years. On June 30, he began his 30th year as secretary of the local Eagles Club.

{Hand written note by relative "Treasurer and Secretary of the Cigar Makers Local Union 323 for 20 Years"}

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