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T. F. Volk Piles Up Tremendous Vote As Police Justice Candidate

Police Justice T. F. Volk was once again re-elected last Tuesday, and is now starting his seventeenth year in that office. Although he had no opponent, he piled up a tremendous vote of confidence.

Judge Volk has the unusual honor of never having been defeated for a pulic office, after serving 29 years.

Starting in 1899, he served nine years as clerk. After a vacation he came back and served four more as treasurer, and the last 16 years he has been police justice.

April 3, 1934 - Thank you, Voters

After sixteen years of service as Police Justice of this city, I wish to express my appreciation and thanks for the splendid endorsement acknowledged in the election on Tuesday.

I assure you that I shall continue to serve the city of Plymouth honestly and faithfully.

T. F. Volk, Police Justice

April 10, 1934 - Around Town

To Al Gehlhoff goes the prize for the best wisecrack of the week.

It happened at the council Tuesday evening when the newly elected officials were taking oath. Police Justice T. F. Volk was being sworn in, and after the clerk's usual speech, he replied, "I will."

Al glanced up with a surprised look on his face and remarked, "Gosh, Judge, can you say something besides $3.70?"

And Al should wonder, since he has a paid up membership in the "370 club", composed of parking violators.

April 7, 1936 - Largest Vote to Volk

Police Justice T. F. Volk, with no opponent, piled up the largest number of total votes, with a total of 1,314.

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