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This article was contributed by: Mike Petrie

Parents Seek Long Lost Son

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behm, 1902 Indiana avenue are looking for their long lost son, William. About eight years ago William Behm left his home in Sheboygan for the West. He settled in Los Angeles where he secured employment in a factory. His brother August followed him to the West and for a time the two worked together in the same factory. Four years ago William left Los Angeles stating that he would never communicate with either his parents or his brother. Neither would he have anything on his clothes that would disclose his identity for he did not want anyone to know who he was in case death overtook him. Up to the present he has kept his word as not a line has been heard of him. Seven weeks ago August returned from the West seriously ill and died just a week ago. The parents are now searching for their only remaining child whom they want to comfort them in their old age. The young man is twenty-four years old.

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