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Misc. Marriage Info

Groom's NameBirthdate
Groom's Occ.Groom's ParentsDate of Marriage
Bride's NameBride's Birthdate
Bride's ParentsWitnesses
Brandt, Charles AugustusJune 23, 1882
Insurance AgentWilliam Frederick Brandt
Augusta (Stahl) Brandt
of Manitowoc
October 6, 1903
St. James Epsic. Church
Bolz, Carrie MarieDecember 22, 1881
Marquette, Michigan
Nicholas Bolz
Helen (Schuette) Bolz
of Sheboygan
Wm. F. Brandt
Louise Gass
Burke, Edward   Feb. 7, 1893
St. Michael's Church
O'Connell, Bridget  John Connell
Margaret Arimond
Burke, Henry   Jan. 26, 1892
St. Michael's Church
Gahagan, Ellen  Edward Burke
Mary Reddington
Burke, Thomas   Jan 10, 1893
St. Michael's Church
Butler, Mary  Edward Burke
Catherine Butler
Butler, Benjamin   Sept. 12, 1899
St. Michael's Church
Phalen, Catherine  Edward Butler
Margaret Phalen
Calvey, Daniel   Sept. 18, 1907
St. Michael's Church
Skelton, Rose  Joseph Skelton
Mary Brown
Cheaney, Charles B. Plumber October 23, 1906
St. Michael's Church
Brogan, Martha  William Brogan
Frances McNicholas
Crosby, Michael   Feb. 13, 1906
St. Michael's Church
Hughes, Hannah  John Murphy
Margaret Menley
Dalies, CarlBrandenburg, PreussenPastor
Sheboygan County
Carl Dalies
Wilhelmine Spellerholz
November 8, 1868
First German Evan. Church
Vielstich, MargaretheHannoverLuter Vielstich
Margaretha Meyerdirk
Doherty, Patrick   Nov. 21, 1894
St. Michael's Church
Croghan, Catherine  Matthew Doherty
Celia Harkins
Douglas, Stephan   Jan 2, 1893
St. Michael's Church
Gaynor, Elizabeth  Michael Gaynor
Margaret Gill
Dunn, Edward   Oct. 11, 1902
St. Michael's Church
Murray, Margaret  Charles Dunn
Catherine Murray
Esch, Hugo EdwardAge 28
at Marriage
Res: Sheboygan
 Charles Esch
Martha Esch
of Sheboygan
June 11, 1926
Eggers, Nancy Virginia DodgeAge 24
at Marriage
Res. Manitowoc
Frank Eggers
Jessie Eggers
of Manitowoc
Alfred Nelson
Frank Eggers, Jr.
Fitzgerald, Michael   Oct. 25, 1905
St. Mary's Church
Skelton, Ellen Robert SkeltonMatthew Fitzgerald
Mary Olsen
Flood, Matthew   Feb. 12, 1907
St. Michael's Church
Butler, Josephine  Edward Butler
Mary Brown
Flood, Michael   June 11, 1902
St. Michael's Church
Gilboy, Laura  Matthew Flood
Mabel Hoy
Flynn, Edward   Jan. 26, 1907
St. Mary's Church
Piper, Ella  John Piper
Bridget Piper
Gaynor, John   April 26, 1892
St. Michael's Church
O'Connell, Hannah  Thomas Franey
Emma Naughton
Kay was unsure of the spelling
Gaynor, Michael   Feb. 16, 1904
St. Michael's Church
Manley, Bridget  Francis McNicholas
Margaret Manley
Gerity, Edward   Feb. 22, 1900
St. Michael's Church
Naughton, Emma  Patrick Gerity
Bridget Naughton
Gilboy, Thomas F.  Michael Gilboy
Sept. 22, 1908
St. Michael's Church
Manley, Margaret R. William Manley
Alice Nugent
William Gilboy
David Hughes
Pearl Gilboy
Gunn, Edward E.   Dec. 26, 1906
St. Mary's Church
Kelly, Mary E.  Philip Reilly
Margaret Gunn
Hardgrove, James H.   Jan. 21, 1903
St. Mary's Church
McDonnell, Frances  John Gallagher
Emma McDonnell
Hughes, James   Jan. 9, 1895
St. Michael's Church
O'Connell, Bridget  Martin Hughes
Margaret O'Connell
Koelzer, John Peter1826
 Andreas KoelzerApril 30, 1854
St. John's Mission
Town of Herman
Wink, Mary MargaretHanover, Germany  
Lucas, Nicolaus  Christian Lucas
Marg. Weinz
Oct. 6, 1874
St. Fridolin Catholic Church
Seibel, Catharina Adam Seibel
Catharina Herr
Pfeifer, Walter S.Age 25
at Marriage
Res. Milwaukee
 Charles Pfeifer
Jane Pfeifer
of Sheboygan Falls
April 1, 1918
St. James Epsic. Church
Flint, MaudeAge 24
at Marriage
Charles Flint
Maude Flint
of Manitowoc
George Metzger
Lilah Metzger
O'Connor, Michael   Feb. 28, 1905
St. Michael's Church
Bowser, Mary  Stephan O'Connor
Catherine O'Malia
Schonung, Franciscus  Jacob Schonung
Christina Schonung
of Sheboygan
January 23, 1883
St. Wendell's Cath. Church
Prim, Gertrude Jacob Prim
Katharina Prim
Spettel, Edward JohnOct. 19, 1864
Town of Franklin
 Jacob Spettel
Elizabeth Aulbach
 Reimers, MinaHans Reimers
Henrietta Voss
Children of this couple:
Harry, Lilly & Harvey
Wagner, Conrad  Michael Wagner
Katharina Lenhard
Nov. 3, 1874
St. Fridolin Catholic Church
Kretsch, Margretha Mathias Kretsch
Agnes H.
Zimmermann, Philipp JosephLudwigshohe, Hesse Germany
Res: Town Rhine
 Jacob Zimmermann
Dec. 15, 1868
St. Wendel's Catholic
Manitowoc County
Kleinhans, Magdalena
Hessen, Germany
John Kleinhans

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