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Misc. Death Records

Date of Death
ParentsOther Information
Adams, Rose {Pilger}
(Mrs. Thomas)
 April 13, 1929
Res. Sheboygan
Evergreen Cemetery
 Source: Church Records:
St. James Episc. Church
Albrecht, EdgarOct. 10, 1900July 1980Saint Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery
Elkhart Lake, Sheboygan County
Behrens, Marie Hoffherr (Mary)January 8, 1842March 8, 1912
Res: Sheboygan Falls
Evergreen Cemetery
 Cause: Ulceration of Stomach
Source:Church Records:
St. James Espic. Church
Benfey, FelixRes: SheboyganJanuary 12, 1920January 18, 1920
 Cause: Operation
Source: Church Records
St. James Episc. Church
Doersch, JaniceJanuary 30, 1941January 1986  Residence at time of death: Sheboygan
Fischer, Maria DorotheaFeb. 16, 1803
Zerwan, Germany
Jan. 9, 1865
 Christoph PilzSpouse: Daniel Fischer
Franz, Maria Louisa See Maria Kuhl   
Fricke, Alice Mae1920July, 1930
July 30, 1930
Evergreen Cemetery
Manitowoc County
 {E2-75-6} - age 9 yrs.
cause: abdominal hemorrhage
buried on George Knell lot
Gerlach, JohanApril 9, 1859
Town of Lima
October 30, 1867
Town of Rantoul,
Calumet County
November 1, 1867
Town of Rantoul
Johan Gerlach
Ehefrau Dorothea Nellner
George, Lillian18731928
Nov. 21, 1928
Evergreen Cemetery
Manitowoc County
 {D-2-3} - Age 55 yrs.
cause: fracture of skull base hemorrhage
buried on John and A. H. George lot
Gunderson, Alma
(Mrs. George)
Age: 38
Res: Sheboygan
April 5, 1909
April 8, 1909
Evergreen Cemetery
 Cause: Tuberculosis
Source: Church Records
St. James Episc. Church
Hoffherr, Marie (Mary) See Marie Behrens   
Kuhl, GustaveMay 11, 1842
July 27, 1905
63 yrs. 2 mos 16 days
Lutheran Cemetery Ill 2 yrs.
Cause: Carcinoma of Stomach
Kuhl, Maria Louisa {Franz}March 26, 1827
November 28, 1899
Town of Lima
Sheboygan County
Hingham CemeteryAlbert Franz Born in France
Unknown born in Germany
Ill 7 years.
Cause: General Pulmonalie Debility
Menne, EleanorApril 1, 1901July 17, 1996St. George Catholic Cemetery
Town of Rhine
Menne, HenryMarch 29, 1883January 17, 1974St. John's Cemetery
Town of Rhine
Noack, Frieda18941931
February 4, 1931
Evergreen Cemetery
Manitowoc County
 {S-48-4} - Wife of Otto
cause: syphilis of nervous system
buried on Erich Bugs lot
Pilger, Rose See Rose Adams   
Pilz, Maria Dorothea See Maria Dorthea Fischer   
Reineck. ArthurNovember 3, 1881December 1966St. Peter Evangelical and Reformed
United Church of Christ
Town of Rhine
 Buried in Row 1 next to driveway
Wellert. Mary 1933
July 21, 1933
Evergreen Cemetery
Manitowoc County
 {I-10-6} - cause: acute dilatation of heart
buried on Charles Wellert lot
Werner, Eleanor See Eleanor Menne   

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