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Liberty One-Room School History & Dedication

Liberty School Dedication
Ozaukee County Pioneer Village

4880 County Hwy. I
Town of Saukville, Wisconsin

Saturday, September 27, 2003 @ 3:00 p.m.

Liberty School Dedication
Ozaukee County Pioneer Village

Saturday, September 27, 2003

One-Room-School Committee:

Richard A. Dykstra

Helen Ter Maat Veldboom

Welcome............................................Curt Gruenwald {President, Ozaukee County Historical Society}

Flag Raising

Project Summary..................................Richard A. Dykstra {Chairman, One-Room-School Committee}

Official Dedication...........................................................................Curt Gruenwald

Ribbon Cutting

Closing Remarks

Liberty School Teachers

Years shown represent the beginning of each school term.

1869Joanna Smith1904Anna Donovan
1870Mary Hagerty1905Annette Leonard
1871Mary Walsh1906Mayme Murphy
1872Mary Nickolsen1907Edna Lascelles
1873Etta Walsh1908Kathryn Clifford
1874James Leahy1909-10Genevieve Clifford
1875Margaret Sullivan1911Amy Rushton
1875Lizzie Lyons1912-15Belle O'Hara
1876James Leahy1916Josephine Phalen
1877Nora Walsh1917-18Frances Garside
1878-79Mary DeLaHunt1919Marie Collins
1879Lizzie Lyons1920Florence O'Hara
1880Nora Walsh1921-23Edna Carman
1880Helen Stoddard1924-25Everdene TenDollen
1881George Kalmerton1926Angeline Vruwink
1881Katie Smith1927-29Dolores Dries
1882James Leahy1930Cora Harder
1883Kate Rooney1930-31Harriet Holden
1884Lucy McElroy1932-36Leona Fischer
1884Nora Harkins1937-40Mrs. Evelyn Moser
1885-86Mary O'Hara1941Reuben Arentsen
1887Maggie Donovan1942-43LaVerne Meengs
1888Annie McBride1944Belle O'Hara
1889Maggie Ogle1944Mary Morgan
1890Lucy McElroy1944Marie Eernisse
1891Kathryn Clifford1945Elaine Meinen
1892Kate Manning1946Mrs. John Schreurs
1893Rose Morgan1947Mrs. Mary Hilbelink
1894Marguerite Murray1948Muriel Bruggink
1895Nora Lamb1949-50Mrs. Muriel Rauwerdink
1896James McLaughlin1951-52Sharon Dewald
1897Thomas Murphy1953-55Shirley Opgenorth
1898Anna Manning1956Joyce Rosenthal
1899-1900Mayme Murray1957Mrs. Harriet Jensema
1901-02Anna Donovan1957-58Marilyn Caljouw
1903Anna Clifford1959-60Jean DeRuyter

Pioneer Village One-Room-School
Richard A. Dykstra

Liberty School is one of nearly 7,000 one-room schools that dotted Wisconsin's landscape from the mid 1800's through the mid 1900's. The school originally stood at the intersection of Highways CC and G in southern Sheboygan County. Liberty School served families in the Townships of Holland and Sherman from 1868 through 1961. Total enrollment {eight grades} typically ranged from ten to twenty students per school year. The first elected school board included James O'Hara, Director; James Hernan, Clerk; and Ferdinand Wussow, Treasurer. The first teacher to serve Liberty School was a young lady named Joanna Smith.

When the schoolhouse was originally completed, the school year included two short terms-one beginning in late autumn and the other in late spring. This allowed children to help on the family farm during the two busiest times of the year-planting and harvesting. Children often attended school at the age of four, and the school also accepted students over twenty-one years old.

The main portion of Liberty School was built in 1868 at a cost of $160. The front entrance was added in 1913. A rear addition, which brought running water to the school for the first time, was completed in 1956 but was used just five years before school consolidation forced Liberty School to close.

The Liberty School Board at the time of consolidation included Henry Dykstra, Director; John Ter Maat, Clerk; and Arthur Moll, Treasurer. Jean DeRuyter has the distinction of being the last teacher to serve Liberty School, and Curt Hesselink was the last student to graduate eighth grade there. Students who attended Liberty School during the 1960-61 school year include Curt, Lee and Mark Hesselink, Duane Wilterdink, Edith Scholten, and Tyrone Arneson. When Liberty School closed, portions of the school district were attached to the Cedar Grove and Random Lake Districts.

In recognition of the important role one-room schools pa\layed in the lives of many Wisconsin families, Liberty School has been reconstructed at Ozaukee County's Pioneer Village. The Ozaukee County Historical Society approved the concept of reconstructing Liberty School in January 2000 and formally approved ground-breaking in February 2002. Construction began several months later, and the schoolhouse was completed by August 2003. The schoolhouse was replicated using new materials when necessary, while using materials from the original structure whenever possible.

The site chosen for the reconstruction of Liberty School is absolutely perfect. The school, which now stands just twelve miles southwest of its original location, is nestled among several mature trees and stands just off the village's walking path. The school is located immediately adjacent to the "Sinnen House," a stone house that once stood in the Liberty School District.

Liberty School Time Line
{Transcribed from original hand-written minutes.}

1868Resolved to raise one hundred and sixty dollars for building a frame school house; A motion to have three months winter school if the school house shall be finished in time for commencing the winter school and if it is not finished there will be five months summer school; It is adopted the district board shall have power to hire a male or female teacher as will best suit; The school board shall have power for letting out the jobs of cutting stove wood if there will be winter school.
September 27, 1869Resolved that there will be raised fifty-nine dollars for teachers wages; Resolved that there will be five months winter school; Resolved that there will be raised nine dollars for fuel for the school.
September 26, 1870Resolved that there be seven months school-four in winter and in summer three months. The whole term to be taught by a female teacher; Resolved that there will be one hundred and ten dollars raised in this district, thirty in that part of the district that lies in Sherman and eighty dollars in that part of the district that lies in Holland.
July 7, 1890Resolved that there shall be seven months school taught in one term commencing the first Monday in September. Resolved that there shall be two dollars and fifty cents raised on an eighty acres.
July 2, 1900Resolved that the board is authorized to admit non residents over twenty-one years of age, and to pay fifty cents a month.
July 2, 1901Resolved that there shall be eight months school commencing on the first Monday in September.
July 3, 1903Resolved that we build a new couple outbuidling before the commencement of school and use the old lumber as much as possible.
July 5, 1904Resolved that there be nine months school the ensuing year commnecing on the first Monday in September and it should be taught in one term.
July 2, 1906Resolved that the school house be covered with tar felting and drop siding, shingle the roof, paint the building a light color. Put in a new floor and paint inside white. Resolved that we hire a janitor to build the fire this year.
July 6, 1909Resolved that we have a week's vacation during the holidays; Resolved the board be instructed to change the front door to swing out in place of in.
July 7, 1913Resolved that the school house be repaired by tearing out partitions, lathing and plastering the whole room, and building an addition for entry 8x10x8-feet high and a wood shed 10x12x7-feet high.
July 3, 1916Resolved that the board buy a 4x7 wool flag and a 24 foot steel staff.
July 1, 1918Motion made and seconded that each property owner in the district shall haul one good load of gravel on Wednesday July 3 or Monday July 8 or pay a penalty of two dollars.
July 2, 1923Motion was made and seconded to insure school house for two thousand dollars against fire and eighteen hundred for storm.
July 1, 1928Moved and seconded that the district shall raise no money for a new school fund.
July 8, 1935Motion made that school buy playground equipment not to exceed fifty dollars.
July 9, 1945On motion duly made, seconded and passed it was decided that the district furnish free text books.
July 12, 1948Motion made, seconded and carried that the board see to having an attorney draw up a resolution against consolidating rural schools and have district sign it.
August 1, 1955A motion was made and seconded to take a vote whether the school board should go ahead with building an addition to the school and installing modern conveniences subject to getting proper drainage and passing state inspection. 20 votes cast: 16 yes, 4 no.
March 4, 1958A special informational school district meeting was held Tuesday, March 4 at 8 o'clock at the school house for the purpose of discussing a possible consolidation with Hoard School District; A motion was made and seconded that a ballot be taken to vote on the consolidation issue; Those favoring consolidation with Hoard were to vote yes and those opposed voting no. The results of the ballot: 9 yes, 33 no.
July 25, 1960Much discussion brought up a motion that school district dissolve after July 1, 1961 and that the school board make preparations to join some high school district or districts by July 1, 1961; Motion made, seconded and passed. Ballot vote "yes" in favor of the motion and "no" not in favor. 31 votes cast; 31 votes yes; motion made and passed to authorize the school board to make a survey of residents of school district as to which high school district they wish to join.

Liberty School Sponsors
{Through September 15, 2003}

Founders ClubPrincipals Club
Dykstra Engineering - Richard and Linda Dykstra
Oostburg Concrete / Field Tree Reality - Helen and Gordon Veldboom
A. N. Ansay & Associates
Al Behrens
Claerbout Excavating
Mary A. Dykstra
Lawrence and Carol Entress
Nicholas Heinen Family
Burton Jandt
Kohler Co.
Joel Lubbers - In Memory of Mrs. Ardell Lubbers
Richard and Evonne Musbach
Dorothy Moll Estate - In Memory of Arthur and Dorothy Moll
Sun Graphics - Terry and Mary Kay Evans Family
Wester Electric
Duane and Mary Wilterdink
Zaida's Antiques - Zaida Thompson
Directors ClubVice-Principals Club
Best Lumber - John and Penny Best
In Honor of Andrew P. Didier
Dystra Engineering 2001-2003 Basketball Teams
Al and Marilyn Goeman
Jackson Concrete
In Honor of Orlo O. Torke
In Honor of Marie Didier Watry and Raymond J. Watry
Bill and Lorna Wulff
AC Signs
Bob and Rita Burfeind
Sam, Cathy and Kelly Colson
Ray and Carol Edwards
Jan Eernisse - Eernisse Chimney Repair
Ted Grob Corporation
Wayne and Carol Hogue Family
H & K Concrete
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Klapproth, Sr.
Randy and Lynn Kulow Family
Navis & DeBlaey Mason Contractors
Carolyn Neerhof
Oostburg Area Schools' Teacher and Staff - In Honor of Doris Phipps
Ozaukee County Area Retired Teachers Assocaition
James R. and Suzanne M. Peterson
Loschel Pierringer
John and Margery Ten Dolle
David TerMaat
Debi Zeinert
Zaun Memorial Foundation, LTD.
Superintendents ClubBooster Club
Delores Bruce
Cedar Grove-Belgium 1002-2002 Third Grade Class
Jean DeRuyter
Jeff and Lori Dutter - Creative Design Studio
In Honor of Henry and Elsie Dykstra
James H. Dykstra
Prof. Robert Dykstra
Grandpa's Workshop - Robert Sass
Mark and Jean Hesselink
Henry Kultgen Construction
Oostburg State Bank
Mike Salkowski - In Memory of Carol Salkowski
Steve's Painting - Steve and Kris Rogers
Steve TenPas Drywall
In Honor of John E. and Margaret TerMaat
Wisconsin State Bank - Random Lake
Willard & Minnie Dykstra
Wensink Heating
Sylvia and Eugene Wassink
Sidney Dykstra
Shaver Water Conditioning
Russell Vanderkin
Al and Betty DeMarce
Roy and Donna DeMarce Fenske
Rosaleen Vanderkin Hanson
Plymouth Woman's Club
Phil and May Van Tatenhove
Nancy Odgen
Michael and Mary Murphy
Michael and Mary Huenink
Mark and Judy O'Connell
Marie Neerhof
Harriet and Lloyd Debbink
Larry & Lori Rooker
Lakeside Foods
Keith and Marilyn Brill
Katie Evans
John and Sandy Knuth
John and Sally Henderson
Joe, Ann and Jenny Watry
James Burnett Family
Jack and Jody VanEss
Irene Schulz
Holly Spaeth - In Honor of Lillian Lubner
Gladys B. Hartmann
Gene and Marilyn Charles
Expedition Log Homes
Eugene Moll
Eric, Christine, and Abigail Paulus
Duane and Jill DuMez
Debbie and Bill Frier
Dean and Sue Voskuil
DCW Appraisals / Realty
David and Karla Jensema
Daniel and Sally Obbink Family
Dale and Donna Bitter
Craig and JoAnn DuMez
Carlton Automotive
Bonnie Gruepink - In Memory of Duane Gruepink
Alice Perronne
Al and Betty DeMarce
Karen Morris
Rev. Edward C. and Ruth J. Renz
Eleanor Prom
Kate and Mike John
Abbey O'Day
Martha Steigerwald
Mark and Pam Mentink
Lake Church Lakeshore League
Jeff and Pat Horness
Jeff and Katie Kaul
East-Holland Citizens League
Audrey and Lamont Kaland
Arlene Schmidt
Tom, Cheryl, and Tim Stubbe
Beatrice Scholz
Amy Schmitz
Teddy Spiegelberg
Instructors ClubLiberty School Volunteers
Steve and Cindy Heinen
John and Cindy Thill Family
Dan and Leona Theune
Dan and Pat Winkler Family
Curt & Deb Gruenwald
Floyd and Elizabeth Miller
Elaine Nulph
Ozaukee Ace Hardware - Paul Kalies
Brian Gesch Insurance
Arlene Jandt Breckheimer
U. S. Bank - Sheboygan
Steve and Kim Harder
Ruth Moll Wilmington
Ron and Lee Sternard
Roethel Electric
Robert and Lee Van Tatenhove
Rick and Paula Gaumer
Randy and Denise Prinsen
Oostburg Area Schools
Nyhof Custom Gutter & Aluminum
Navis Custom Builders
Mr. and Mrs. Richard TerMaat
Marty and Joyce Gadzichowski
John and Renee Herrick
Jeff and Paula Risseeuw - In Honor of Margery Ramaker
Grafton State Bank
Elwood TenHaken
Daven and Teresa Claerbout
Daane Hardware
Community Bank & Trust
Mike and Marybeth Demianiuk Family
Kevin and Lori Telschow Family
Helen Wilterdink - In Memory of Arthur Wilterdink
Margaret TerMaat
Rich, Linda and Jordan Dykstra - In Honor of Doris Phipps
Robert and Linda Pils
Jerome Huss
Cedar Grove Museum
Sally Ketterhagen
Erin Schmidt
Phil and Jean Steinke
William Zurn
Thomas and Mary Frank
Roger Meyer
Genevieve Francois
Richard and Linda Dykstra
Helen and Gordon Veldboom
Jeff and Lori Dutter
Al and Marilyn Goeman
Oostburg Concrete
Jackson Concrete
John Best
Henry Kultgen
Jan Eernisse
Steve Rogers
John and Margery Ten Dolle
Ray Edwards
Navis and DeBlaey Masonary
Robert Sass
Wester Electric
Claerbout Excavating
Lawrence and Carol Entress
John Thill
Erin Schmidt
Kally Ketterhagen
Cathy Colson
Bill and Lorna Wulff
Robert Kaul
Arnold Kaul
Elwood TenHaken
Curt Gruenwald
Harriet Jentsch
Al and Karen Remmel

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