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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Sheboygan County Land Patent Records

Patentee NameSignature DateDocument Nr.Accession Nr.
Vallier, Joseph 09/01/18488456Wi1290__.387
Van Camp, Charles R.08/02/185215407Wi1420__.395
Van Den, George D.08/01/184910046Wi1330__.001
Van Den, George D.08/01/184910047Wi1330__.002
Van Driest, Daniel08/01/184910370Wi1330__.320
Van Driest, Daniel07/01/18487405Wi1270__.353
Van Driest, Peter 08/01/184910369Wi1330__.319
Van Patten, Peter05/10/18484332Wi1210__.337
Van Wie, Abram H.05/10/18484333Wi1210__.338
Vanderbergh, William 08/01/184910614Wi1340__.064
Vanderpoel, Aaron 05/15/18371568Wi1140__.001
Vandon, Peter 11/07/18371689Wi1160__.050
Vanwie, Abram H.05/02/185925200Wi1600__.056
Vanwie, Enoch 09/01/18488680Wi1300__.110
Vassar, Matthew 08/15/184912019Wi1360__.436
Vaughn, Elias 08/01/184910379Wi1330__.329
Veile, Minan S.08/15/184912021Wi1360__.438
Veldhorst, Gerrit 08/01/18499546Wi1320__.006
Veldhorst, Gerrit 08/01/18499552Wi1320__.012
Veldhorst, Gerrit 08/01/18499611Wi1320__.071
Veldhorst, Gerrit 08/01/184910711Wi1340__.161
Verdon, Matthew 05/02/185925082Wi1590__.457
Verdouw, Jacob 08/02/185215342Wi1420__.340
Verhage, Jacob P.08/01/184910507Wi1330__.457
Verplank, Isaac B.08/01/184910380Wi1330__.330
Verting, Ernst 07/01/18487346Wi1270__.299
Vrigheid, Frederick 08/01/184910506Wi1330__.456
Vrijheid, Hendrick07/01/18487493Wi1270__.439
Vrijheid, Hendrik 07/01/18487406Wi1270__.354

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