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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Sheboygan County Land Patent Records

Patentee NameSignature DateDocument Nr.Accession Nr.
Oatling, Ludewig 09/01/18488618Wi1300__.049
Obrien, Terence 08/02/185215494Wi1420__.472
Oconnel, William 08/01/184910376Wi1330__.326
Oconnor, Barney 08/01/184910367Wi1330__.317
Oconnor, Barney 08/01/184910712Wi1340__.162
Odell, Lewis02/22/185820886Wi1520__.142
Odell, Zachariah 01/05/189234051Wi1770__.310
Oehrling, Ernest A. 08/01/184910986Wi1340__.426
Oken, Mathias 04/10/185620689Wi1500__.159
Oneil, William 08/01/18499640Wi1320__.100
Oneil, William 02/01/18486660Wi1260__.119
Oniel, Thomas 09/01/184912235Wi1370__.152
Oniel, Thomas 09/01/184912663Wi1380__.080
Onselman, Balls 08/01/18499689Wi1320__.148
Oosterhuis, Albert L.03/01/185013444Wi1390__.285
Oriley, Barney 09/01/18488460Wi1290__.391
Orourke, Michael09/01/184912816Wi1380__.220
Osborne, John J.10/02/185416820Wi1440__.182
Ott, Carl 03/01/185013136Wi1390__.010
Owen, Martin09/01/184912358Wi1370__.245
Owen, Martin07/01/18487423Wi1270__.371
Owen, Peter 07/01/18486900Wi1260__.358
Ozmun, Jacob 03/01/18485058Wi1230__.048

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