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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Sheboygan County Land Patent Records

Patentee NameSignature DateDocument Nr.Accession Nr.
Jackson, Jonathan 08/01/184910360Wi1330__.310
Jackson, Silas T.05/10/18484002Wi1210__.038
Jansen, Hendrick 09/01/184912172Wi1370__.094
Jenkins, Asa K.08/01/184910725Wi1340__.175
Jennings, Samuel 03/01/18484863Wi1220__.355
Jerome, Samuel C.07/01/18487246Wi1270__.199
Jewett, David11/07/18371678Wi1160__.040
Jewett, George 08/01/184910958Wi1340__.401
Jienger, Christian G.07/01/1848 7300Wi1270__.253
Johnson, Amos08/01/184910027Wi1320__.485
Johnson, Belinda 07/01/18487303Wi1270__.256
Johnson, Cyrus 05/10/18483501Wi1200__.044
Johnson, Cyrus 05/10/18484303Wi1210__.308
Johnson, James H.09/01/18488837Wi1300__.266
Johnson, John 08/01/184910356Wi1330__.306
Johnson, John 08/02/185214989Wi1420__.046
Johnson, John 02/01/18432358Wi1170__.284
Johnson, John 03/01/18485303Wi1230__.282
Johnson, John 07/01/18487407Wi1270__.355
Johnson, John 09/01/18488177Wi1290__.121
Johnson, John 08/01/18499601Wi1320__.061
Johnson, Michael08/01/184910615Wi1340__.065
Johnson, Willard P.02/01/18431649Wi1170__.099
Johnson, William 08/01/184911871Wi1360__.278
Johnson, William 03/01/18485304Wi1230__.283
Johnson, William H.07/01/18487253Wi1270__.206
Johnston, Alexander 08/10/18371175Wi1150__.089
Jones, David 08/10/18371353Wi1150__.249
Jones, Ebenezer 08/01/18499702Wi1320__.161
Jones, John H.12/01/186226214Wi1620__.175
Jones, William 08/10/18371005Wi1140__.424
Jordan, Thomas 08/10/185014912Wi1410__.472
Joslin, Jay P.02/22/1858 21826Wi1540__.016
Joslin, Jay P.02/22/1858 22417Wi1550__.066
Jossling, Frederick 02/22/185822796Wi1550__.408
Judd, Josiah 08/15/184912049Wi1360__.461
Junean, Solomon 09/01/184912454Wi1370__.325
Junean, Solomon 03/01/18484785Wi1220__.283
Junean, Solomon 03/01/18484786Wi1220__.284

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