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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Sheboygan County Land Patent Records

Patentee NameSignature DateDocument Nr.Accession Nr.
Earnisse, Isaac 08/01/184910727Wi1340__.177
Eastman, Almon 02/01/18486440Wi1250__.402
Easton, John R.05/10/18483884Wi1200__.423
Easton, John R.05/10/18484331Wi1210__.336
Easton, John R.09/01/18487886Wi1280__.322
Eberhard, Herman02/22/185822129Wi1540__.299
Edmonston, Charles 11/07/18371823Wi1160__.172
Efner, Elijah D.06/28/18411099Wi1170__.032
Efner, Elijah D.06/28/18411103Wi1170__.034
Egelhoff, John 08/01/18499508Wi1310__.468
Eggleston, Henry06/10/187028210Wi1650__.484
Eggli, Abraham 04/01/185618229Wi1470__.110
Ehlers, Diederich 07/01/18487301Wi1270__.254
Eifler, John 04/01/185617879Wi1460__.300
Eihelbuss, John J.09/01/18488928Wi1300__.355
Eitelbuss, Jacob 02/22/185820694Wi1510__.482
Ellis, Joel 08/01/18499622Wi1320__.082
Ellis, Samuel08/10/18371063Wi1140__.480
Ellis, Samuel08/10/18371064Wi1140__.481
Ellis, Samuel08/10/18371472Wi1150__.355
Ennis, Mathew 02/22/185820379Wi1510__.372
Ernesse, Peter J.09/01/18488624Wi1300__.055
Evans, David 08/10/18371357Wi1150__.253
Evans, David 11/07/18371883Wi1160__.225
Evans, Owen 08/01/184910037Wi1320__.494
Eyer, George 08/01/184911290Wi1350__.225

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