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Source: Sheboygan Press, June 18, 1927

Two Graduates of Kohler High School are Honored

Two graduates of the Kohler high school, Viola Berlin and Gerald Pool, have been awarded the Kohler Family scholarships at the state university.

These scholarships are maintained through a fund given to the University of Wisconsin for this purpose and which is to be administered by the Board of Regents through its trust fund committee. it is to be invested in sound securities, yielding, if possible, not less than 5 percent each year.

The girsl scholarship is created to encourage annually a deserving girl graduate of the public high school at Kohler to attend the state university. It is given by the Missess Evangeline, Marie and Lillie Kohler, Walter J. Kohler, and Herbert V. Kohler. It shall be awarded only to candidates whose intention it is to complete a four year course at the university.

The recipient must have attended the high school in the village of Kohler at least three consecutive years and must be a member of the current graduating class.

Selection will be made onthe basis of personal records of the candidates, as follows, indicating a serious purpose and thoughtful preparation for a wholesome and well rounded life:

1. Character
2. Scholarship
3. Reasonable participation in school activities including athletics.

The award committee will consist of five members, the presiding member of the school board, the superintendant of schools, the principal of the high school and two members of the Kohler family, preferably of those giving this scholarship.

In the even that the offices of the presiding member of the school board, superintendent of schools, and principal of the high school, or any of them, should be vacant, the vacancy or vacancies on this committee shall be filled from among the members of the high school faculty, by the other members of the committee.

The two membes of the Kohler family to serve on this award committee are Miss Marie C. Kohler and Walter J. Kohler. They shall respectively name their successors and the Kohler family memberhips on this committee shall be self perpetuating. Should one committee member of the Kohler family fail to designate a successor the place may be filled by an appointee of the other Kohler family member.

The award committee shall meet once a year at least ten days before the graduating exercises.

The time for the annual meeting will be fixed by the chariman of the award committee who shall be the principal of the high school.

Should the award committee find no one qualified for the current year, the income for that year shall be applied to the permanent fund.

Should the successful candidate elect to postpone matricualting in the university for not more than two years, she may do so without losing the scholarship, but after that period the amount which would have been awarded to her will be applied to the permanent fund.

In no case should the total sum of the scholarship award to any one person amount to more than $500. When the income from the fund permits, additional scholarships on this basis may be awarded.

One fourth of the award is to be paid immediatley after the candidate has enrolled in her first year at the university. One-fourth is to be paid immediately after the opening of the second semester. The balance is not to be paid unless the student has completed her first year at the university in a manner satisfactory to the faculty. Then one-fourth is to be paid immediately after enrolling for the second year and the balance is to be paid immediately after the openeing of the second semester.

The boy's scholarship is based upon the same regulations as those for the awarding of the girl's scholarship. Each of the two scholarship funds has a total of $10,000.

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