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This Story was transcribed & Contributed by: Laurie Broetzmann

Jack in the Pulpit

By John H. Kramer

A long time ago while an old man was walking towards a village, he had to pass an old church, which was on the left side of the road. While the old man was walking along the road he happened to look toward the church and he saw a boy standing near. So he asked him to tell him his name. The boy then said, "My name is Jack."

The old man was just walking away when Jack began to tease him. The old man then became very angry, and ran after Jack, and Jack ran and hid in the pulpit of the church.

The old man saw him go into the church but did not know where he hid. So he looked all over, excepting in the pulpit but could not find him.

So he then said, "I will punish you before I go." He then held a lighted match to the church and Jack and the church were burned.

The next year there grew a plant on the same place where Jack was standing in the pulpit. This plant seemed to be like a pulpit which is in a church, with a boy standing in it. From this the plant got its name "Jack-in-the-Pulpit."

(Note: This story was included in the booklet, The Origin of Flowers, which was written in June 1906)

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