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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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History of Sheboygan County


     Sheboygan County was first associated with Brown, Fond du Lac and Manitowoc Counties, for representation in the Territorial Council and House of Representatives, and was so represented in the session of 1840-41; In the Legislature of 1841-42 Portage was united with the counties already named. In the next Legislature (that of 1842-43), Brown, Calumet, Fond du Lac, Manitowoc, Marquette, Portage, Sheboygan and Winnebago were associated for representative purposes. This organization was maintained until the session of 1847, when Washington and Sheboygan Counties were coupled for representation, and so remained until the State organization. During this time, Sheboygan County was represented by resident members in the Legislatures of 1840-41 and 1841-42 by Hon. David Giddings, and by Hon. Harrison C. Hobart in the session of 1847. F. M. Rublee, of this county, was Sergeant-at-arms of the house in the session of 1840-41. In the first Constitutional Convention, in its sessions of 1846, Sheboygan County was represented by Hon. David Giddings.

     In the second Constitutional Conventionl in its sessions of December 15, 1847, and February 11, 1848, Sheboygan and Manitowoc Counties were represented by Silas Steadman. The political history of the county since the State organization cannot better be recorded than by giving the names of those who have been elected to seats in the Legislature from year to year:

     1848--Senate, Harrison C. Hobart, Sheboygan. Assembly, Charles E. Morris, Sheboygan; Jedediah Brown, Sheboygan Falls.

     1849--Assembly, Harrison C. Hobart (elected Speaker), Jedediah Brown.

     1850--Assembly, Horatio N. Smith, Sheboygan; Francis G. Manney, Lyndon.

     1851--Assembly, Albert D. La Due, Sheboygan; John D. Murphy, Sheboygan Falls.

     1852--Assembly, James McMillan Shafter, Sheboygan (elected Speaker); David B. Conger, Greenbush.

     1853--Senate, Horatio N. Smith, Sheboygan. Assembly, David Taylor, Sheboygan; Charles B. Coleman, Greenbush.

     1854--Senate, Horatio N. Smith, Plymouth. Assembly, Adolph Rosenthal, Sheboygan; John Mattes, Rhine.

     1855--Senate, David Taylor, Sheboygan. Assembly, Joseph Schrage, Sheboygan; Luther H. Cary, Greenbush.

     1856--Senate, David Taylor. Assembly, William Wipperman, Mosel; Reed C. Brazelton, Scott.

     1857--Senate, E. Fox Cook, Sheboygan. Assembly, Zebulon P. Mason, Sheboygan; Robert H. Hotchkiss, Plymouth; Glenville W. Stone, Winooski.

     1858--Senate, E. Fox Cook. Assembly, Zebulon P. Mason, William H. Prentice, Sheboygan Falls; Abraham H. Van Wie, Cascade.

     1859--Senate, R. H. Hotchkiss, Plymouth. Assembly, William N. Shafter, Sheboygan; James Little, Sheboygan Falls; Stephen D. Littlefield, Sheboygan Falls.

     1860--Senate, R. H. Hotchkiss. Assembly, James T. Kingsbury, Sheboygan; Erastus W. Stannard, Greenbush; Oran Rogers, Cascade.

     1861--Senate, Luther H. Cary, Greenbush. Assembly, John Gee, Sheboygan; John Bredemeyer, Edwards; Cad. W. Humphrey, Cascade (seat successfully contested by W. F. Mitchell, of Gibbsville).

     1862--Senate, Luther H. Cary. Assembly, Godfrey Stamm, Sheboygan; John E. Thomas, Sheboygan Falls; Samuel D. Hubbard, Scott; Benjamin Dockstader, Plymouth.

     1863--Senate, John E. Thomas, Sheboygan Falls. Assembly, Carl Zillier, Sheboygan; Charles Oetling, Howard's Grove, Henry Hayes, Cascade; Benjamin Dockstader.

     1864--Senate, John E. Thomas. Assembly, Carl Zillier, Louis Wolf, Sheboggan Falls; Michael Winter, Adell; Mark Martin, Onion River.

     1865--Senate, John A. Bentley; Sheboygan. Assembly, Joseph Wedig, Sheboygan; Cephas Whipple, Sheboygan Falls; Charles Rogers, Hingham; Edwin Slade, Glenbeulah.

     1866--Senate, John A. Bentley. Assembly, Bille Williams, Sheboygan; Samuel Rounseville, Sheboygan Falls; John P. Carroll, Adell; Julius Wolff, Rhine.

     1867--Senate, Van Epps Young, Sheboygan. Assembly, Joseph Wedig, Sheboygan; R. B. Van VaIkenburg, Greenbush; George S. Graves, Sheboygan Falls.

     1868--Senate, R. H. Hotchkiss, Plymouth. Assembly, Joseph Wedig, John A. Smith, Glenbeulah; George S. Graves.

     1869--Senate, David Taylor, Sheboygan (seat unsuccessfully contested by Otto Puhlmann). Assembly, Thomas Blackstock, Sheboygan; Sylvester Caldwell, Cascade; George S. Graves.

     1870--Senate, David Taylor. Assembly Horatio G. H. Reed, Sheboygan; J. Henry McNeel, Greenbush; Jacob Blanshan, Scott.

     1871--Senate, John H. Jones, Sheboygan. Assembly, Charles Oetling, Howards Grove; Enos Eastman, Plymouth; Hiram Smith, Sheboygan Falls.

     1872--Senate, John H. Jones. Assembly, George W. Weeden, Sheboygan; Patrick H. O'Rourk, Cascade; Major Shaw, Hingham.

     1873--Senate, P. H. O'Rourk, Cascade. Assembly, Julius Bodenstab, Howard's Grove; Samuel D. Hubbard, Onion River; Louis Wolf, Sheboygan Falls.

     1875--Senate, Enos Eastman, Plymouth. Assembly, Joseph Wedig, William Noll, Cascade; Louis Wolf.

     1877--Assembly, Joseph Wedig, Samuel D. Hubbard, Ambrose D. DeLand, Sheboygan Falls.

     1878--Senate, Louis Wolf, Sheboygan Falls. Assembly, Gust A. Willard, Sheboygan; James W. White, Random Lake; J. L. Shepard, Sheboygan Falls.

     1879--Senate, Louis Wolf. Assembly, Wilbur M. Root, Sheboygan; La Fayette Eastman, Plymouth; James Allen, Jr., Adell.

     1880--Senate, Patrick H. Smith, Plymouth. Assembly, Wilbur M. Root, Eugene McIntyre, Waldo; John Ruch, Boltonville.

     1881--Senate, Patrick H. Smith. Assembly, August Selsemeyer, Howard's Grove; M. D. L. Fuller, Plymouth; Roswell H. Tripp, Hingham.

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