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Contributed by: Kay R.

This photo appeared in The Sheboygan Press on March 12, 1956.

One of Sheboygan County's Longest-Lived Residents was Mrs. Marium Clark, of Cascade, who was almost 90 years old when this picture was taken on May 1, 1901, and who lived to be almost 103 years old. Mrs. Clark is in the front row seated between another nonegenarian, H. J. Palmer, 91, left, her brother-in-law, and C. W. Humphrey, 80, right. Dale Ford, now of the town of Lyndon, is the boy on the ground in front of Mrs. Clark, and the little girl at right is Belle Clark, now Mrs. H. G. Liebenstein, of Cascade. A granddaughter of Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Liebenstein, is the one who loaned the picture for publication. Behind Grandma Clark are: W. W. Ford, of the town of Lyndon, and Mrs. Frank Ford, the two women at right are Mrs. W. W. Ford, front, and the Rev. Ida Richards Marquardt, and the girl at left holding the horse is Verni Ford, now Mrs. Albert Butters, of Cascade. Seated behind W. W. Ford are, from left to right, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phalen, Selmer Ford and Mr. and Mrs William Skelton, and in the rear row are Mr. and Mrs. Austin Hinckley, Frank Ford, Mr. and Mrs. John Burke and G. W. Clark.

Contributed by: Kay R.

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