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The George Kuhn Family

Children of Georg Kuhn & Appalona Nabb Kukn. Phillip was born March 24, 1858 Appalona died in childbirth and Georg married her sister Gertrude Nabb and had 7 children. From Left to right Clare Becker b. Sept. 24, 1885, John Kuhn b. May 11, 1875. Jacobine Mellen b. March 31, 1873, Louis Kuhn b. Feb. 23, 1869, William Kuhn b. Dec. 23, 1866, George Kuhn b. Feb. 10, 1865. Margaretha Klumb b. July 27, 1863, and Phillip Kuhn b. March 24, 1858. George Died on Jan. 28, 1920 so the picture was taken before 1920 The Kuhn Farm was in Rhine Township.

Contributed by: Bill Mellen

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