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Mary Alice Condon Family History

The following Family History was contributed by: John Skeffington

Mary Alice Condon was born in Holland on January 29,1876.

Married: April 22, 1896 to Dominic Rogan in Chicago, Illinois.

Children: The birth of 2 children were listed. The first was only listed as "Rogan Child" born Aug. 18, 1910. The Second child, Eileen Rita Cecilla Rogan, born March 29, 1913. Both children were born in Chicago, Illinois.

Brother: William H. Condon was living at 4236 North Mozart Street in Chicago, Illinois on March 25, 1955

Mary Alice Condon is my great-grandmother. Dominic Rogan immigrated from England October 19, 1892. I believe he was a boarder at the Condon home. It is my understanding that they eloped in Chicago and that her father, William Condon did not speak to her again for years. My great aunt Elsie (oldest of the Rogan children), told me that when she was young, her mother (Mary Alice) referred to her father as "mud", and for several years thought that her grandfather's name was "Mr. Mud".

Dominic and Mary Alice Rogan had 9 children, all born in Chicago.

Elsie Ann = Female = 3/7/1897
Frances = Male = 12/15/1898
Harold = Male = 1901
George = Male = abt. 1903
Mary Alice = Female = 10/9/1904
Eiliene Rita = Female = 3/29/1913
Edward Thomas = Male = 1907
Loretta = Female = 8/18/1910
Vincent = Male = 1915

Mary Alice died in June of 1905, at about 8 months apparently of some form of cancer.

Eiliene died in January of 1917 short of her 4th birthday.

George died in October of 1918 of a ruptured appendix. The doctor apologized at the funeral, because it was during the flu epidemic and he mis-diagnosted his illness.

Vincent died in 1934.

Dominic died in 1931 and Mary Alice died in 1960.

My mother lived with her grandmother for many years. Although loving, she had because rather bitter as she never really got past the death of 4 of her children.

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