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Boll Family History

The following Family History was contributed by: Dennis Boll

Joachim {Bull} Boll {1849 - 1923} came to America when he was 15 years from Rostack, Mechlenburg, Germany with his parents, Johann Bull {1804 - 1874} and Sophia {Bitter} Bull {1811 - 1880} and his sister Frederica {1854 - 1928}. They came having received glowing accounts from relatives already here.

Johann bought a farm north of Sheboygan Falls in an area settled by Mechlenburg relatives. Roads were poor and much land had to be cleared. Simple farm machinery was appearing making farming some what easier than customs in Germany.

Joachim farmed with his father, mother and sister. On February 25, 1873 he married Maria Froh {1853 - 1911}, daughter of Heinrich Froh {1798 - 1888} and Maria L. {Anel} Froh {1826 - 1878}. Joachim and Maria stayed on the farm with Johann and Sophia. Frederica married Christian Harder {1854 - 1928} and settled on the south half of the farm.

Joachim and Maria had eight children, namely Emma, Gustave, John, Ernst C. {born October 15, 1882}, Otto, Harry, Elsie A. {born January 31, 1892} and Adele.

When Joachim retired from farming, he made his home on the family farm with his son Otto {1885 - 1968} who had married Helen Millert {1891 - 1942}. They specialized in raising a high grade of Freisan cattle. This made the third generation of the Boll family to own and operate the farm. The Bull named was changed to Boll about 1910. Otto had two children. Norman went to Colorado for his health. Gertrude {Lyle} Schroeter settled in the West Bend area. Otto's second marriage to Hilda Edler brought a step-daughter Althea {Robert} Rausch to the family.

John {1879 - 1954} bought a nearby farm and married Anna Berth {1886 - 1951}. They had nine children: Milton {Cal.}, Arno {Sheboygan}, Elna {Herbert} Klemme, Sheboygan Falls; Wilma {Carl} Erdman, {Stayed on John's Farm}; Henry Cal., Walter, Hugo, Edna Daugerda Burke, Rockford, Ill.; and Norbert, Plymouth. John was treasurer of Sheboygan County from 1919 - 1920. He was well read in theology and well versed in Darwin's theory of evolution. He and Anna made many trips to California where he worked on a poinsettia farm.

Harry {1889 - 1946} married Tillie Schomberg {1890 - 1971}. They had eight children: Hubert of Plymouth, Elmer of Watertown, Elvers {Melvin} Voss of Plymouth, Luellen {Willard} Greisch of Cedarburg, Florence {Lloyd} Haas of Sheboygan, Marvin of Sheboygan, & Harry Jr. of Appleton. Besides farming Harry had an apple orchard. Raymond continued his father's dairy farm.

Elsie {1892 - 1981} married Louis Arnoldi {1888 - 1968} on an adjoining farm. Besides dairying they operated a leghorn chicken hatchery. Elsie and Louis had two children; Marion {Harold} Lemkuil of Sheboygan and Jerome, who stayed on the farm.

Gustave {1881 - 1918} married Laura Kaufmann {1889 - 1974}. He had a cheese factory near Five Corners. He was a victim of the influenza epidemic during World War I. His three children were Milfried of Sheboygan, Mildred {Alfred} Gerber of Sheboygan and Bernadine of Madison.

Emma {1878 - 1953} married Rudolph Dassow {1872 - 1933} a Town of Falls Cheesemaker. The family later moved to a cheese factory in Sheboygan Falls which later became the Sheboygan Falls Creamery Co. The family included Myrtha {Raymond} Wedepohl, Edgar, Ralph all of Sheboygan Falls, Erma of Racine, Ellen {Charles} Voigt of Florida and Willard of Brown Deer.

Ernst {1882 - 1966} married Frances Krepsky {1889 - 1981} and had a cheese factory in Erdman after graduating from University of Wisconsin short course for cheese makers. He joined the directors of the Sheboygan Falls Creamery Co. as vice-president about 1920, later becoming president. He experimented with various cheeses including cook and hand cheese. Ernst and Frances had one child, Lucille {Walter} Ashman of Sheboygan Falls.

Adele {1894 - 1971} went to work in Milwaukee, married Dick Becker and later Otto Helwig.

Joachim left a legacy of eight children and 32 grandchildren.

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