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Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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Daane Family History - USA

The following Family History was contributed by: Art Daane

1. Pieter Cornelisse Daane married to Elisabeth Janse de Pagter {One son was born from this marriage}

1a. Pieter Pieterse Daane, born 18 November 1811, Westkapelle, died 18 mei 1880, Holland, Wisconsin {Dike labourer} - married 2 mei 1834, Westkapelle Pieternella van den Driest, born 20 September 1812, Westkapelle, died 5 February 1869, {Domestic Servant} {Nine children were born from this family}

1b. Jan Daane, born 7 December 1837, Westkapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands

2b. Adriaan Daane, Born 4 December 1840, Westkapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands.

3b. Apalonia Daane, born 6 jan 1844, New York, NY, died 26 aug 1901, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - married 23 November 1863, Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Daniel Theune, born 21 August 1832, Westkapelle, died 4 Died 1899, {Dike labourer/Farmer}.

4b. Elizabeth Daane, born 23 November 1846, New York, NY - unknown relation with Isaac de Smidt

5b. John Daane, born 31 January 1849, Wisconsin, died 8 July 1885, {Fisherman} - married 20 April 1876, Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Lourina Theune, born 24 March 1854, Westkapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, died 18 November 1929, Wisconsin. {Six Children were born from this marriage}

1c. John Daane, born 12 December 1878, Wisconsin, died 18 November 1969

2c. N.N. Daane, born 1883, Wisconsin

3c. Adrian Daane, born 1881, Wisconsin, died 1884, Wisconsin

4c. Adriana Daane, born 27 November 1884, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

5c. Adrian Daane, no info

6c. Peter A. Daane, born 30 September 1866, Oostburg, Wisconsin, died 6 January 1930, Sheboygan, WI. - married 23 December 1891 to Josina Taillie, born 7 July 1870, Sheboygan, WI, died 11 February 1937, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. {Two boys were born from this marriage}

1d. Jennie Daane, born 14 April 1894, Oostburg, Wisconsin

2d. Henry Daane, born 7 October 1896, Oostburg, Wisconsin

6b. William Daane, born 20 sep 1851, Wisconsin.

7b. Pieternella Daane, born 3 August 1855, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - unknown relation with Adrian Lynse

8b. Unknown Daane.

The Hon. Pieter Daane & Suzanna Eernisse {see 9b}

9b. The Hon. Pieter Daane, born 26 March 1835, Westkapelle, died. 7 June 1914, Oostburg, Wisconsin. [Son of Pieter Pieterse Daane and Pieternella van den Driest] - Married Susanna Eernisse, born 31 July 1833, Cadzand, Zeeland, Netherlands on 28 September 1854, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. {Daughter of Pieter Jacobus Eernisse and Susanna Clicquennoi.} {Four boys and 5 girls were born from this marriage}.

1c. Susanna Daane, born 22 September 1855, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - married 8 December 1875 te Sheboygan, Wisconsin to William de Munck, born, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

2c. Pieternella Daane, born 13 June 1857, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - married 7 July 1880 to G. Hundling, born, Breda, Iowa, {Presbyterian minister of Breda, Iowa.

3c. Peter J. Daane, born 1 March 1860, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, {Merchant} - married 14 May 1884 to Johanna Huibregtse, born, Oostburg, Wisconsin. {Four children were born from this marriage}

1d. Susan Francis Daane, born 9 March 1885

3d. Francina Suzanna Daane, born 11 November 1886

2d. Nellie Daane, born 9 April 1889

4d. Arnand Daane, born 23 January 1892

4c. Aplonia Daane, born. 8 January 1862, Sheboygan, Wisconsin - married John A. Zuurmond {Farmer} on 10 June 1884

5c. Jacobus Pieter Daane, born 24 November 1864, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, died 7 April 1937 te USA, {Miller} - married 28 April 1887, Sheboygan, Wisconsin to Maria Theune, born 4 January 1864, Holland, Wiisconsin, died 1941, Wisconsin.

6c. Elizabeth Daane, born, 26 June 1869, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. died 6 December 1935 - married John Theune, born 15 April 1866, Oostburg on 23 June 1887. died 10 August 1941.

7c. Matthew Daane, born 15 November 1871, Wisconsin.

8c. Adriana Daane, born 2 February 1873, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

9c. Adrian G. Daane, born, 10 August 1877, Wisconsin

Other migrated Daane families to the USA in the early 1900's settled at 38 Pasadena, Detroit, Michigan are:

From the Daane Family Genealogy {Netherlands}

3f. Jan Daane, born 1874, Kapelle, Zeeland, Netherlands, {Butcher} - married 18 November 1895 to Dina Cornelia Bakker, born 1875, Heikenszand, Zeeland, Netherlands. {Migrated to Detroit, Michigan in the early 1900's} {Two boys, and two grandsons were born from this marriage}

1g. Marinus Daane, no further information.

1h. Robert Daane, no further information.

2g. Johannes Daane, no further information.

1h. Unnamed boy, no further information.

6f. Huibrecht Daane, no further info. {He also Migrated to Detriot, Michigan} {One boy was born}

6g. Jacobus Daane, no further info.

Both John and Huibrecht worked for Ford!

All further information concerning the USA Daane families was lost when my exterior hard drive crashed.

Kind regards,
Art. {Adriaan Marinus} Daane. Presently living at:
3 Bickley Road
Gordon's Bay, 7140
South Africa

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