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Walsh Family History

The following Family History was contributed by: Lois Andrews

The records found were only of James Walsh, James Walsh (1821) and Thomas Walsh (1823) in Sheboygan County in 1850. In 1855 Census only one James Walsh mentioned which must be James Walsh & Esther Kennedy married in 1848. Donít know whom the other James Walsh that was mentioned in 1850? In 1860 Census, it mentions Catherine age 60 living with son, John. It is assumed that the first James Walsh (died before 1855) who was married to Catherine (mother). In the 1855 Sheboygan County Census, it mentions James, John, Thomas and Patrick Walsh all living in the Town of Lima. There is also a Peter Walsh living in the town of Sheboygan Falls in 1855 and his parents were Patrick and Mary Walsh.

James Walsh born 1821 in Ireland and died 9-16-1899 in Sheboygan. He is buried at the Catholic Cemetery in Sheboygan. He married Esther Kennedy on 3-30-1848. She is the daughter of John Kennedy and Mary Mcgraw. She was born on 4-11-1827 in Ireland and died in Milwaukee, WI on 2-16-1909. Esther ran off leaving behind 3 small children.

Children of James Walsh and Esther Kennedy:

Mary E. Walsh born 3-11-1851 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI. She married Michael Miley. (Brother and sister, Michael Miley & Bridget Miley Mulvey) * page 4

Peter Walsh born on 5-9-1853 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI. He married Catherina OíConnor on 8-6-1878.

Esther Martha Jacobi Walsh born 4-8-1854 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI. She married Edwin Charles Hampson on 11-30-1876. He was born 1852 in Ohio.

Catherine Walsh born 4-4-1857 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI

James Walsh born on 3-27-1859 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI and died 9-16-1899.

John Walsh born on 3-16-1861 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI. He married Bertha Rammer 12-26-1890 in Sheboygan Cty. She was born in 1869.

Ellen Walsh born on 2-21-1864 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI and died 10-5-1881

Francis Walsh born on 4-12-1866 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty. WI. She married John Cosgrove.

Walter Walsh born on 6-18-1868 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI and died 7-5-1880.

Joseph Walsh born on 11-23-1872 in the Town of Lima, Sheboygan Cty, WI and died 7-12-1880.

Thomas Walsh born 1823 in Ireland. Thomas and Honoria immigrated to America. She was born in 1822 in Ireland and died before 1880. Then Thomas married Josephine (Long) Patrick. 1880 Town of Lima Census mentions Thomas Walsh age 56 of Ireland with wife (2), Josephine age 28 born (1852) of Germany and Stepdaughter, Nellie Patrick age 4 born in WI. Josephineís first husband whom she married 10-20-1872 was Georg Patrick in Sheboygan County.

Children of Thomas and Honoria Per 1870 Census:

Thomas Walsh born 1849 in Wisconsin.

Kate Walsh born 1853 in Wisconsin.

Charles Walsh born 1855 in Wisconsin.

Patrick Walsh born in 1857 in Wisconsin.

Frank Walsh born in 1859 in Wisconsin.

Michael Walsh born in 1861 in Wisconsin.

Joseph Walsh born in 1862 in Wisconsin.

John Walsh born in Ireland. Nothing else is mentioned of John Walsh after the year of 1860 Sheboygan County Census. He had his mother living with him in the Town of Lima 1860 Census.

Catherine Walsh born 1800 in Ireland.

Patrick Walsh born 1817 in Ireland and died 8-14-1891 in Sheboygan County, WI. He married Mary Plannt of Maine. She was born in 1819 in Ireland and died 5-12-1888 at 5 Corners, WI.

Children of Patrick Walsh and Mary Plantt:

Catherine Walsh born 1837 in Boston, Massachusetts and died 3-2-1884 in the Town of Lima. She was the second wife to John P. Phalen. His parents were Thomas Phalen and Mary Kennedy.

Peter Walsh born in 1839. He married Anna ? who was born in Canada.

Henry Walsh born 8-18-1845 in Milwaukee, WI and died in 1923. He married on 10-1-1869 to Frances Homson who was born in 1864 in Ohio.

Nellie or Ellen Walsh born 9-16-1846 in Milwaukee, WI and died 1-11-1878. She married John P. Phalen on 10-1-1860. She was his first wife. His parents were Thomas Phalen and Mary Kennedy

Not sure if William is a brother to James, John and Thomas or a cousin. It is assumed a cousin with the birth dates.

William born 6-1809 in Ireland and died 8-10-1913 in Town of Lima. His first wife must have died in the famine in Ireland. He arrived in 1841 in Quebec and traveled by foot to Augusta, Maine where they resided for about 12 years and Mary was his motherís name. They built a church, which is patterned after St. Rose Church in the Town of Lima. William Walsh then married Catherine Wolf in 1854 in Buffalo, NY. She was the daughter of Edward Wolf and Cathern Stanck. She was born in 1836 Ireland and died 2-4-1896 in the Town of Lima,WI. They arrived between 1867 and 1868 in Sheboygan County, WI.

Children of William Walsh and Catherine Wolf {Wife 2}

James Walsh born 10-13-1855 in Buffalo, NY

William Edward born 7-30-1857 in Buffalo, NY

Michael Walsh born 6-30-1860 in Buffalo, NY

Mary Frances Walsh born 12-18-1862 in Buffalo, NY

Thomas Walsh born 10-13-1864 in Buffalo, NY

Johanna Walsh born 12-28-1866 in Pithole, Pennsylvania

John Bernard Walsh born 2-5-1869 in the Town of Lima, WI

{NOTES: All of the above children were registered in Sheboygan County in Volume 7, pages 133 and 134 but born in Buffalo, NY and Pennsylvania.}

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