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This Family Letter was contributed by: Bob Keppel

A Letter From Henry Groh to Charles Groh

{All Spelling errors are as they appeared in the letter}

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Oct. 5, 1880

Freind Charles,

I will write you a fue lines to tell you all the news of Sheboygan the Tug W. C. Tillron Is heir towing and she was turning to git the schr Hattie Taler and the tug Bond Nutt of Manitowoc is towing mod seoms heir. Charles ther is a lott of tugs heir know the schr James E. Gilmore is heir with Cole Frank D. Barker har quit Cole alsoe Charles. The Gilmore is the vessel that was leking so bad at Sheboygan the time Fr. Geele

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went out wit a croe of men Charles the times in Sheboygan is as same as ever and I have a sporting time wit a girl. I gits my more in ever time I melate heir she is aboute the same bilt as Jinnie is Charles. Jennie & Mary is lefte heir a long while a goe thay can go to hell as long as there is a lot of soft ??? in town. Capt. Jime Donderson is ded he was sick oddly a fue days Lois Armsturff is in the U.S.T.S.S. a gin he tinks their is no pliss like Sheboygan he naw sorey he ever left the U.S.T.S.S. thay ar goin to rais the nageins in the

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Spring to $.50, amount Oley is goin to by a Tug this winter then you will see a good time in the U.S.T.S.S. in the Spring. Charles you dont like Topeka much. I woued be fonde ded in that son of a back of a place. Louis Armstruff Sends his Best Regards to you and wants you to wright to him and A. Schmitz wants you wright to him alsoe and I will say that is all my news this time.

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I hope I will no more news next time for you Charles. Best Regards of all the olde boys in Sheboygan.

Wrote in a hure.

And by the holey Jumping Jingo

Friend Charles how do you do

Yours truely,

Henry Groh

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