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This article was contributed by Debi Daniel

April, 1906 - No Newspaper Listed

{Partial Results - bottom of article is missing}

Battle of the Ballots

Theo F. Volk
Elected City Clerk for the Sixth
Successive Term

--Municipal Election Results in But Two Changes in the Present City Cabinet--
--Heavy Vote was Polled and Close Race of Candidates--
--Ackermann Again Mayor--

Contrary to the usual program, the weather clerk served us with the nicest weather of the season on election day, no doubt attributing to the large vote polled, which in the aggregate numbered about 900. The candidates and their friends were particularly active as can be noted by a small margin in which several of them were elected. The men elected in the main are democrats, with the exception of H. A. Luedke, republican, who won out for city treasurer by the narrow margin of two{sic} votes. Ald. Wm. Graef, republican of the first ward was re-elected, while Jac. Lindsay republican won the day over Gottlieb Oestreich, democrat in the seconh{sic} ward by 12 votes. Uncle Asa Carpenter, the republican candidate for supervisor in the second ward was re-elected, having no opposition. The following table gives the individual results of the ballot.

The vote for the Justice of the Supreme Court in the two wards, resulted as follows: W. H. Timlin, 270; O'Neill, 90; Bushnell, 54; Grace, 29.

There were 233 votes in opposition to the pocket ballot system and 61 in favor.

OfficeCandidate1st Ward2d WardTotal
MayorTheo F. Ackermann, dem.13772309{sic}
MayorJohn P. Wilson, S. dem.12175296{sic}
MayorI. B. Wensink, rep.11378291{sic}
ClerkTheo. F. Volk, dem.19799396{sic}
ClerkJay Eastman, rep.149109258
TreasurerH. A. Luedke, rep.158109267
TreasurerP. O. Anhalt, dem.16795262
AssessorC. F. Wandersleben, dem.227143267
AssessorE. C. Collins, rep.10760167
AldermanWm. Graef, rep.162 162
AldermanHugo Weber, S. dem.133 133
Supervisor-?H. W. Fischer, dem. 178178
Supervisor-?M. A. Koebel, rep. 128128

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