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Civil War Rosters "X, Y, Z" Surnames

NameTownship or CityDateRankUnit
Yankow, CharlesWilsonAugust 21, 1862EnlistedCo. E
York, WesleyHollandNovember 24, 1863EnlistedCo. H 1st Regiment Infantry
Young, Van EppsSheboyganOctober 7, 1861EnlistedCo. E 17th Regiment Infantry
Young, Van EpsSheboyganMarch 7, 18621st Lt.Co. H 14th Regiment Infantry
Zachow, FrederickSheboyganApril 23, 1861EnlistedCo. C 4th Regiment Cavalry
Zech, FrankHermanAugust 21, 1862EnlistedCo. C
Zeiger, FranzRhineAugust 20, 1862EnlistedCo. H 26th Regiment Infantry
Ziebarth, AugustSheboyganAugust 21, 1862EnlistedCo. E
Ziegler, LawrencePlymouthFebruary 29, 1864EnlistedCo B 27th Regiment Infantry
Zilg, ConradFranklin Enlisted6th Regiment Infantry
Zimmermann, Philip J.RhineAugust 20, 1862EnlistedCo. H 26th Regiment Infantry
Zufelt, FranklinSheboygan FallsSeptember 8, 1861EnlistedCo. B 8th Regiment Infantry
Zufelt, HoraceSheboygan FallsAugust 29, 1861EnlistedCo. B 8th Regiment Infantry
Zurheide, FrederickSheboygan Enlisted6th Regiment Infantry
Zurheider, Ernst G.SheboyganDecember 2, 1864EnlistedCo. H 14th Regiment Infantry
Zwenick, ArnoldusHolland Enlisted6th Regiment Infantry

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