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Civil War Roster for 6th Regiment Infantry

John M. Baker, Franklin
August Becker, Sheboygan
John Beste, Sheboygan
Heinrich Boedker, Herman
Charles Erbstosser, Mosel
Christian Festerling, Sheboygan
Dennis N. Johnson, Lima
Fritz Ottensmann, Sheboygan
Reuben S. Pettit, Sheboygan
John Roggensack, Mosel
Matthias Roth, Herman
Christian Schoepfel, Herman
William Siemers, Herman
Adolph Speckman, Sheboygan
Ernst Trutschel, Mosel
John Voss, Mosel
Frederick Zurheide, Sheboygan
Christian Aederman, Plymouth
Peter Augustine, Mosel
Albert Benns, Herman
William Gosse, Mosel
John Klokow, Herman
Heinrich Krumdick, Herman
Peter Larson, Franklin
Peter Laux, Mosel
Adam Mersch, Mosel
Henry Mobs, Plymouth
Carl Schneider, Sheboygan
Martin Schulz, Herman
Christian Winkle, Herman
Nicholas Feldt, Mosel
William Flannigan, Cascade
John Leider, Holland
Thomas McGee, Holland
John Schneider, Holland
August Schwank, Holland
Johan Te Kippe, Holland
Alexander B. Atwell, Holland
Nelson L. Rowe, Greenbush
William H. Rowe, Greenbush
Finley Van Dorsten, Sheboygan Falls
Charles Kiokow, Sheboygan
Conrad Zilg, Franklin
John Krier, Lima
Charles Witzell, Plymouth
Frederick Alvis, Sheboygan Falls
John Fontein, Holland
Milo Graves, Lima
John A. Grimm, Sheboygan Falls
Henry A. Hackett, Plymouth
Julius Ronkman, Sheboygan Falls
John M. Goodwin, Plymouth
William Biernink, Holland
Edward L. Briggs, Franklin
Abram Doupons, Holland
Isaac Ernisse, Holland
Allen C. Grant, Jr., Plymouth
Henry Jones, Plymouth
Cornelius Koole, Holland
Abram La Mahien, Holland
John Luke, Plymouth
John G. Onk, Holland
William Orlebeke, Holland
Isaac Schager, Plymouth
John J. Schloten, Holland
Milton Southwick, Franklin
Girt John Te Lindert, Holland
Dirk Willen Te Ronde, Holland
John Vanderjagt, Holland
Arnt John Van Vrink, Holland
Christian Vaskiel, Holland
Gerrit John Wiscamp, Holland
Isaiah Williams, Franklin
Arnold Wolfred, Holland
Arnoldus Zwenick, Holland
William W. Garland, Lyndon
Waitsell J. Ranney, Lyndon
Stephen Thomas, Plymouth
Gered Fantenlendert, Holland

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