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Civil War Roster for 37th Regiment Infantry

Gideon G. Ardoss Plymouth
Reuben Gardner Plymouth
Owen Hillman Sheboygan
Simon P. O'Neil Plymouth
Peter Rierdon Sheboygan
Oramel E. Tupper Lima
Peter Vanderhoof Plymouth
John Wart Plymouth
William A. Barber Franklin
C. N. Clough Lima
William J. Mason Franklin
David Barrett Lima
Arne Johnson Sheboygan
Christian Krueger Sheboygan Falls
Frederick Marquart Sheboygan Falls
Adolphus Kampman Lima
William Kaunin Sheboygan
Anton Maas Sheboygan
Charles Nack Sheboygan
William Schroeder Sheboygan
Abraham Adam Sheboygan
Adam Batus Sheboygan
Henry Bown Sheboygan
Moses Boyer Sheboygan
Marinus Comstock Sheboygan
Frederick Ecke Plymouth
Harmon Ecke Plymouth
Philip Edwards Wilson
Levi Fuller Sheboygan
Timothy Glynn Plymouth
Ernst Goldner Plymouth
Samuel A. Halleck Sheboygan
James Larkins Shehoygan
John Lasselyoung Sheboygan
Isaac Lasey Sheboygan
John McKeever Sheboygan
William Miller Sheboygan Falls
Joseph Osier Sheboygan
August Peter Sheboygan
Albert Reinschneider Sheboygan
Adolph Schele Sheboygan
John Shadbolt Sheboygan
Antone Stiller Sheboygan
Albert O. Terry Sheboygan
John Thompson Lima
Joseph S. Watson Rhine
Bradley Webster Sheboygan
Frederick Conrad Sheboygan
John Dietsch Sheboygan Falls
Gottlieb Fischer Lima
Christian Kohlburg Sheboygan Falls
George Ottman Franklin
Henry Rhodes Holland
Caspar Schubert Sheboygan
Charles Sella Sheboygan Falls
Norman Shaver Holland
Edwin Slaught Franklin
Johann Duenk Holland
Martin Faudifoldier Holland
Nicholas Rotier Holland
Joseph Bandel Franklin
Henry D. Becker Plymouth
John Farvour Sheboygan
George Gasser Franklin
Arnold Gelhaus Franklin
William A. Lamb Franklin
Paul Luther Franklin
Levi Scoville Franklin
Jacob Wintermantle Franklin
Riley Wesley Greenbush
James A. Bronson Holland
Herman Gable Sheboygan
August Heineman Sheboygan
August Herbst Wilson
August Knocke Sheboygan
George Mais Sheboygan Falls
Rudolph Nauman Sheboygan
William Ohlmann Sheboygan
Joseph Schneider Sheboygan
Henry Schous Holland
Berthold Schwartz Sheboygan Falls
William Stringer Greenbush
John W. Wagner Sheboygan Falls
George H. Downie Franklin
Martin Drott Sheboygan
Martin S. Hopper Franklin
Peter Schwindling Sheboygan
Joseph Starr Sheboygan
Charles C. Troxell Sheboygan
Joseph Fallon Sheboygan

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